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New Pickup! (Zoom Rookie LWP "Orlando" X 'Sole Collector')

Zoom Rookie LWP "Orlando" 'Sole Collector'
Drops : TBA
Msrp : $200
Style # 472688-401

..Shoe is scheduled to drop only in Las Vegas at the Upcoming Sole Collector X Penny X Nike Event..


Random Rambo.40

I said...WASSUP MY MAN!!!!

Ayo u black chicks with dirty ass weaves if you gotta constantly pat the top of your head to get through the day, take your fucking weave out

I'll be damned walking with a chick patting her head, constant movements like that around me, gives my mind the green light to shaq smack the shit outta you off instinct

These niggas at Nike wilding thinking I'm a dish out $245 after taxes for some got damn silver duncans

Give a fuck if J Cole sells a mill his first week, u know & I know you expected a lot more from that CD, I thought it was a fucking Best Of J.Cole with all them old ass songs on it

I think I'm going to Cali in February

Tell a bitch on twitter u got a girl and she start ignoring your ass

Well fuck you & your twitter pussy bitch!

I wanna climb a tree and just flying clothesline the shit out of a giraffe

Y'all seen them GS white cement IV's?!

Swear on everything glorious if the men size ain't popping on some 99 shit a nigga is holding a niketown hostage

My demands would be every got damn sneaker I need, that bitch in them Puma panties below this post to ride a nigga to the beat of Outkast-Bombs over Baghdad, a box of buncha crunch and a in-house live performance of Jet Li and Jackie Chan singing Karaoke to "Otis"

I got a Dope Dodge Charger waiting for me in Buffalo, NY to pick up for free

Evidence-Cats & Dogs = Album of the year

Liars fucking suck

I haven't had great pizza in awhile, the got damn pizza shop near me closed down

Got damn supermarket was out of Eggo just know a nigga was in there acting a got damn fool like the world was ending

Dubstep is the shit if you got the right headphones

2 weekends in a row have been crack-fucking-tactic

Last Weekend was fucking dumb doo doo fresh..I should've recorded it

I'm on one everyday since she's been in my life

Don't act like Pusha T ain't dissing Drake on that "Don't Fuck With Me" freestyle

Omfg NBA 2K12 - October 4th

Ladies sex with me is great, just's like getting hit in the pussy by a bullet pass from Tom Brady and surviving

These niggas is really remaking Footloose huh?! Nigga nobody fucking with Kevin Bacon on that 1980 dance tip b

Zoom Rookie LWP = New sneaker of the year

I wanna running high five a tiger

Do you not understand the epicness of a bad female in a wifebeater and boyshorts?!?

So glad it's getting colder out, cuz u bitches and these beat ass feet rocking flip flops and sandals was just disrespecting the fucking ground

But all that means is yall dumb bitches is gonna start rocking UGGs and He-Man boots =[

You ever see a person outside, look at their face and that person looks like they belong in the 1970's? I just be wanting to tell em "What it isssss you Jive Cooley?!" just to see if they talk like the 70's too

Dead ass if I bring a girl home for the first time and she take her jeans off and she ain't got no underwears on, bitch we not fucking, I'm not even letting u sit down in my kitchen, I might offer u some paper towel or something but that's about it, then u gotta dip.

Ayo if you rocking wheat colored boots and they not timbalands, I'm a throw the nearest solid object I can find at ur fucking shins son

Chick gonna ask me if I'm drug dealer cause I always got on different sneakers...bitch are you a clown cuz everytime i see you, you got on different colored make up.

I hate dumb ass questions, I be trying to give them the most smart ass answer as possible

David Stern need his punk ass dealt with cause of this NBA lockout, u know us minorities don't know how to act when we don't get our fix of Basketball Nigga!!!

I wanna run with the bulls in Spain but If one of them son of a bitches hit me, it's on b...

You seen that Luis Guzman clip I posted a few days back? if you haven't, watch it...that's how my life is..cept times 1,539

Ppl who nod their heads to music all exaggerative and got on iPod buds like they're Beats or Fanny Wangs need to be punched in the got damn chest so hard it'll look like they hugging themselves, u know damn well them headphones ain't nice like that you extra extra show off ass fucka

Hating on someone is wack, but hating on another person who gives that first person props also is some real sucka strawberry milk type soft weak shit

Thank You all for rocking with me, I appreciate your continuous support, without you...there would be no "Deftronic"


NBA 2K12 Commercial @ MJ..

..Drops 10/04/11..

..U online niggas get ready for a world of hurt, the 2K King will be back..



..Niggas in Japan be wilding the fuck out with they Mcdonalds commercials..

..That sound he makes be having me dying!!..

