Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Dumb Shit!

..I'm all for chicks in kicks and shit..

..Lord Knows I Am..


..Shit just throws off the dick hardness, shit see a bitch..

..Then see some bozo ass sized feet and it's not sure if it should stay up or not..

..Cut this shit out, for the love of niggas who loves bitches in kicks..

..Fuck Your Life..

..I hate you..


Defotography Vol. 8 (Dreaming)


..If you know me..You know my childhood dream was to always open my own Sneaker Boutique..

..I cannot begin to count how many times I've pictured my dream coming true..

..Me and Partner, plan on calling it U.S.A. ..United.Soles.Of.America©..

..Me being from America, My partner being of Asian descent..
(in which the A to her stands for "Asia")

..In photographic depiction, this is my dream..
(Not to mention I'm rocking the U.S.A. SB's. for good measure)

..I slowly but surely see my Dreams coming true..


Kid Martian - Thoughts Above The Clouds Season 1. Ep. 1

..Showing support to my fellow Sneakerhead And friend..

..Kid Martian, an up and coming rapper out of NYC..

..You can peep more of his work @..

P.S. Shouts to the Homey Jomar in the back on the bed in the beginning...lmao

Hold Up.

..This bitch pregnant with a huge tit?..

..Why the fuck it look like her stomach is melting?..

..It look like she been walking around in the same shorts for 8 1/2 months straight..

..Like who smashed that?..


Greg Streets Heat.

..He got some major heat..

..Nothing but respect for him..


..On the flipside..

..I don't think anyone will ever rob this nigga..

..He look scary as all types of fuck..


Go Home.


..Nigga you musta lovedid these shits..
(yeah I said lovedid)

..Cause for a nigga to rock a shoe this long until the sole disintegrates..

..Is some bullshit..

..Them shits must smell like Wet Basement..

..Got damn sole is seperating, look like some Termites went in on them shits..

..Got damn sole look like he stepped in acid..
..How in the fuck do you get a hole under ur BIG TOE??!..
..I can understand the ball of your foot, but your Big Toe?!..

..This some bullshit chucky..



Dumbest T Shirt Ever



..Nigga rocking this better hop back in the whip quick like..


..cause I'd rock his jaw on sight if I see him rocking this T..


Mortal Kombat Legacy Part 8 (Scorpion & Sub Zero Prt. 2)


Rampage Acting a Fool Prt. 2




Not So Cute.

..(Borat)Your girls cute, YOU? not so much-a(/Borat)..

..Now I'm all for small feet on a chick, but them Space Jams, look damn near like Crib Sizes..

..Always wanna smash a chick out while she rocking some heat..
..But I'll be damn if I got shorties legs in the air, glance over and see them puppet sized feet..

..Have a nigga thinking Chris Hanson, bought to pop up from under the bed and shit..

..Shit just looks mad stupid, to top it off her glasses are bigger than her face..


Rampage Actin A Damn Fool!

..Nigga is hilarious..

..Also my favorite MMA Fighter..

P.S. Shouts to Yungdilla


Air Jordan XI "Cool Grey 2011"



Locomotive Curt Swag

..Yall niggas aint up on Loco Curt?!?!??..

..Better get aboard..


P.S. Shouts to Devinisbasedgod

Look At This Clown.

..Nigga What in Thee Fuck?!?!..

..First that a white X-Mas tree branch on the right side my nigga?!?!..

..I'm mad this nigga stunting a fucking Mario Mushroom T, like shit is popping..

..the nigga Orion's look like an Accordian and shit..

..That nigga Rolex is popping though..

..On the real I havent seen a Bi-Color sleeve and Neck T in ages..

..Why his hair look like a black version of the X-mas tree branch though?..

..I can't, I'm done..

P.S. Shouts to NastyNate


..Holy Shit, Fucking Classic!..

P.S. Shouts to kingespada00

Shouts to Moe's

..Grand Opening in Astoria Today..
(31-63 Steinway street)
..Had a lot of heat at box price..

..YOTR 7's, Pewters, Royals, Entourage's, Cool Grey XI's..

..Had a Nice turnout about 250+ ppl..

..Just walked up in there off that press release invite, got some stuff for my extended fam, chopped it up and dipped out..

..Niggas on line was looking at me type sideways, lol..


Eminem & Royce Da 59 - Fastlane (Teaser)

..Man WTF!!?!..

..Kinda fruity fucktastic shit is this?..

..Niggas riding in cartoon cars?!?!?..

..Fuck is this Roger Rabbit looking shittery?!?!..

..I dunno about this shit now, I was kinda hyped..

..But these niggas rapping and playing with cartoons..

..That foo foo type shit don't sit right with a nigga, naw mean?


R.I.P. Sir Gil Scott Heron

Gilbert "Gil" Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011) was an American poet, musician, and author known primarily for his work as a spoken word performer in the 1970s and 80s, Scott-Heron's recording work is often associated with black militant activism and has received much critical acclaim for one of his most well-known compositions The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. His poetic style has been influential upon every generation of hip hop since his popularity began. In addition to being widely considered an influence in today's music, Scott-Heron remained active until his death, and in 2010 released his first new album in 16 years, entitled I'm New Here.


