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..On vacation from 7/23 to 8/17..

..Posts will be done sporadically..

..Hope you all don't die of boredom while I'm Gone..

..Hit me up on Twitter, if you need me..

..Stay Up, Be Safe..


W.D.W.T. (Air Jordan III)

Air Jordan III "Black Cement"
(Laces Customized By Me)




..Taken from the Watch the Throne Documentary..

..First With It..


P.S. U blogs can go steal that and post up...gave heads up first though.

Jay-z & Kanye West : Watch the Throne Documentary

P.S. Shouts to @QuanB24 @


Photobucket Nike Lebron 4 "Triple Black"

..I'm starting to get on my old shoe pickup wave, so tired of the hype and new ish coming out..

P.S. Shouts to JoMcJohnson


..We Out Here..

P.S. Shouts to TheMoniker


..Apparently it's so got damn hot in NYC, niggas decided to cook on the sidewalk..

..WTF @ the sausage pizza and microwavable Mac and Cheese Though?..


Bitch, Your Jeans.

..You just gon leave your fucking house looking like TWO FACE from Batman right?..

..You just gonna rock some half lemon, half grey denim, because it match your Air Max huh?..

..Someone shoulda falcon punch the back of your fucking neck for this shit..


P.S. Shouts to TheMoniker



..You just gon convert your sandals into some Air Jordan 5 right?!!?..

..I cant believe this shit..

..Bitch over here rocking some got damn Air Moses's..

..& why the bitch two toes after her big toe look identical!?!?!?..

..Ole Alien foot ass hoes I been telling ya bout!..
P.S. Shouts to TheMoniker

Oh Ok.

..Oh Ok, You just gonna cut the fucking leg off your faggoty ass skinny jeans instead of rolling em up right..

..Go Run a 20 Yard Dash in a 5 yard long gym..

P.S. Shouts to TheMoniker

The Amazing Spider-Man (Official Trailer)

..I dunno why the fuck they rebooting this franchise..

..I'm over here looking forward to Carnage and shit in part 4..

..& they go do this dumb shit..

..Aint that the nigga from the Social Network???!!..

..The Fuck Man..


Freddy X Mortal Kombat

..Word is Jason Voorhees is coming up next!..

P.S. Shouts to @Quanb24


P.S. Shouts minimafia_aj

Money May Is Back...


P.S. Shouts to 22K


Random Rambo 37

Fuckbwoy, FuckBwoy!!

Everybody deserves a 2nd's what they do with that 2nd chance that doesn't make you regret giving em that 2nd chance

One of my twitter followers _StaciiSole_ wants to be featured on "Kicks and Chicks"....judging by her twitter pics, we need to make that happen...get the word out for her people

Y'all heard OTIS?!!? - Automatic Stank Doo Doo face

I think every good looking girl should wake up next to me in the morning at least once in their life, cuz my morningwoods can subdue them from the everyday negativities and impurities a day can bring them.

Some ppl just look stupid as fuck with Dre powerbeats on

This bird deadass tried to shit on me the other day, the dooky landed like 1 foot from in front of me

That nigga would regretted that shit if it hit me, I'd a threw some shit at it, a rock, car, random lil kid at that bird with the accuracy of a Peyton Manning football hail bullet pass up in this bitch

Y'all like my South Beach 8v2's?!?

I think ppl expected some wild out new colorway...ppl don't realize I've always envisioned a South Beach 8v2, that's what I've always wanted since I hate the 8v1 design...I asked Miz to make me one and he did an exceptionally grand job

Y'all chicks with corn, bunions, crooked inward pointing 2nd toe longer than ya big toe having hoes, need to stop wearing sandals

No bitch, idgaf how hot it is, you are burning the eyesockets of men who appreciate women with pretty feet

Bitch just wear boots

Speaking of women feet and shoes, if y'all rocking flats and I can see the beginning "cleavage like line of ur pinky toe...bitch that ain't ur correct size.

Ive always wanted to throw a garbage can through a window and scream "Radio" on some "Do the right thing epic riot scene shit

Fuck the people who say "Fuck the police"...y'all be the first person wishing y'all would see some flashing lights when ya fucking forehead is busted open

The most disturbing thing to me : A naked female down to fuck thats just wearing socks

That shit defeats the purpose like buying a bald person some Shampoo/Conditioner

Tyga tweeted his new mixtape was dropping at 12 the otherday...I tweeted that nigga and told him "nobody cares except you and possibly "Holla Man" (<---click the link) from the Dave Chappelle Show, so stfu

And no stupid fuck I don't follow that nigga, someone retweeted that shit who does follow him

I hate niggas who walk sideways through a crowded block, next time I see someone doing that dumb shit, I'm a rabbit punch shank their fucking ribs and pass the blade off to someone else in the crowd who equally hates that shit

Water is overrated.

