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Case Of Crack!

..Left To Right..

..Black Zoom Rookie, Electric Green Foam Ones, White Zoom Rookies, Pink Foam One, Binary Blue Zoom Rookie (11/12), Dynamic Blue/Wolf Grey Zoom Rookies (Spring), Metallic Red Foam Ones (02/14), Black/White Zoom Rookies 12/10)..


She need to stop.

..We all know the obvious..

..But how in the fuck you get a stain on the bottom of your dress?!?!?..

..Nasty Bitch..

..Should kick her ass in the gut like John Saxon did to Bolo in Enter The Dragon..






Death @ Kimmel's Free Flexer

..LMFAO @ It Starts to Go Deep!..

P.S. Shouts to Sirjaybee

Woah @ This Costume

..That Shit Cray..

P.S. Shouts to Minimafia_aj

African Space Jams?

..Thats what we on yo?..

..You just gonna sell niggas Space Jams like this right?.

..The got damn tongue tag says "JUMAMAN"..

..The Fuck kinda shit is going on here B?!..




..So Awesome Man..

..Special Shouts to @90sSneakerhead & @1Tcakes808 and their beautiful newborn baby girl Presley!! (she don't have twitter yet, but she already dressed better than half you bums!!!)..


Fuck Jordan Brand

..This the fucking design yall came up with to match the Concords dropping in December?!..

..Man fuck y'all..

..Jordan Brand has the worst fucking apparel design team ever man..


Did This Nigga Really...

..Nigga What??..

..How in the fuck do you come to the conclusion that you being good in a video game equates to you being that in real life?..

..I cant..


P.S. Shouts to Jonathan M.F.

Are You Ready?

..Shit is bout to be on and poppin..


Hudson Mohawke - Foxy Boxing

..Fucking Crackkkkkk..


Marquese Daniels Aka Nonstop - Beck Experience

..He Blacked Out On This One..


Fucking Nerd

..This nigga dead had a cell phone dock built into his prosthetic arm..

..Fuck this nigga think he is Boba Fett?..

..Fuck does he do hold his arm to his ear and talk?..

..Shit dont even recharge while its in his arm, shit is worthless..

..This nigga gotta take off his jacket to answer the phone and shit??..

..Fuck around come to the hood and get his arm jacked..


Kim K

..Even though she some trash now..

..Dat Ass looking right in that leather though..


Common - Blue Sky (Official Video)




New Pickup! (Zoom Rookie "Glow In The Dark" aka "Luminescent Pearls")

Nike Zoom Rookie  "Glow In The Dark" aka "Luminescent Pearls"
Drops 10/27/11 (Quickstrike)
Msrp : $200.00
Style # : 472688 101


P.S. Big Shouts to Big_Cms on hooking me up with these early


Air Foamposite One "What The Foams?!"

..Dropping Soon as a Quickstrike..

..I can see the fucking hypebeasts gearing up..

..Here they come now..



Oh It's On.






Quantum Musik - The Stoop Kid

..Some New Fresh Shit..

P.S. Shouts to @Reefer_Maddness

This Lil Nigga is all types of fucked up.

..First this nigga like 13 and got a Lebron James hairline..

..Then this nigga teeth look like he got American History X curb stomped and survived..

..Like TF is this nig's parents B?!..

..You go get this nigga a HD webcam but can't set up some type of payment plan with a Dentist?..

..Nigga teeth look some got damn Salad Tossers..


BadBadNotGood X Tyler the Creator - Seven

..He blacked the fuck out!..



What In The Muthafuck?

..This the shit thats popping?..

..Nigga what is this fuckery..

..Why the fuck is this nigga rocking these coon boots in what looks to be a got damn farm or some shit..

..The first nigga I see rocking these I'm foot sweeping the shit out of them..

P.S. Shouts to OMGItsJess


Random Rambo. 41

Wwassssssup Y'all

So I got my Watch The Throne Tickets finally, talk about expensive.

For that fucking price, they better have the got damn Maybach from the Otis video, driving round the stage, then have it fly off into the crowd and explode, then Bitches clapping they ass cheeks to every single got damn beat, Ninja's better come flying out from some got damn where, Kanye better give me some Yeezy 2's and some other extra shit B.

Shit might as well let us view Beyonce's birth while I'm there to

You bitches who sending me pics asking me to post shit up on my site, at least be cute, y'all half naked and looking like Busta Rhymes in the Dangerous video ain't popping

What's really good with Sneakerheads hustling Wall Clocks?!

You know what I hate?, when you fucked up from the night before and you go to put on basketball shorts and you stick both legs in one side of the shorts and the shit makes you feel mega bruno cause you then realize this is what a mini skirt might feels like

Ladies, if you rock a skirt and the back half behind you isn't tilted up at least at a 63% angle, you got no ass and you should stop wearing skirts immediately

That video game Rage, be having me acting like the only bitch during gameplay, don't get it twisted I play in the dark and with my Fanny Wangs headphones on.

There's too many got damn kicks dropping and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

So some kid who works at DTLR, told me they are getting the Sole Collector X Zoom Rookies, then got mad when I doubted him.


The nigga told me DTLR was worldwide...nigga what?!..I ain't never heard of DTLR till I moved to Maryland, Nigga you ain't worldwide unless you got a spot in NYC, GTFOH.

I'm really an animal lover, some ppl have been taking offense to my RR's when I say shit like I wanna running drop kick a Zebra when it's not looking type shit.