P.S. Shouts to Jesszman

Damn Vida.

..How in the fuck do you go from that..

..To This?!?..

..Bitch look like a Model Crackhead..


P.S. Shouts to Slim


..Finally a pic of Jay-Z and J Cole in the same pic..

..If you can actually find a pic of them two together I'll give you a $100..

P.S. Shouts to Jacc Blacc

Ayo Blood...

..Ayo Fam..

..Nigga look..


..If your shoes are so got damn turned over to the point they look like you rocking Boxing Gloves on your fucking feet, you need to off your fucking self..

..Just cancel your fucking existence..


Nigga What?

..This nigga was trying to sell these for $140..

..Nigga the fuck anyone gonna do with these shits?!.

..Look like a got damn radioactive pigeon shitted on the toe..

..Shit look like it caught on fire or some shit man..

..No one in they right mind gonna dish out $140 with a got damn cum stain on they foams B..



Oh Aight

..You just gon pull up to white castle in your mobile wheelchair right?..

..You just gon put the bag of food in your fucking lap while you speed off at 8 mph's right?..

..Bitch I hope your wheelchair battery dies while u in the middle of the street..

P.S. Shouts to OMGItsJess

No She Didn't...

..WTF was she thinking?..

..Bitch look like she got punched in the mouth by A boxing glove dipped in pink paint..

..And what nigga gave that bitch that Teddy Bear in the back yo!?!..

..Lemme find out, I'm rifle kicking ur fucking head off B..

..Kill yourself..


Fuck You

..You know my inner core really prays this is a chick..

..Cause if that's a fucking dude..

..This nigga needs to know I'm looking for his ass..

..Anybody willfully putting those socks on that are not homosexual or female..

..Needs to be fucking dealt with 1979 Warriors "it wasn't us it was them, the warriors" last scene on the beach movie type shit B..




..That Early Wave..



My Nigga, Luis Guzman

..How To Make It In America Season 2 premieres 10/02/11 on HBO..

..Peep the Black Cement III's..

..LES Stand Up..


P.S. Shouts to NastyNate


..That nigga gotta be the wheeley champ on his block..

..You know us niggas in the hood used to see who could ride a wheeley the longest..

..That nigga would body us all..

P.S. Shouts to DragonflyJones

Pusha T - Don't Fuck With Me (Freestyle)




Battlefield 3 PC Vs PS3 Side By Side Comparison


P.S. Shouts to GGFresh

New Pickup! (Air Foamposite Pro Black/Medium Grey)

(Air Foamposite Pro Black/Medium Grey)




..Is this bitch rocking a chicken wing?..



Ayo This Shit Gotta Stop!

..Bitches out here walking like they a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle..

..I swear these hoes be eating while they hang upside down..

..Is this a syndrome?..

..Most ppl get fat asses and thighs, stomachs..

..How you get a fat back?!..

..Bitch look like she got a jetpack on..

..Bitches on they Buzz Lightyear, Looking like Jack from Tekken shit..

..Ole Ephialtes from 300 looking ass hoes b..


She on her Lowes Wave

..I just wanna know how she got the wallpaper to match Dat Ass..


The Jason Statham Kill Counter

..This nigga be getting busy..

P.S. Shouts to SM

The Fuck?

..The Fuck?!..

..Nigga nose and shit is all to the side..

..They coulda kept these shits..


Top 10 from Philly Vs. Melo Game

..Lebron going off..


Hey J!

..J Lo still got something back there with her Old Ho'ing ass..




..Ayo the fuck kinda milk and cookies shit is this B?..

..The fuck kinda paddington bear ass sweater is this nigga Drake rocking?..

..Man this nigga softer than baby puppies in a box playing in glitter b..


Shit just got really fucking real..

..This world is done yo..

..Fucking recession got niggas at mcdonalds pouring coke into they cups from a 2 liter bottle..

..Shit is real out here now..


Oh Aight.

..So you just gon take a pic nude looking like a big piece of doo doo right?..

..You just gon watermark your pic with your twitter name right?..

..Like niggas is gonna see this blasphemic monstrosity of nastiness and be like "oh shawty is bad, lemme get at her" right?..

..You just gon sit there, think, and come up with putting "barbie" in your name right?..

..There aint enough black plastic in this world to create a barbie that looks like you my nigga..

..I dont know you, but I hate you and your phone..


This is whats poppin?

..So we went from rocking Platinum to Gold to Silver to Wood..

..To rocking cardboard printed sad face ice cream cones?!?.

..This shit is IN?..

..This the shit y'all feel content with putting over ur biscuithead and getting fresh with outside?..

..You lucky I aint seen you in person rock this shit my nigga..