I'm playing I just wanted to say some really ignorant fuckbwoy type of shit.

Really dark people shouldn't wear purple

Idk why bout I notice a lot more dykes in the summer, I guess cuz they can't wear baggy jackets and cover up their 8yr old looking titties cuz it's hot outside

Females if your thighs don't touch you should die or just keep them open while ur on back on my bed

I'm rude, yeah I know, you can't do shit about it and I can fight pretty good, so u can't whoop me.

You ever smash a chick from the back and she farts? Like I mean a ass fart not a pussy fart & u feel the hot air just hit ur abdomen like u just opened a oven door?

Me neither...if that shit happens I think I'd wrap that bitch up in the bed sheet and beat her stank ass until I no longer see bodily movement under the sheet

Everything that's Green & Red aint automatically Gucci, you ghetto never having an expensive item in ya life ass fucka

Dumbest shit I read this morning on twitter: "Skinny girls pussy is better than thick girls pussy"

The dude who said that is a wild left hand when ur main hand is your right over the shoulder throw type of a fag fuck

I wanna elbow smash an authentic eyepatch wearing "arghhhhh haaa matey" type pirates jaw

I can't trust a bitch who still has a iPhone3Gs

My iPhone dying gotta cut this short, eat a dick, I forgot to charge it last night, a nigga was busy pillow talking ya girl.

Holla Hoe

P.S. Im going if you see a shortage of posts you know why!

This Nigga Ken Jeong


P.S. Shouts to Minimafia_AJ

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis "WINGS" Official Music Video

..Pretty Dope..

..You may have seen this song first posted on

..But this is the official video..

P.S. Shouts to @jardschuit


..Nike y'all coulda really kept this bullshit..

..It look like some lil kid took some melted crayons and threw it at a black shoe..

..I dont think I've seen an uglier retro colorway in my life..

..Look like a 8 yr old was creating a shoe on NIKEID..

..Fuck outta here..

..Yall retro'ing this bullshit cause its cheap to produce when you could be retro'ing them got damn Air Unlimited's..


Lemme Put U Up On Some Shit - Otis

..So My cousin didnt know where the fuck the "Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis" sample came from..

..Well the sample came from "Otis Redding - Try a Little Tenderness"..

..I first heard the song as a kid in the clip above from the movie "Pretty In Pink" ..

..Ducky played by Jon Cryer is the one lip syncing the song to Molly Ringwald..

..You dont even understand the amount of fucking SWAG that nigga Ducky had in that scene..

..Ducky, I salute you, for your swag is immortal..



Pusha T. Ft. Tyler The Creator - Trouble On My Mind (Video)




Deftronic.Com X AddictedtotheHigh.Com (Mizzeecustoms) "South Beach 8v2" VIDEO DESCRIPTION

P.S. Shouts to MizzeeCustoms of AddictedtotheHigh.Com

Deftronic.Com X AddictedtotheHigh.Com (Mizzeecustoms) "South Beach 8v2"

..So if you know me, I Despise the Lebron 8v1..

..I always imagined a Lebron 8v2 "South Beach"..

..So I got in contact with MizzeeCustoms and these were born..

P.S. Shouts to MizzeeCustoms of AddictedtotheHigh.Com

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis Ft. Otis Redding off "Watch the Throne" (Dirty/CDQ)

..Here it is!..


...1st on Youtube to...HANH!??!?!?!..


Sexy Sax Man!




..This can't be life..

..They just gonna group all this shit by skin color and put em in one section..

..Got fucking Stevie Wonder, Usher, Young Money, and Sean Paul, all next to each got damn other!!..

..Fuck This..

P.S. Shouts to @TheINFADER

Oh Aight.

..Oh Ok..

..You think this shit is cute right?..

..This shit is crackin huh?..

..Bitch, seriously...come on now..

..You know your weave look like its falling off right?..

..How you got baby hair on the top of ur head though?..

..I predict you wont get any dick with this hairstyle..

..Bitch got a meaner line up than Ludacris on the cover of his Release Therapy CD..

..No racial, but I cant stand when black chicks have a cheap weave..

..Just go natural, who gives a fuck if your hair looks like Willis's from Different Strokes..


P.S. Shouts to @JayDmcfly

This Bitch Again.

..She's at it again..

..Photoshopping Kicks on her Got damn Feet!!!..

..Why in What fucks would make you photoshop some beat up ass, Coral 6's on yourself?!?!..

