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Les Twins Vs. Tyger B & Lil O @ Juste Bebout 2011


Young Dro is Wild Bruno

..How you gonna beg a bitch for a three-some with you and another nigga?..

..Then mention the other nigga dude you wanna have a three-some with dick is big?..



The Legends League

Words by Gil Scott Heron Entitled "Running"
(Favorite poem by him)

"Because I always feel like running
Not away, because there is no such place
Because, if there was I would have found it by now
Because it's easier to run,
Easier than staying and finding out you're the only one...who didn't run
Because running will be the way your life and mine will be described
As in "the long run"
Or as in having given someone a "run for his money"
Or as in "running out of time"
Because running makes me look like everyone else, though I hope there will ever be cause for that
Because I will be running in the other direction, not running for cover
Because if I knew where cover was, I would stay there and never have to run for it
Not running for my life, because I have to be running for something of more value to be running and not in fear
Because the thing I fear cannot be escaped, eluded, avoided, hidden from, protected from, gotten away from,
Not without showing the fear as I see it now
Because closer, clearer, no sir, nearer
Because of you and because of that nice
That you quietly, quickly be causing
And because you're going to see me run soon and because you're going to know why I'm running then
You'll know then
Because I'm not going to tell you now"


Told You The Boxes Suck

..Was just talking bout this shit the other day..

..Nike be on some bullshit..

..and that nigga still needs to get his life in order..

..Fucking room look like its gonna collapse just like them boxes..



Nike Dunk High Premium SB "Dr. Feelgood"


Holy Shit.

..I fucking need that picture on the wall for my house..
..Does anybody know the name of it?..


Do You See?!??


P.S. Shouts to Linx

Dwayne Wade Son Don't Like Asians.

Source: Sneakernews


..Fucking Wow..

P.S. Shouts to Chopzilla




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Random Rambo 28

As I'm typing this I'm listening to "Wham-Everything She Wants".

Fuck you, I'm not bruno, this shit goes hard.

I miss the shit outta my moms, I'm def gonna see her in the next few weeks.

Speaking of traveling, Chicago next month, Japan in August, and possibly London In October.

I just went to get my passport pic and shit done at the post office this Saturday, I wanted to do the gangster grill one side up lip curled thingy, but the Chinese dude wouldn't let me, plus I'd prolly be stopped and search at customs anyway for it.

The Homey/Business Partner/Bodyguard Nina is in town, she came in last Saturday, shes leaving tomorrow I'm a be so sadddddddddddd, waaaaaaaaaaaa =_[

We got A LOT of shit done which was a plus, we also clowned the shit out of A LOT of people. lmao!

She also gave me some late Birthday presents, I was floored, she got me some DVD's, a New Camera and some Supreme Forces I be looking for over 4 years now, she's fucking awesome.

She also constantly clowned me for having hairless legs.

Yes, if you didn't know my legs for some odd reason has never grown hair.

You may think I'm an asshole, that's fine, because I know I'm an asshole, I just truly and honestly don't give a fuck, if I feel crossed or played, your existence means nothing to me.

My cousin Envy, (yes he wants me to call him envy, if that shit isn't bruno as fuck I dunno what is, shit sounds like a Stripper name) has horrible taste in women.

Funny how I always tell people "You'll need me before I need you", shit always comes true.

People who front are worse than Liars.

Rockets Fired, fuck shots.

So me and Nina, rented a drop top mustang, and not once when we were together was the weather good enough to drop that muthafucka.

Briyoni Wassup.

Honeylove, I thought about you this morning, I tried to texting you to say wassup cause we haven't spoke in years...I dunno if you read my blog, if you do hit a nigga up.

I'm kinda happy ain't shit really coming out that I want sneaker-wise, giving my pockets a break.

Finally my bonus check cleared, about time.

UPS dude better not let me see his ass, honestly I dont even care if it's the flaming fuckhole who left my package out in the rain, anyone of you mahfuckas will do, I just wanna flying elbow smash from my roof one of you brown suit wearing mahfuckas.

UPS = Under Paid Suckas

I told Elsi, if Derrick Rose doesn't win MVP, I'm a stab Paul Pierce, not that Pierce has anything to do with him not winning, I just want a 4% valid reason to stab him.

Speaking of Elsi, she kinda nice @ Black Ops, we did Tie on a One On One, but I feel I won because I knifed her ass like 4 times...and my Tying kill was a Slash also...HA.

So one of my Ex's asked me for money the other day, I said No and she got mad, bitch said "You don't care about Nobody", I replied..."You right, you are a nobody to me, keep it moving"

Moving and Proving, Showing And Doing!

I watched the entire Movie Beat Street at work today.

Yes, I gotta it like that, hoe.

You ever see a bad bitch and ur like damn, but you look at her feet and she got on them Grandmom knitted sweater like Ugg boots, and you just wanna punch her in fucking stomach so hard she drops to her knees?

