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He Styling On Us In Them Electric Blue's

..First I thought it was my nigga Aeropooch..

..Bout to scream out "TIGHT-TASTIC!!"..

..I thought this nigga had on the Electric Blue Foams from across the street..

..I get close and this nigga got on Electric Blue Foamposite Crocs..

..Nigga Styling on all of us in them Crocs though bwoy!!!..

..Can't tell that man Nothing!!..


Sony Nextep (Bracelet Computer FOR 2020)

In 2020 We Can Wear Sony Computers On Our Wrist

Our present need for internet connectivity is so profound that secondary devices like the Nextep Computer are bound to happen. Developed to be worn as a bracelet, this computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible. Ten years from now is not too far away, so how many of you think we’d be buying such gadgets?

Designer: Hiromi Kiriki



P.S. Shouts to Whowantit

Niggas With Expensive Shoes Hate Me

..Got an E-mail Asking..

"Yo def did you really tweet that "niggas with expensive shoes hate me" thing to Wale on twitter????? I was telling my boys and they said I was lying. So I wanted to ask, dope site man."

..My Answer..



I forgot what day I wore this.



Odd Future Performing Live In London



..I know this shit is old..

..But Today was the first time I seen it..

..and I nearly fell out my chair..


..Pay attention to everything, the dudes in the back and what they say also..

..Shouts to Lee..



..Can't Wait..




..Now I ain't gonna ask why these two strong neck ass niggas is rocking the same color shirt and standing real close to each other..

..What I wanna know is why Ochocinco's hands so got damn ashy and black?..

..Nigga hand look like a pair of OG Bordeauxs..

..Ole Breakdancing fingerless gloves looking hands ass nigga..

..Nigga hands look like they duct taped and he been punching a chalk board..


Ay Nigga

..I aint gon say shit about her hair looking like the Scarecrow from Batman's sack mask...

..or how her teeth is throwing up the blood gang sign in the corner..




Tyler The Creator - Tron Cat (1st single of New Album "Goblin")



Deftronic - Impaired.mp3

..Female Inspired..

..The Beat made me do it..

..Deftronic-Impaired.mp3 (Download Link-Mediafire)..


Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point


Thought U Was Injured Bruh

..This the type of foolishness you be doing with your girl?..

..This the type of fuckery you be doing and can't play a game in the playoffs yet?..

..You overgrown strong face hoe..

..Should whoop ur monkey ass for this shit coming up right chea..

..Ole sugar bear ass nigga doing circus tricks on a lawn..

P.S.Shouts to TheHustler07

Karmin the Based Singers.

..Bitch is Bad..


Nigga What!?

..So beyonce got lil boy's dancing and prancing like some mini bruno's?..

..The fuck is this world coming to..

..Why they couldnt give the boys some manlier type dances?..

..Come on man, that shit ain't poppin..

..I know HOV ain't approve of this shit..


Lupe Fiasco-Words I Never Said (Video)





Nike Dunk High Pro SB "Skunks aka 420's"

..Broken spines today..




P.S. Shouts to CarlosB aka Batcab52

Fucking Salah!

..OMG @ THE 3:30 MARK..



..Dunno wtf was going on here..

..but every nigga dancing in this vid, look bruno as fuck..

..I dont even wanna know why one nig got his shirt off facing a crowd of rowdy niggas..


Hitler Finds Out Lupe Will Not Have 100% Creative Control

..shit is hilarious..


Going in on Twitter

..So if you don't follow me on twitter, I go on rants about NBA Players, while the game is happening..

..Niggas be dying, lmao..


This Nigga Frontin!

..That nigga ain't injured!..





Pusha T - Can I Live (Official Video)

..Bing Bang Bing!..


Random Rambo 30

This some bullshit, Chucky

Swag cannot be purchased in a store.

Yo there's a buncha hoes on twitter, they thirsty as fuck and also ugly at the same time.

Maybe thats why they thirsty...lmfao

Why when Kobe get done up on the court he look around like it's someone else's fault, nigga you!, your fault!.

If they don't appreciate you, depreciate them.

Y'all should follow me on twitter, I be saying some funny random shit on there and then I be on my Dr.Phil words of wisdom Rev. Run shit.


