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Jamaal is a Sucka Ass Nigga

..Simp ass sucka ass nigga, making a video begging a bitch to take him back..

..Fuck you doing on the curb recording a got damn cell phone vid for a bitch my nigga..

..Cars zooming by seeing ur big ass looking sorry as shit recording a "take me back vid"..

..Nigga, sniffling and shit while a got damn Ice Cream truck is nearby..

..You need your ass beat..

..Ole Drake Take Care slow song Ass Nigga..


What School is This?

..Cause if they allow cheerleaders of that magnitude on their squad, my children will NOT be allowed to attend there..

P.S. Shouts to the TheTFD


Random Rambo.42

Sup Sup.

A Nigga been type busy and shit so I aint really had time to be random with people, underdig?

I've made up my mind I'm buying a baby tiger with my tax return and Im calling it "I Gets Busy"

No means No, all the time, unless you giving a chick backshots then it's debatable

I wanna axe kick a mule, I think they are worthless, they are like the GR version of Horses.

Bitches with eyebrow piercings shall never receive dick from me.

WTF is up with all those got damn updates for Modern Warfare 3?...I think the Feds or CIA are tapping the shit out my xbox with all that shit.

WTF at people with hot ass kicks and shitty ass upper attire?

It's like you spend all ur money on ur kicks and only got about $13.89 left to finish off the rest of your fit.

Ayo, Fuck Drake.

Bitch gon e-mail me asking me to help her find her boyfriend some nice clothes cause he dress like a bum,... Bitch?

Drake got these hoes acting on some new foo foo shit, fuck you doing on a Saturday night emailing another dude basically telling him "You so fly and I'd fuck the shit outta you cause my man dress like a bum so he aint really popping right now"

:) = I'm a filthy cheating whore, gimme that truck dick, nigga.

Hoe ass Hoe.

So I seen Immortals, that shit was some Uncanny Piffnificent Cracktastery, that shit gave me a whole new outlook on life on how to simply destroy a human being.

Ayo you sneakerhead niggas with beef, need to fallback, hitting me up with your fuck boyardee-ness.

I want a tri-sectional staff, I just wanna whip someone across the back with it, you know you a crazy nigga if you bring a tri-sectional staff to a fight

I'm mad Jarret Jack actually replied to me on twitter after I said he deserved a Rafer Alston on Eddie House 360 Degree Headband slap after calling out Wale

I actually didn't miss the NBA until the lockout was lifted.

While it was on, I could give 2 shits about it honestly.

Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

Nevermind an Education, Get this Guap!! (you know I like to get all Dr. Phil philosophical on yall, then balance it out with some remedial ignorant shit)

Niggas really went buck on black friday for them Cement 3's, the fuck they gonna do when the Concords drop? Wake up the next day, got damn streets looking like the streets in "I Am Legend"

Son you ever tell a bitch a "No, Im good" when they try to holla at you?, It's like they just got paw slapped or some shit (see gif below) .."No Im good, bitch!!", not every nigga is gonna wanna fuck with you, get over your got damn self.


Tell me why my nigga ate out a chick that slept with over 50 dudes.

Nigga I'm not even putting my house keys near a bitch pussy who slept with over 50 dudes.

She told my nigga "I dont use a vibrator or a dildo, so I stay tight"...

Nigga What?! just subtitute 50 dicks of different sizes instead, u stupid bitch of a bitch.

A Bitch tell me that shit, I'm dead ass Sean Michael Dropkicking her fucking chest.

I wanna fight a robot.

This chick sent me a "model pic" telling me "Post it up and I might give you my number"

Bitch What?...fuck you mean u might?...*Looks Around* Did a nigga ask you for a number?, Did a nigga ask you for a got damn pic?

She don't know me very well.

Ayo, real talk, I wanna thank you all for your support it's truly appreciated, I've kinda reached the point where I dont feel like doing Kick Vids anymore...It's not fun for me anymore and I dont make any money off of it. With me, if I'm not doing something for fun or for money, I can't fuck with it. I know I have fans of my vids, so I may continue to do them to please them, but I'm not sure yet.

I am not a hypebeast, you don't see me doing a video for every single hyped sneaker out, I buy what I like, I buy it when I want...if you can't accept the fact that I wont have a vid for such and such a shoe, oh fucking well. You can always go watch your favorite hypebeast's review on it.

I am Def and fuck what you think. Have a nice Day.


Drake's Favorite Restaurant


P.S. Shouts to @DeadStockNYC

Vado - Louis V Bag

..If You Got a Nice System..

..Bang This Shit..



1st Hypebeast Ever?

P.S. Shouts to Illmastic52


..How u take up 3 seats?..



Nigga is that Babar the Elephant?

..How the fuck you thugged out rocking a Babar Sweater?..


P.S. Shouts to NastyNate


Jordan Sneaker Line Prediction.

Air Jordan XI Retro "Concord 2011"
Dropping 12/23/11


Air Jordan IV Retro "White Cement 2012"
Dropping 02/18/12


..I think I'm going with the Concord's..

..Even though the IV is no slouch, especially compared to what we seen for the Black Cement III, which were just retro'd in 2008, producing some craziness in different states..

..What do you think will garner the crazier line up Session?..


The Weeknd - The Knowing (Video)

..Son WTF Is This Shit?..


..I'm all for art and being creative but seriously WTF?..

..This is the music the robot spinning man from the Chapelle show was listening to yo..