..So fucking sad..

..Gil was my dude yo...

..Above is one of my favorite poems by him..

..Below is my favorite song by him..
(You may have heard it on Grand Theft Auto 4)


Japanese Be Wilding

..Dunno who in they right mind is playing shit like this..

..But they gotta be smoking some good shit out there..

..Y'all see this shit?!?..

P.S. Shouts to Jerseylegend

New BW3 Footage

..My Goodness...

..I'm Ready..


And The Winner Is...

..For rocking the weirdest fucking bootleg VII's I ever seen..

..They was patent leather with gold and green..

..They looked like some Lebron Away SVSM's VII's..

..I can't grasp the notion of why someone rocking these would be asking how much Pewter Foams are..

..You HAVE FAKE $50 DOLLAR variant jordans on, why in the fuck of all fucks would you be interested in knowing how much REAL FOAMPOSITES COSTS?!!?..

..Talking bout "man I get those I'm stopping traffic with those on"..

..Yeah and I'm a stop your birdchest ass from talking in a minute with a swift forearm bash to your cheekbone for talking such nonsense..





Wade Working At Sears?

..The Fuck?..
P.S. Shouts to JShuttles20

Bron's Cover-Band

..This nigga Lebron don't even use his sweatband to stop sweat..

..He be using that shit to cover up his hairline..


I put this together to...

UnderCrown X Playcloths Custom G Shock X Premium Shorts X Hundreds X AJ XI Lows 


..Steal Your Girl..


RR: Air Force 1 Low Premium "Denim" Drops Tomorrow

Air Force 1 Low Premium "Denim" X Levi 501xx

..Dropping Tomorrow..
..Extremely Limited..

..They run true to size, but due to the construction, they crease pretty bad if you're not wearing protectors, I suggest maybe going down .5 in size and rocking church socks to be on the safe side, if you are really conscious about creases..

..Happy Hunting..


AeroPooch-Nike Air Max 97 (Stop Sleep'n)

..Sik Wit It..
..Every Damn Day!!!..



..the Man responsible for this..

..Go In Kid..



..What fucking competition?..

..How do you even have a competition with someone if you never let them know you're competing with them?..

..I compete with myself..

..I try to outdo what I've already successfully done..

..There is no race to win..

..While y'all running physically..

..My mind is flying mentally..
..How can you lose, if you never told anyone you were in the race?..
..Make your moves silently, whoever felt they were your competition, will secretly and eventually realize THEY just lost..


Penguin Instant Cleaner


..1 Cleaned, 1 Left Dirty..
..Stay Fresh My friends..



Battlefield 3 Concept Art


P.S. Shouts to the PhI|0z0pH3r

Kelly Kapowski looking like some shit.

..Bitch from Saved by the Bell..

..Looking old as fuck, she was hot as fuck back in the day but the bitch looking like the Saw puppet and shit now..



Les Twinz Murdering.

..Whole shit dope but..

..Crack @ the 2:14 and on mark..

P.S. Yall know that was them performing with Beyonce on the Billboard Awards to right?

Mortal Kombat Legacy Part 7 (Scorpion & Sub Zero)


Oh Shit They're Back!





Quit it 6

..Yo what is this?!?!?..

..Shorty look mad dry..

..How you got your PC inbetween TWO REFRIDGERATORS THOUGH?!?!?..

..Yo Skinny Jeans from PAC-SUN though?!?!?!?!?!..

.."Still fresh out the box?!"...u just said u rocked em 3 times!!..

..Yo I cant..

..Please GTFOH..



Random Rambo 32

I'm typing this on the way to work.

Fuck y'all a nigga be busy, gotta time manage correctly to get shit done

Act like I ain't the flyest nigga out here doing it big since Christopher Reeves in the 80's

Act like your girl don't know my dick bigger than yours

This weather some trash today the first day I get to rock something with an ice sole in 2 weeks

Getting a lot of hatred directed towards me on YouTube, That just means I'm doing something right

Can't wait till my Moms visits next month

Son why I see this dude peeping my kicks, 10 mins later he gon send his girl over to try and smooth talk me to see where I got em

He ain't find out till this day and he almost lost his bitch that day too

Nigga I'm a got damn problem

Monchichi is a bad bitch, my Gawd

Some of these lil kids, bad as fuck out here, keep it up, I'm a special select one of you brats and clothesline your lil poop butt ass while you in mid form coming down the plastic twisty slide if you keep fucking with me

So I saw the best real titties I ever saw in my extremely fantastic life this past Monday

I'm not even a titty man, but after seeing those, them shits just changed my whole outlook on things, not just booby wise, but like world politics, criminal fairness, affirmative action, the ratio count of colored froot loops in my cereal bowl, that kinda shit wise.

My nigga Keith Hernandez said "stop cursing so much"

Nigga who in the flying fuck ass shit is you speaketh too niggarah?!