No? Well Eat a dick.

Snipe Goldmine...Coming Soon.

Bitch, I'm outta hand cream.

Anybody know where I can find Wayans Bros. Season 1 through 5 on DVD?

Them Lebron 8 V.2 "lows" sure don't look like Lows to me, so they cut off two eyelets and decreased the price by 10 bucks...whoop dee doo.

So a chick can say "Mr. Varsity Jacket" to me, but I can't say "Miss in the red with a Fat ass" to a chick?

Fucking double standards.

I told a co-worker the other day to "Shut your Coffee Cake Chin ass up, before I fuck your moms from the back on the other side of your bedroom wall so hard her head will crash through it and she'll scream out, this nigga David tearing my pussy up!"

Ok maybe it wasn't like that exactly word for word, but the Coffee Cake chin and Her head crashing through a wall was definitely in there somewhere.

Goodnight, Time to play Black Ops.




PhotobucketNike Dunk Low Premium SB "SBTG" (1 of 50 Autographed)

..Grail Status..


Ronny Going OFF!

..Nigga did a prancing superman skip pose!..

..Lol @ The benches reaction..


This Bitch

..Fuck wrong with people man?..

..Wish I could from the back doorway and straight flying clothesline that bitch right into a cabinet..

P.S. Shouts to Chopzilla

Mobiado CPT002

Theres the transparent glass touchscreen, which is a single slab of solid sapphire crystal that has somehow had a full-color capacitive touch layer embedded. Its framed by a couple of waifish platinum bars, into which Mobiado has relegated all the electronics and batteries.

..That shit is crazy, gonna have mad fingerprints all over it though and if that screen cracks, thats the end of that shit, cant even replace that bitch..



..made that man do the doesy doe..



Dumb Tat


P.S. Shouts to Brad Piff


..Suit must be made of Crack Cocaine..

..This Nigga Wilding the Fuck Out In There..

P.S. Shouts to SM

What Party Is This?!?!

..I'd straight D'arce Choke that lil light skin nigga in the Spiderman costume to be in his seat..

..Esther ass all in his face and he looking at the fucking cake!?..

..Faggot ass kid got a plethora of ass and tittays in his view..

..Fucking Cake Boy..

..Yeah I know the lil nigga is prolly 2 or some shit, but Come On Son!!..

..If You Dont Know What A D'arce Choke is, it's this shit..

P.S. Joe Budden Won

Kratos GamePlay On Mortal Kombat

..This Nigga Going Off Bay Bay!..

Damn Homie, Paying RAPE?

..Whats Really Good With You Bruh?..




..the first fucking WAY HO she does her mouth looks like ROCKY!..

..Death @ This Comment:..

@28wombles This was suppose to be the original video that kills everyone in The Ring, but the producers thought it would make the movie too scary

P.S. Shouts to Mr.Snowman



..You just let that man steal your fucking basketball soul like that?..

Scottie Pippen is a Faggot

..This is a pic of Scottie Pippen's DVD Collection up for sale..

..But Yo Fuck you doing with a Darrins Dance Groove DVD, fam!??..

..Tall ass grown nigga dancing to some shit..

..Should fly your fucking head, holmes..



Nardwuar Vs Odd Future


P.S. Shouts to Nastynate

1st Price Raises Now Box Cutbacks?

..So first we get news of prices going to be raised on Nike Products..

..Now we get these piece of shit makeshift boxes?..

..Fuck it might as well just not give out boxes anymore or shoelaces while ur at..


Do regular guys still have a shot? (Joe Budden TV)

..Shit is real man..

..A LOT of great points made..

..I'm so guilty of curving too, be straight ignoring text's and be tweeting..




Fucking Loser.

..This nigga got over 300+ pairs of kicks, but living in a fucking creepy ass decrepit ass stank looking ass bedroom man..

..Shit like this is just sorry as all fuck, Nigga living like a bum, but got all these fucking kicks..

..Fucking paint chips on the wall and the nigga covering it up with posters..

..Them posters old as all fuck to...Ole still living in the room you grew up in ass nigga..

..I always got mad when ppl say "sneakerheads are stupid, they buy all these shoes and then are basically bankrupt"..

..But now I understand their logic, cause of shit like this..

..Then the nigga tried to downtalk his living conditions by saying he lives in NYC..

..Nigga WHAT!?!?!?..

..I live here also, but I dont live like a fucking hobo..
.."I'm a working man"..
..Nigga most of us are, we ain't all rich, fuck you talking bout fam?..

..Take care of your fucking life first and then dwell into collecting kicks man..

..Talking bout he gives shits to less fortunate kids, NIGGA YOU SEEN YOURSELF?..

..Then this niggas earrings B..