..Drake be having niggas doing weird , left field shit b..

..Like the fuck was niggas thinking bout when they edited this shit?..


..You gotta be taking some wild ass drugs to come up with some shit like this..

..Nigga over there sniffing furniture dust or some shit..


..I got like 4 mins in and seriously did a..



BlackStar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) - Fix Up

..That Real Hip Hop!..



Shit is Real Out Here

..Niggas out here looking like The Walking Dead Zombies..

..Out in fucking Drones, Trying to break the got damn gate down for those Cement III's..


TJ Combo in the Flesh



Worst Sneaker Influenced T Shirt Ever.

..Shit is fucking horrid..


..Niggas need a real life re-evaluation if you cop this shit, dead ass..


Black Friday So Serious!!

..Nigga What?!?!?!..

..Bitch dead ass made the bottom compartment for a shopping cart a got damn crib..

..Kid down there breathing in floor dust and shit..

..Kid is knocked the fuck out, knees bent up, like he been there for a minute..

..Mom got the got damn nerve to use her purse as the kids pillow..

..Nigga that's where u put the flat screen tv's not your got damn child..

..Son dead ass got mollywhopped in walmart B..

..Security ain't fucking playing B..

..Nigga got the ill ass army man pose on dude's neck..

..Son, is that a got damn grenade by that cops foot!?!?..

..Got damn line for the Black Cement III's..

..Mahfuckas done forgot how to single file..

..Kufi man in the red leaned up like he bout to go ham on niggas if he dont get his pair..

..and my homeboy lost..

..The End..



DemiGodz - Demigodz Is Back

..Oh Shit!!!!..



Bruno Boys.


..Fuck wrong with these two fruitcup looking fucks b?!..

..These niggas over here looking like a futuristic version of the gay critics from In Living Color..

..The fuck kinda jacket this nigga Chris Brown got on young..

..Green cheetah print though?..

..Here go behind the scenes look at Chris Breezy getting ready for this pic..

..Then this nigga Fat Joe got on a 5xl scarf..

..Nigga is that a spear behind Joe?..

..I can't..


P.S. Shouts to the @TheGoodfella_


It's Just a Game Bruh.

..This nigga doing a bit too much..

..How he doing all that shit and Link ain't even move from where he was standing?..

P.S. Shouts to Jeeszman

Fucking Tyga.

..Fuck wrong with this nigga?..

..Nigga over there looking like a Black Capt. Crunch..

..Drake come get this nigga please..


OH SHIT!!!!!

..This shit cold as hell b!!!..

..Wait till you see dude move forward on some Chris Brown, Lord of The Ring Hell Lord floor glide shit..

..Nigga Im a get one these and roll up in the club gliding pass bitches looking at em like..


P.S. Shouts to DCMex81

So Um.

..Besides you looking more like shit than your room..

..Can you please tell me why the fuck there's a got damn Lamp Shade on top of your Radiator?..


Lil Nig Going Off For Some Bacon

..This nigga got real stern over that bacon my niggas!..

..Son how you gon pop shit sitting next to a toy castle???!..


P.S. Shouts to DCMex81

Kanye & Jay doing "Niggas In Paris" for the 6th Time

..These niggas did 4 times in a row for my show at Madison Square Garden..

..Last night in Boston they did it 6 for the record..

..LMFAO @ Kanye face like..

.."man this nigga Jay out his damn mind, I'm tired of this fucking song already"..




..@Sneakerfiles twitter asked today "What made you a sneakerhead?"..

..I always say my Mother, because she really did..

..But these kicks made me a serious sneakerhead...

..Not only because it signified New York City and Sneakers..

..But because of the craftsmanship and inspiration behind the shoe..

..Figuring that it's just not an ordinary sneaker and actually based off how an NYC pigeon looks (grey upper (feathers) and orange sole (depicting the birds orange feet), made me fall in love with this shoe and sneakers as a whole..


This Nigga

..The Fuck wrong with this nigga?..

..Nigga how in the fuck..


..Where in the fuck did you even find PINK SKINNY JEANS?!..

..Shit like this should be banned in the United States..

..Real talk, niggas get their fucking wig split over shit like this..

..Aint those women air max's?..

..Off Yourself..


Bitches Need Dat Ass, Huh?

..This nigga injected chicks asses with cement and sealed they ass with super glue?..

..The fuck is this world coming to B..

..that bitch got on royal foams?..

P.S. Shouts to Shadychef04

Nigga Is a Beast

..Sonnnnnn I need one of those..

P.S. Shouts to Chase D

Did this nigga really?...




Um, Amber Rose?

..Fuck is this dumb shit?..

..I didn't even know this bitch had a voice..


Oh Aight.

..You just gon ship my kicks in the got damn sack dude from The Strangers wore on his head right?!?!..

..The fuck is this the 1930's..

..Scared to open this shit, got damn poisonous creature might jump out and attack me..



Converse X Undefeated



..And Another One..


Baby Aztro - Dewin Mah Bullshit

..Peep the Homey, @BabyAztro..

..Texas, Stand Up..

..Shouts to the entire Kicks On Tight Massive!..



..The Fuck happened to Katt Williams?..

..Nigga look all types of Beat..

..Just look at this nigga face and tell he been through some shit yo..

..and he just lost custody of his daughter..

P.S. Shouts to Brainwave

Expendables 2 Poster


P.S. Shouts to DaOmega_1