Yeah, I said "niggarah"

Feel free to use that word whenever you like

Pretty dope sometimes to see the nice caring friendly side of my homegirl "K"

I'm sure she'll be her "oh well IDGAF" self in no time again though lol

She stay calling me a whore though >=\

Is it possible to footsweep a tiger? If so I wanna add that to my bucket list

LA Noire is the shit, trust me

I need a pair of "Banned Air Jordan 1's", if all goes well I'll have a pair thanks to my honkey brother from another mother

White people are actually great......"when they're your friends"

Everybody should have at least two great white friends, they can help you out of great situations that minority friends can't.

For example that moment right before the cops are going to cuff you, white friends are phenomenal for

No Racial, but Asian ppl swear when they get on a train they deserve a seat, straight looking like Emmitt Smith rushing and dodging ppl to get a open seat.

Ayo me and my bredren Mizzeecustoms got a shoe coming out! Ooooooweeeeeee shit gonna be like a napalm sandwich with nuclear missiles as the buns nigga!

Niggas is really diggin my YouTube kick vid intros huh?!

Bitches at my supermarket stay asking me when I'm a take em out or when I'm a take em shopping for kicks...bitch when you learn how to bag my groceries faster, not charge me for condoms and give me a "for free discount" on anything over a 25 cents is when I'll do that ya trick biatchhhh

I always wanted to pimp back hand slap a siberian husky and say "do sommin nagger!!!!" right after

Ay u sucka ass nigga, if you start clapping your hands while we arguing I'm a assume you softer than Barack Obama kids, and I may snap and just bitchslap you're hoe ass just off GP

Shouts to my UK homey Ed "Chuck Bass" Westwick from Gossip Girl passing
though my job yesterday with his British big head ass, nigga had the bitches at my job acting like tip drills yesterday, lol

Four Horsemen (feel free to click the names) : Deftronic, Nightwing2303, SoleReaLTM, Aeropooch

Shouts to Jumpmanbostic, ignore that fuck ass shit my nigga, real supports the real, salute my dude!

Go ahead look at your Electric Greens then look at my Electric Blues, let it settle feeling like a herb right now huh nigga? #OldSpiceSwag

Fuck Wale, how you gonna "Debut" the electric blue foams when pics and vids been out, you hypebeast blogs be doing some fuck boy shit

Y'all seen em put the Lebron 8 pink laces in them electric blues?!??!

Nigga I saw it last night, started laughing, laughed through my sleep, and woke up with eye boogers cuz my eyes was tearing from laughter.

Ayo THANK YOU so much for helping my site go gold and breaking 500,000 hits, I truly appreciate your support, I know I ain't bout shit, so for y'all to peep my mind and work means a lot, you clown faced fuckas.


TNT Perv Cam

..I tweeted about this as soon as I Saw It!..

..Me and my followers was rollinggggg..



Over one-quarter of the performers who took part in 1991's Wrestlemania VII have died, a wrestling website noted in the wake of the death of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

..That's Crazy..

..We still Gucci Though because Ric Flair Still Alive and Poppin..



Not sure who lost or won.

..Wayne and his new chick...

..Not sure who won or lost, Cause they both some weird looking mahfuckas..


Yo Joe You Lost Again?

..Tahiry Sister?..

..Ayo Joe you ain't hit that?..

..Soon as ole girl dumped me, I'd been all up on her babysis..


Rock The Bells 11

..Rae and Ghost performing Linx?!?!..

..Sign me up Jive Cooley..



Modern Warfare 3 (GamePlay Trailer)


Going Gold (Breaking 500,000 hits)


..May not be much to some, but it is to me..

..I guess since I started this site out of pure boredom and wanting a outlet where I could point out funny stupid ish I saw in life..

..To go from having a total of 9 hits being my most in a week to having around 2,000 a day on average is a pretty dope thing to me..

..All in all I am just a sneakerhead pointing out stupidity in the world, while dashing a few things that I like, and letting you into my world just a lil..

..With that said has gone gold (Over 500,000 hits)..

..I want to thank each and everyone of you, who comes to my site on a daily or weekly basis, everyone who tells a friend about it, who tweets about it, everything!..
..Thanks to all the sneakerblogs who give me credit on info..
(Sneakerfiles being the first to get my name out there)

..Creating this site, has brought me a nice deal of people who I can actually call "Friends"..

..I am truly thankful for all of y'all support, I don't want to thank individual people and then leave some out..

..But you all know who you are..


..Hopefully I can continue to entertain, enlighten, and put you up on some new ish in life..

..Thank You..



Well Shit

..Got Damn, that nigga's sole is COOKED..


P.S. Going In Twitter!

New Pickup!

Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium "Denim"
MSRP $135
Style # 318775 404
Drops 05/28/11

..Yo...I need those!!..

..Been wanting these since I seen em, fell in love with em instantly..

..originally supposed to drop on 05/20/11, but I think Nike pushed em back a week to build the buzz..

..these are SUPER limited, with select retailers getting about 10 pairs a piece..

..Spot I copped from only got in 9.5-10.5 and a 12..

..I can't lie they were selling for $180, but they said they'd give it to me for $160 if i paid cash..

..Kinda contemplated but I figured $135 with tax, I'm only shelling out about 11 bucks extra, no biggie..