..I usually respect all my fellow sneakerheads, but I can't rock with this shit..
..Shit is fucking comedy, I can't believe people perception on life b..lmao

..Step your fucking life up man..


Thanks Mark.

..Shouts to Mark for the Hook Up..


New Pickup!

Air Max Chisulo

..Got these for $61.00, I couldn't pass em up..

..Got a $61.56 Discount on em..



(Jay-Z) Hold Up! (Jay-Z)

..This nigga really trying to slang a fucking XBOX 360 game at Sneakercon??!?!?..

..That nigga need a bookbag full off glass bottles and batteries thrown at his chest..

..Knock the fucking wind out his punk ass so hard it'll fuck up his boys shape up nigga!..


Donnie Yen In The The Lost Bladesman


Pusha T Ft. Rick Ross And Ab Liva - I Still Wanna

..You wanna know what fame is?..
..Sitting next to the woman of your dreams and forgetting what her name is.."


King Push aka Pusha T - Fear Of God Mixtape Drops Today

P.S. If you follow me on Twitter then you on the up and up...I tweeted like 3 tracks off the mixtape yesterday


SneakerCon 2011

..LMFAO @ THE PERSON ROCKING THE VIBRAM 5 TOES!!...@ the 0:35 mark..

..Damn, shorty had on Paris SB's @ 0:31 mark..

..I'd a been good with what I was gonna rock, cause I didn't see anybody with it on..

P.S. Shouts to Nastynate

Nike Set to RAISE Prices on All Future Products

"The sportswear company, which owns the Nike, Umbro and Converse brands, warned that the rising cost of cotton, oil and transportation will squeeze profit margins.

Nike’s chief financial officer Don Blair said in a conference call to analysts yesterday (18 March) that until now price increases had been in specific markets on particular product lines but from its next financial year prices would increase “across the board”. The company’s current financial year ends 31 May.

Blair was speaking as the company reported that net profit for its third quarter increased 5% to $523m. Revenue rose 7% to $5.1bn.

The gains were driven by a 21% revenue bump in China and a 19% gain in emerging markets, which partly offset a 2% fall in earnings from Western Europe."


..Guess that explains talk of future Foamposite being Msrp'D @ $225..

..And the Lebron 9 is going to cost $165..

..I don't know how much longer I can continue to be a Sneakerhead with prices like these..

..This shit is getting outta hand..

..Basically gonna cost us nearly $245 to cop some Foams?..

..Ridiculous, might be time to hang up my Jersey and retire from this shit..

P.S. Shouts to Evin
News taken from

Odd Future Performing @ SXSW 2011

..Tyler gets Peyton Manning'd by a bottle..

..The Shit knocked his fucking cap off!..



Based Griffin!




This Nigga Name.


I aint looking at that cake my niggas


..I see tittayssssssss..



Wale & Air FOAMPOSITE Pro "Dark Pine"

..Wale showing off the Air FOAMPOSITE Pro "Dark Pine's"..

..Can't really tell from the Vid Quality, but it looks like a simple Dark Green Foam, non-iridescence"..

..In the vid he says "it looks green with a little purple"..

..Scheduled to drop in September..

..Guess this shoe will be hypebeast city, since WALE wore it and showed it first, noticed how when a Foam isn't debuted by him they stay on shelves and go on sale eventually?..

..(Cough Drops, Pearls, Electric Green's)..

P.S. Shouts to @ralphfolarin_




..What in all types of shit?..


..You know what?..

..If she did this shit in front of me, I'd a broke out in the Ronnie..



Tyler The Creator - Goblin Tracklisting

..Goblin Dropping May 10th..

Goblin tracklist:
01. Goblin
02. Yonkers
03. Radicals
04. She (feat. Frank Ocean)
05. Transylvania
06. Nightmare
07. Tron Cat
08. Her
09. Sandwitches (feat. Hodgy Beats)
10. Fish / Boppin b**ch
11. Analog (feat. Hodgy Beats)
12. b**ch Suck Dick (feat. Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. Window (feat. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Mike G)
14. AU79
15. Golden
16. Burger (feat. Hodgy Beats) [Bonus Track]
17. Untitled 63 [Bonus Track]
18. Steak Sauce [Bonus Track]


OFWGKTA Performing Live @ The Woodie Awards

..Niggas Killed It!..

P.S. For it in HD peep it here

Based Granger

..Desecrated Paul Pierce's Life..



Damn Kesha



P.S. Shouts to SM

Fubu Cement Fizzikes Caught On Film


Random Rambo 27

27 is my favorite number, this should be good...

Ayo fuck the bullshit.

You do know these random rambo's are completely random right, whatever pops up in my head at the time of typing is what I post right?

You chicks is getting outta hand, the shit yall be doing is amazing, y'all need to be marching band cymbal clapped.

The homey Nina is touching down on Saturday, she better bring me some goodies.