..Then tha bitch look like a black Chucky doll with Lion-O from the Thundercats hair..

..I swear I ever see this bitch in the street Im throwing a couch at her throat with some random person still casually sitting on that mahfuckka..


P.S. Shouts to @Sirmissedalot

SMACK/ URL Presents: Summer Madness "The Warm Up" Trailer

..Shit is gonna be on point!..

..LMFAO @ T-Rex..

..Event is @ Webster Hall..
..August 7th..
..125 E 11th St..
..New York 10003..
..Tickets On Sale Now..

..Shouts to my Homey Heck over at
(Dope Hip-Hop Site!)



Deftronic X NMVDesigns - I Am Def Stickers

..I got Stickers bitch!!!!!..


..Thanks to the help of my Homey @NMVDesigns..
(He also did my banner, hit him up for graphic work)

..I had passed this idea off to him, within minutes he e-mailed me back with this..

..I took the design and took it to a sticker producing company and got 250 printed up..

..They Came Out Fresh..
(Waterproof/Scratch Proof/WeatherProof/Sunproof, ERRRTHANG!)


Electric Blue Foamposite T-Shirt By zone82customs X Blazeher

..So one of my Homey's from NYC "Blazeher", designed this T for the Electric Blue's..
( X Blazeher)

..He blessed me with a free shirt, since I helped him out on picking the colors out on the colorwheel..

..If You're interested in copping a T you can hit him up @..

..He ships out of NYC..

..You can also cop from his E-Bay auctions @..

..Blazeher's Electric Blue Foamposite T Shirt - EBAY..

(T I got today, Good Looks, Blazeher!)


This Nigga

..Did this nigga really lay out a walker rug in front his Hot Dog Cart Though?..

..This Cant Be Life..


Upcoming Air Foamposite One Releases

Nike Air Foamposite One Black/Royal (August 2011)
STYLE #314996-094

Nike Air Foamposite One Varsity Red/White-Black (February 2012)

Nike Air Foamposite One Electrolime/Black (March 2012)
STYLE #314996-330

Nike Air Foamposite One Dark Obsidian/Dark Grey (February 2012)
STYLE #314996-400


..Please Note these are Indeed dropping, but these are Photoshop renderings..

..Also, I've heard from a reliable source that the Foamposite Hike will take place in 2012..

..I heard from my homey at HOH that the Blk/Royal will look like Cough Drops but with a translucent Blue sole and swoosh..


Eli Porter Documentary : People's Champion: Behind the Battle

...See I'm The Best Mayneeeee..

..I Did It..



..Nads & Hudson Mo..




..You just gon fry some got damn meat on a iron right?..

..You aint even gon cover up the top with some aluminum foil right?..

..You just gon let all the grease and shit go down in the steam holes so you can iron clothes with it right?..

..You ghetto ass but improvising creative in dire straights times of need ass nigga you..

P.S. Shouts to @Quanb24

Nike Air Crocs?

..They really coulda kept these shits..

..On 2nd thought I might cop to style on niggas when I go to the pool and use em as water shoes..

..prolly good for when u traveling and gotta take em off at the airport..

P.S. Shouts to @renz360

Me & You Both My Nigga

P.S. Shouts to the thehustler07

MF Doom is that You?




..Being hurt causes holes..

..Welcome these holes..

..Whatever hurt you've experienced in life, remember the hole it caused..

..Because whenever a similar experience arises in front of you..

..Let it go through the same hole and out the back..

..This way it won't hurt and stay inside of you..

..In one end and out of the other..

..Your past pain will have you prepared..

..You ever wonder why sometimes people are so cold?..

..It's because they're full of holes..

..Think about it..


Jon Connor - Don't Fall In Love With A Bitch.

..Real As Fuck..


Random Rambo 36

What It Is My Mannnnnnnnnnnnn??

First Off, don't trust a bitch, they tell you one thing and do 10 other things.

Spoke to my moms yesterday, she's doing pretty good, holding it down, willing to kick a ass or two if need be.

Ayo a nigga is feeling a bit down, so you attractive shorties feel free to send a nigga some more booty pics, so I can post em up.

Don't send no dumb shit, like your stretch mark, Bron Miami Night stained ass up on ya sink counter in the mirror, that shit ain't poppin and I'm liable to clown your ass, literally.

Speaking of them Miami Night Brons, tell me them shits don't look like a Bomb Pop with Black Pepper on it, you fucking hypebeast thirsting for them shits, bad enough it's limited to 500 pairs.

I'm start dicking hoes down, pull out, bust a lil on that ass and the rest on their bed sheets when they ain't looking and leave, just so when they wash their sheets they'll think of me and/or get in trouble with they parents when they go to wash em.