Why this chick gonna ask me to see Water For Elephants? Water For What?...fuck I look like seeing that shit.

Matter of fact, If I don't ever ever never ever invite you to see a movie I wanna see, the fuck in coleco-vision would make you think I'm a see some shit you wanna see?

Nigga's said I was ignorant in my Black/Electric Green Foam One vid.

I think you just mad bout the kicks in your closet not being that one you seen in the vid, hoe.

Your mother crossed over Jordan way before Iverson, but no one gave her props for it.

My ex sent me this epic email about wanting me back and all this dumb shit.

I felt like saying naw, them "Dark Pine Foams is coming out"

Wale is a lame, you dont believe me?

Nigga tweeted "Niggas with Cheap shoes, hate me" I retweeted what he said and commented with "Niggas with expensive shoes, hate me"

They say "To reach greatness, takes a long time" , I reply with "I'm an hour away".

Nigga this brownie good as fuck.

Speaking of brownies, I've never dated a black girl.

I'm not racist you negative assumption having son of a bitch, I just haven't.

My moms had a fire in her apartment building on her floor, 2 doors down, shes fine, she's a fucking G.

We were in a fire when I was a baby, I saved my mothers life she said, because she was sleeping and I started crying and my crying woke her up...I don't think I was crying, I was yelling "Wake up, Moms, Fire niggaaaaaaa"

I think I could beat up Dolph Lundgren, like Dolph now, not The Dolph from Universal Soldier then.

I can't wait for UFC this saturday, card is stacked.

"Just Go With It" the movie had me in fucking tears.

I be missing K.

Mortal Kombat is kinda popping, the cutscene graphics are trash and you can't skip em, but the in game shit is popping, suprisingly I'm a beast with Jax.

Niggas love to come talk shit when the Lakers I play for them or shit.

I might have to line up for them YOTR 7's, I dunno how I feel about that.

It's not that I think I'm too good enough to wait, I just hate waiting for some odd hours to get to the counter and then they're out of my size.

My new slang term, is "Get Adjusted".

You might not be used to the shit I'm about to do or what I'm capable of, so when I do it, "Get Adjusted Mahfucka"

You clown ass niggas need to say "please" when you ask for a favor, that's the least y'all can do when asking me to promote shit on my site for you, you un proper etiquette having ass mahfucka.

Where in the fuck is Briyoni, OmgItsJess, and SoCalChica at?

Why in the fuck is there chinese ppl making spanish food in my chinese food spot near my crib?

Like Why the fuck is there spanish ppl making the pizza's in the taco bell/pizza hut combo stores.

Ok, I fucking realized that when I said "Speaking of Brownies, I never dated a Black girl" was kinda racist, sue me.

#DrakePunchline I explode in ya girl face, she see white... Flashbang.

LMFAO @ Mempiss (inside joke)

Yeah, I don't care if you don't get it...We Do.

I totally forgot it was my Ex's Daughter Birthday on the 18th...I kinda feel wack I didn't at least tell her moms to wish her Happy Birthday From Dapid....(she used to call me Dapid =] )

Elsii mad cause I said she aint got no hips and that her body goes straight down from her armpits to her feet.

New Bucket List Addition: Smash a chick with one leg, nigga...can you imagine the angles?


araabMUZIK Metal Muzik


Air Jordan XI Seasonal Check & Breathing Period.

Air Jordan XI "DMP"
Release Year : 2006

..So I usually check on my Ice Sole stuff every 4 months or so and let em breathe..

Air Jordan XI "Space Jams"
Release Year : 2009

..So far everything is good with the ice soles...

Air Jordan XI "25th Anniversary"
Release Year : 2010

..Can you fucking explain to me how them shits look like Khaki Ice soles?!..

..I wore them shits for 5 mins to do a YT Review vid in..

..and they look like that...this some fucking bullshit, Chucky...

They Don't Love You Scott

..This is the worst fucking cake I ever seen..

..Toe box all small, swoosh outta place..

..Look like it got 54 inch laces in a got damn low top..

..I wish someone woulda gave me this shit..

..I'd a put my foot in it and double pump kicked their fucking chin..


Amare Stoudamire TR Mid Huaraches

..Man I pray to the heavens they release these, I need all 3 of them shits..