Apparently, the new way to say you're really mad at some shit, is "Throw a Fork at it"

I've come to the conclusion that all my Ex's are creeps.

How you get mad when you got a man, tell me you got a man and I tell you I got my heart set on someone right now, (that's not you) and u get upset, the fuck kinda double standard shit is that?

I've always wanted to like run off an upper level of something and tackle someone to the ground like they do in cop movies

K, has officially made me a Black Ops fiend, played that shit for 4 hours last night non stop.

Oh and ya boy was decent last night too, racking up 7 kill streaks, like nothing.

I hate when muthafuckas always wanna be put on and hooked up for shit.

I've never asked or begged anyone to hook me up, everything I got I worked for it.

I kinda lied to someone about something to help another someone out.

Don't lie, because 1 lie turns into 10.

Fuck you, don't judge me like I'm some deceitful piece of shit, I got caught up in the moment.

I really wish ppl would accept the fact that J Cole ain't gonna amount to shit within the rap game.

Wiz Khalifa is boo boo to, but Amber Rose is his boo, so for that he gets the "you aight" award.

Stop cheating, just break up with the person you're with now...then get back with em later..HA.

Ppl keep telling me I should take rapping seriously, I did...when I was like 15...GTFOH.

I wanna dress-up as a Ninja and fuck shit up for a day.

White Foamposite One dropping soon and get this for $225

For $225 the son ah mah bitch better come with a party hosted by Lil Penny.

Son said "shorty got a batman logo hairline"

My mom is the shit, my mom could whoop the shit outta your mom.

K is the shit, she knows it too and isn't afraid to tell you she is, I'm a mush the shit outta her again though, we have the most violent relationship.

I think our fight moves have meanings, a "mush" means I missed you, a "pinch" means you getting on my nerves, a "kick/knee" to the leg means I'm glad you're here or shut up or something.

I haven't really registered the "kick/knee" move yet, cause my brain and balance kinda relapses when my knee buckles.

I'll get back to you on that one..

Son I saw this dude wearing an burnt orange bubble jacket, matching Texas U skully and Electric Green Foamposites. I felt like shanking that nig with a ice pick.

Sneakercon is saturday.

My prayers go out to Japan.

You fucks better be fixed up and shit by the time for my vacation comes in summer.

Just playing...

Not really.

Lupe Fiasco is dope in concert, I went back and listened to his music and the songs didn't even sound close as good as they did live.

I wanna see Kanye in concert, that will prolly be my next concert I go to.

Twitter can destroy see a person's mindset when you follow them and you just be like man this person is lame.

I had stopped following this one person and fam actually txt'd me to enquire about the action, like a nigga stole a pie off they window sill

I wanna uppercut a midget so hard they fall backwards and roll and land on their stomach

Briyoni I'm sorry I didnt transfer your number over from my old phone to my new phone and sorry for saying I thought you were some random bird when I didn't recognize your number.

Some homo ass nigga asked me if he could cop my jeans off me from my "Statue of Liberty SB" Vid...nigga offered me $50 bucks


Tumblr = Hypebeast Central

This dude at work actually said the following things:

"You know how chicks know you got dough?, When you go to a restaurant and pull it out in front of everyone"

"Chicks that have good size titties aren't gay, it's the chicks without titties that are"

This same dude asked me "How do you spell start?"

This same dude wore these yesterday:


Stop Running Hoe!


..Amber Getting Kinda Thick Down There Bwoy..




Pusha T Ft. 50 Cent - Raid (produced by Pharell)




..This shit shit look stupid as fuck..

..Bitch with a guitar and a shimmery ass evening skirt on..

..The Fuck is this hoe thinking?..





Air Foamposite One "Black/Black Electric Green"

..Scheduled to drop sometime this year..

..Throat Drops?..



Levi Maestro Red Infinity


Levi Maestro teams up with Los Angeles-based jeweler Shayan Afshar for a third colorway in his Infinity Piece. Clean and elegant, the accessory is highlighted by its lack of actual functionality, serving more of a reminder that time is infinite.

..I dunno how I feel about this, in one way it's dope as far as the meaning..

..But then there's no fucking time shown..

..I don't even know how much the shit costs, but I'm guess over $50..

..I can't see myself buying something like this that looks like a watch but isn't a watch, you know..

..Guess it's just an accessory..



Nike Dunk High Pro Premium SB "Statue Of Liberty"


NBA 2K11 - 2 Quarters Of My Player Mode

..Got a question, someone asked me how I play My Player mode, because they were having trouble, so I recorded 2 qrts of me playing..

..Also did this yesterday..
..Off The top of the backboard alley oop dunk..






.."AND IM VICKI!!!!!!!!!"..

.."Two holes, they like EYES"..


..Then the other chick got down syndrome..



Wolf Gang