Next Time, you with ya girl in bed and u ask for some ass and she says no...wait till that bitch fall asleep...beat off (no bruno) and bust a big ass nut on the back of her shirt, get some in her hair for good measure.

I really need to get back into doing Kick Vids, I been slacking.

Fuck You, I been busy bitch, you put in 60+ hours of work and tell me if you come home feeling like shooting an epic kick vid.

If all goes planned, my next two kicks vids will be EPIC, that is if I can do em in time before I leave the states.

I hate being lied and bullshitted to, if there's one thing I uphold on my end is to always be real to a person I care about...all you got in this world is your word and if you can't upkeep that shit, fucks your worth in life?

I hate big dogs, like the big ass dogs that walk mad slow and slobbering all over the got damn place, I think the only thing they are good for is for little kids to ride to the store to go get me snacks and shit.

I hate nappy hair, I hate fucking dreadlocks on chicks, I just refuse to ever let a bitch with dreadlocks put her head on one of my pillow cases.

That bitch would wake up to her fucking head on fire.

I kinda want those graphite 14's, I think I really just want em cause I got a dope T shirt to go with em.

Niggas @ Concepts in Boston isn't letting ppl cop those Ray Allen 13's unless you have a Masschussets license, now that's LOYALTY, least you know they ain't about the dollar and willing to sell to anyone

Nigga I ain't got time to be spelling Massachusetts correctly.

I'm mad I think I just spelled it correctly that 2nd time...SMH

I dunno about this $160 price tag on Jordans though, how you gonna give us shit quality and up the price?

My AJ XI Lows have started squeaking on the left shoe, I've worn em 3 times since I got em back in April or some do know if they squeak you can pull the insole out and pour in baby powder put the insole back in and the squeak should be gone in a few days right?

Why you niggas not rocking socks with them AM 90 X Hurley Phantom 4D's, just cause they see-through, don't mean I wanna see your fucking toes, ya faggot.

Another thing, men shouldn't rock thong sandals, there's no suitable reason you should have some material between ya fucking toes and shit flippity flopping and slapping the bottom of your foot, rock sliders ya bruno ass nig

And one more thing, men shouldn't eat ice cream from a cone, that shit is for females and lil kids, fuck you doing licking ice cream off a cone, ya gay mouth nigga...order a cup and use a spoon hoe.

Ayo, Lil Wayne's last mixtape was utter trash, this nigga said "I'm coming at your face...Oil of Olay"...Nigga What?

I swear the illest line on that entire CD was the track he had with Lil B, when B said "BrrrrrangDangDang"

If you tell someone "I don't tell you everything" you gonna get mad when they call you grimy and shady before you even say tell em that dumb shit?!


I hate copycat blogs, be original...I understand I inspire...but make your own path so you can inspire others originally.

Is there any Tumblr pages out there with all original content?...Y'all niggas just reblog the same shit, fucking Sheep.

I wanna jump up in the air and backhand an Eagle while it's in mid-flight.

How are yall niggas eating at restaurants with Inspection Grades of B or "Pending"?...Y'all know the inspector found some unsanitary nasty shit up in there and you still gonna eat there?

My chinese food restaurant got a think I'm a set foot up in that mahfucka?'s bad enough y'all are already a chinese food restaurant but to achieve a B, y'all niggas musta been cooking Foot Fried Rice and Chicken.

My I Am DEF stickers went into printing this past Thursday, looking forward to receiving those.

I'd rather destroy someones reputation, than their face physically...because faces can heal.

I know I ain't bout shit and I'm an asshole according to my homegirl K, but to have over 2,100 Subs on Youtube and almost over 750,000 hits on this site here, means a fucking lot.

All you people who hit me up and give me props and tell me you appreciate my work, is what help keeps me going, sometimes I wanna stop but y'all keep me on the up and up.


W.D.W.T. (Mighty Crown Dunks)

Nike Dunk High "Mighty Crowns" (1 of 1000)


NBA 2k11 - My Player - The Perfect Game

..Quadruple Double - 15/15..


Bikini Ninja Babes 2

..Yes, this is an actual video game you can buy..



Hold Up.

..Ok Cool the chick looks like she's levitating and all..

..But why that lil nigga smiling and got his hands in his pants?!..


P.S. Shouts to Mr.Future

Ayo Miranda Kerr.

..Your thighs don't touch..



Kris Humphries Lost. (Again)

..Damn Kim K, got that grandma looking ass now..

..Fuck Happened to her shit?..

..Shit look like a Jansport Backpack with some clothes in it..

..Kris Humphries prolly looking at this shit like..