..I'd a smacked you so hard, I'd a felt really bad and called the ambulance and waited with you till they came..

..Even that indian nigga next to him look mad as fuck cause he rocking it, look at his face..

P.S Shouts to Keysha.J

Chef Def

..Not only am I this dashing, Sneakerwiz, handsome connoisseur..

..A Nigga can also cook the panties off ya girl with one meal..

..Fuck you lil niggas know about Fettuccine alfredo, with grilled chicken chunks and steamed Broccoli?!..
..Get a glass of some Sauvignon Blanc with it..
..Man yo bitch be in my bed butt ass naked before I put the plates in the sink nigga!!!!

..Get on my level hoe, Scream At me..



NBA 2K12 - The Sneakers

..U can rock South Beach 8's in the game..
..Didn't see any Foamposites..
..There's a NIKEID creating system..



Swag On A Million

..You see that shit!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?..



Michael Jordan Begins

..Part 1..

..Part 2..

P.S. Shouts to Gremlin

And The Gayest Album Cover Goes To..


..Is that the fucking robotic Owl from Clash of The Titans?..

No One Man Should Have All That Power...

..Study this picture..

..If you can't see all the power Kanye has in this picture, you're blind..

..No racial, but to be the only African American in a sea of upper class looking White People, being the only man rocking a leather jacket, jeans, and not to mention Air Jordan 1 "Banneds"..

..Is Power..


W.D.W.T. (Air Zoom Flight Premium)

Nike Air Zoom Flight Premium

..When I had the OG's I busted so much ass playing ball in these it was uncivilized..


Meanwhile in the backyard...



Cappy Going In.


P.S. Shouts to Andrefrbk



..Niggas made a full scale TRON BIKE B!!!!!..

..Man you know how many extra-terrestrial bitches u can pull with that shit!!?!?..


P.S. Shouts to Chopzilla

Eli Porter Ft. Skylar Grey - Im The Best Mayne...I Deed IT

..This Cannot Be Life..



THE NOTORIOUS IBE 2011 "All Battles All"

"Official Recap"

..Goodies for y'all..

All Battles All - Team Europe vs Team Latin America [IBE 2011]

All Battles All - USA Vs. Latin America [IBE 2011]

All Battles All - USA Vs. Europe [IBE 2011]





..Shorty feet look like she got 2 dead Ewoks chilling on her shits..

P.S. I'd give shouts but not trying to get no one in

Evidence - Inside the song "I DON'T NEED LOVE" + Track

..Amazing Song & even a more Amazing Album..

..No Bullshit, I watched that vid up above and I started tearing, thinking about my mother, even now as I type this I'm fighting the urge to cry..

..I just text'd my mother to tell her how much I love her..

..The album is Entitled "Cats & Dogs", it officially releases on 09/27/11..

..I've listened to it twice in a row without skipping a song..

..This album is my Album of the Year..

Pre-Order Cats & Dogs On Itunes @



W.D.W.T. (Custom-Made South Beach 8 V.2's)



Hitler Finds Out About Ray J & The Money Team!


P.S. Shouts to @DeadStockNYC

You Soft As Shit, Bruh

..This nigga literally pump fisted himself into a got damn lower back strain..

..Nigga how do you injure urself CELEBRATING?!?!..

..You gotta be the softest cream cheese chinned ass nigga in the world, to accomplish this shit..


This Nigga Ron Artest...




..One of my favs..


Les Fucking Twins

..Y'all Just Catching Up On These Niggas..

..Y'all know who was posting them up way back!..


Tim LiveWire Shieff

..Fucking Beast..

..Watch the whole thing..


Immortals - TV Spot

..Nigga I'm taking off of work to see this when it drops..


Inspector Def Flow (Party Pooper Continued)

..Remember this party pooping big bitch?..

..I'm assume thats her again fucking shit up for the rest of the decent looking hoes..

..Bitch lips look like she was eating a pack of cherry starbursts..



..You young thirsty bitch ass mahfuckas man..

..Y'all know thats that transvestite bitch who Chingy fucked right?!?!?..



That Lebron James Hairline

P.S. Shouts to MGZ


Air Jordan IV Retro "White/Tech Grey" aka White Cement 2012


..Msrp $160..


We Did It (1,000,000 Hits!!!!)





..First off, thank you so much for all y'all support, word of mouths, retweets, facebook links, all of that..

..I appreciate every single one of you who appreciate my mind and work..

..Without those who give me props and continously hit me up to tell me how they love my site, I wouldn't be where I'm at today..

..I never thought my site would take off to where it's at today..


..I only hope that I can continue to keep the drive to entertain y'all and myself to keep this site what it is..

..Once Again THANK YOU SO MUCH..