..Tell me shorty ass dont look like a big ass tit?..


Hollow Da Don Vs. Goodz

..Hollow is too fucking good..


A Damn Shame.

..His Shits came like that too..

..Jordan Brand Aint Bout Shit..


This Nigga Face.

..Rotflmao @ the 0:13 mark..

..Nigga look like he just saw a girl with a fatty..

P.S. Shouts to TheShark


..Shit look wild bruno..

..Paul even said Pause after it..



Black Font Woulda Been Murder

..The new Nike SB Box, starting in June..




Keep 5Pointz Aerosol Graffiti Art Center Alive! (Petition Signage)

5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” where aerosol artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building.

5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc is endangered of being demolished and turned into a condo / office space. Currently, 5Pointz is said to be a New York City eyesore to L.I.C. home front and would be more ideal if the art space didn't exist to boost proper value to it's community. Click on the link below and help 5-Pointz stay alive.

..If any of you in NYC would like to view 5Pointz it can reached by the 7 subway line it is located at Jackson Avenue at Davis Street and Crane Street, Long Island City NY..



Gimme That.

..shorty straight yanked that shit off Chandler's neck..

..nearly took his head off with the shit..


P.S. Shouts to FreddP


Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Trailer

..Drops May 3rd..


Hudson Mohawke - Gluetooth

..From his album entitled "Butter"..

..If you love music, you can't deny the epicness of this man's work..


Damn I Thought EastBay Shipping Was Bad.

..You mean to tell me..

..Someone just put shit in a bag from Footlocker, taped it and shipped it like that!!!?..

..This some bullshit, chucky..


Battle Fest 14: Showoff (M.E.M) Vs. Devious

Showoff (E.Green foams) Vs. Devious (Pewters)

..Showoff M.E.M...


Steve Nash That!

..Why my man Nash, looked scared of the pussy?..

..Nigga had the mean straight face when she was popping it on him..

..Look at the 0:49 mark..

..Like what am I doing here!?..

..I dont like this black stuff..


Brink 10 Mins Of Gameplay

..Yo, I need thoseeeeeeeeeeee..



CAPT AMERICA SWAG (Air Yeezy 2 Review)

..1:20 mark..GO..NOW!...

..Captain America Swag!..


P.S. Shouts to NASTYNATE

New Pickup!

Air Jordan XI Retro Low "Black/Varsity Red-White"
Drops 07/16/11
Style# 306008-001


Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 2


Battle Fest 14

..I actually went to this, shit was off the fucking chain..

Turf Fiends Vs. Next Level(No Bruno)

Steps Vs. Hamlet (Hamlet is a beast)

Soup Vs. Storyboard P


Pusha T - My God (Official Video)



Brand New BATTLEFIELD 3 "12 min" Gameplay Trailer

..Can't be fucking serious man..

..Its actually the first 3 parts together uncut, so you see all the extra shit that was cut out of the first 3 parts


Rage "Dead City" Gameplay Trailer

..Shit looks tough..


Kanye West @ Coachella (FULL CONCERT)

"Kanye West performs a collection of new and classic songs from his career at Coachella. During the show Kanye West said he recorded his latest album with dreams of performing it at Coachella and last night he did just that. He closed the show with an emotional dedication to his mother with “Hey Mama.”

NOTE: This is a 2 hour video, so you may have to wait for it to load.

..Shouts to for this..


Supreme X Northface

..That Black one..


..Nigga...I need thoseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!..


Kanye Rocking Air Yeezy 2

..Kanye Spotted Rocking the AIR YEEZY 2 @ COACHELLA..

..The shoe seems to have a lower cut updated Yeezy 1 premium leather type upper, with strap, finished off with a Air Tech 2 Challenge Base/Sole..

..Also looks like it may have a Glow In The DarkSole..

..Let The Hype Begin!..






Is That Nut?

..Look like someone let off one on Ali's arm...

Willing to Pay Alot For Fake Kicks?



..This is how bad it is?!..

..Kicks so expensive and so in demand, ppl are willing to pay $300+ for FAKE shoes..

..It clearly says the shoes are not authentic..

..I thought I'd never see the day..

..So sad..

P.S. Shouts to prodigy




Air Foamposite One "Black Ice"

Air Foamposite One "Black Ice"