Anybody who went to the theater to see that Footloose remake, needs their ass dealt with.

I'm not feeling very random at the moment, actually lately I haven't been for awhile now which is why the lack of me posting these

I'm officially a fan of Ciroc.

If I ever shoot a music video I would most likely be pouring Ciroc on hoes heads in the vid.

I wanna punch the shit outta of a Mime, just to hear him make a sound.

Shopping for a new bed, is more difficult than I thought, tell me why I'm at the furniture store and I stand by the side of it trying to visualize how the height and angle of the bed would benefit my height when I'm smashing a chick.

.;op <--- SEE THAT?!?

I almost dropped my got damn Iphone, shit slid off my desk top, slid down the keyboard, hit those keys above, and then I caught it mid fucking air.

Siri is pretty tight, if you have a busy life...if you don't and have nothing poppin in it or your future, you might as well not even talk to the bitch, cause you gonna sit there asking it whole buncha dumb shit instead of using it for what she's really made for.

These weeks are epic...(well for me at least, dunno about ur bitchass life), but Battlfield 3, MW3, Uncharted 3, are all dropping...then, Watch The Throne Concert, then Immortals the movie on the 11th, then Binary Blue LWP's on the 12th...CRACK.

I've always wanted someone to shoot a arrow at me and I catch it mid air.

I'm gonna go to firing range next month with some friends, I really don't fucking know how I'm gonna act when I start firing shots B.

I'm really into Dubstep now, that shit goes hard in a good system

I just realized I only have a top 2 females I liked to smash, does that make me picky?

1 is Isis Taylor and the other is Bubbles the model. (Watch y'all run to Google Images, lol)

I got good taste huh?

You know whats fucking bruno?...I get more dudes asking me why I don't show my face than girls, like whats really fucking good with yall niggas, why in what fucks of life would you care to see another mans face? like can you reallllllllly answer this man, ask yourself it..

"Why exactly do I wanna see Deftronic's face for? , "If I see it what will this do for me?"

Don't you feel like the only fucking robo homo jungle gym one arm loop dee loop swinging bruno??, like one nigga asked me Why don't I show my hands in my kick vids? hands!?!??!?...what in the livid fuck?

Ok I'm done...y'all be safe.


Iggy Azalea - D.R.U.G.S.


..That bitch is a beast!..

..She got ass like her too..


Bitch Stop.


P.S. Shouts to ucantseeme004

Battlefield 3 (First Level on XBOX 360)




The Fuck he look like?

..Man, who in the wild fuck is this nigga's stylist..

..Got this nigga looking like Aladdin and shit b..

..That shit ain't poppin..

..Some royal foams couldn't even save this nigga's fit yo..

..Why this nigga doing the ducky kiss girly man face?..


I Am Def.



All I Need.



How The Fuck?

..Im not even gonna talk about the tits on her back..

..I just wanna know how in the fuck do you accumulate fat on the back of your got damn knees?..

P.S. Shouts to ChickzNKickz

Ton Of Ass.



Oh Aight.

..No Racial..

..But a white man steals 3 Billion and gets 40 Months in Jail..

..A Black homeless man steals $100 RETURNS IT and gets 15 years in jail..

..The fuck kinda fuck am I seeing here..

..This the type of shit this world is on B?..




Funniest Video Game Rage Ever!!!!


..Watch the first 3 mins..

..Then go to the 4:24 mark, this nigga just blacked out..

..Shit hasssss me fucking rolling!!!!..

P.S. Shouts to DCMex81

Oh Aight.

..So you just gonna cut off the back of your forces and make some got damn Air Force Clogs out of em right?..

..Fucks up with you rolling up ur jeans like you bout to wade through water nigga?!..

P.S. Shouts to Avon Barksdale

Soulja Boy Hairline

..You mean to tell me you got all that got damn money and cant get a fresh line up?!..

..Nigga shit look his barber got shot from a sniper rifle during mid line up..

..Nigga got that AFK/BRB line up yo..

..Look like RYU Shoryuken Uppercutted the shit out that mans hairline b..


Shia Lebouf Getting Mollywhopped

..Nigga done got his ass beat in the street by a fat dirty nigga..

..Nigga shoulda screamed out for Bumblebee, to come save his ass yo!..

P.S. Shouts to @NamedAngel

Epic Meal Time - 1 year anniversary!

..LMAO @ "What you know about puss?!"..

..These niggas is crazy..


T.I Feat Pharell - Hear Ye' Hear Ye'

..This shit is instant automatic doo doo face on E!!..


Oh Mya Gawd. 2




This Nigga Going Off Bay Bay!!

..This got damn nerd ass nigga..

..All into the fucking game like he a real life soldier..

..He need his ass beat yo..


P.S. Shouts to Jesszman

3D Panoramic Camera Ball

..That Shit Cray!!..

..Don't lemme get a hold of this shit cause a nigga will be Tom Brady bullet passing that shit directly at bitches ass and titties, ya dig!?!?!?..

P.S. Shouts to MCShiny

That's Not So Raven

..Man WTF Happened To Her?..

..First Tribe Called Quest Breaks Up, Then we find out Kim Kardashian cant fuck worth a shit from her sex tape, then Steve Jobs Dies, Now This Shit!??

..Bitch look like Bubs off the Wire Now..



..New Theme..

..Very Fresh..