Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Sheen lost his mind

..This nigga done lost it..


Better With Lime?


P.S Shouts to Brand0n031 And Denn_Ice

Welcome to Last Week

..Ur about a month late with celebrating this shit..

..Good Looks on picking the lightest black person on the team to represent for your late black history month celebration, ya fucknecks..

P.S. Shouts to the Shark316

Jay-Z - Evolution of my Style


Ice-T Presents The Art Of Rap


Dizaster Vs. DNA

..Here it goes..

..Dizaster Was Supposed to Battle DNA @ the BATTLE OF LA..

..Battle didn't go down..

..During Dizaster Battle Vs. QP, Dizaster spit 1 of his rhymes he had for DNA for their battle..

..Later on in the week DNA, in the street, spit one of his rhymes he had for the battle he was supposed to have with Dizaster..

..The 1st youtube puts them both together..


Take - Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix)






Nike Dunk Pro High SB "Ferris Bueller"


Kobe Sons Pau

"Pau where you goin?!?!?...Get Your Ass Over Here".


P.S. Shouts to the Shark316




This Nigga's Cake

..Whoever made this cake, fucking sucks..

..They should be shipped to the damned..

..You see the fingers on the fucking figurine?..

..Did this nigga Braylon Edwards dirty..

..Got lil robot toys and shit on the cake..

..WTF are those pieces of shrapnel on his body?..

..This shit sucks..


The Fuck is Going On?

..Did this nigga really dye his hair blonde?..




Wow @ The Coonery @ The 0:40 mark white chick, fell down, got up and dipped..

..LMFAO @ The 1:33 mark, nigga got bonked in the eye and ACTUALLY GRABBED AND HELD HIS FACE LIKE A DRAMA MOVIE..

..Dude @ the 2:20 mark, has the worst throwing arm ever, nigga tried throw something at a dude on the same floor level as him 3 feet away, and the shit he threw ended up near the dj on the 3rd level!..

..WTF @ 3:26 mark, how u throw a chair from behind a partition and then run???!?!..



..yeah I'd prolly fake a flop too if my bitchass shot 1 for 18..

..You cream cheese chin soft as baby shit ass nigga..

..Kill ur fucking self..


Kanye West-Blame Game (Visual By Yonie)

..Great Visual Video..



PunchRobert : Dance Assassin


..Death @ the 1:21 mark..

..This is the dude from "You Got Served" & "Step Up 2", Robert Hoffman III.. should peep out his Urban Ninja ish, its dope..


Based "Biter" Griffin?

..What's really good with that?..

P.S. Shouts to Sha




TJ0324 repping his sneakerhood

..Showing some support for the lil homey "tj0324 aka Tristan"..

..Repping Cochranville, Pennsylvania..

..14 yr old sneakerhead, putting in some work..

P.S. Shouts also to GraffitiAndSneakz

Melo is a Knick

..Got that nigga looking like a retard..

..Anyway NYC STAND UP..



Thought I Told You...



Wale Rocking Air Foamposite Pro "Dark Pine's"

"3:44 Mark"

"4:02 Mark"

Air Foamposite One "Black/Dark Pine"
Msrp: $190
Releasing 09/2011

(You can see the full video here)

P.S. Shouts to Tayloredout

These Niggas...LMFAO


..Wade's Floor Dunk..

..Bron saying he'd dunk on a Giraffe..

..Then Bosh comes walking in like he just got his Doo Doo Dungeon pummeled by some truck dick nigga..

..Then some lil kid in the back at the end says "Can I see Kobe After!!?!?"..



..The Fuck Son!?!?!..

P.S. Shouts to Bart Pimpson

Bitch Ass Kid

..Ole Punk ass Christopher Schwarzenegger..

..How you the son of Conan And The Terminator, looking scared as fuck of Lil Wayne..

..Ole Faggot ass nigga sucking his thumb..

..Should get Boombatta from the Conan Sequel to come fuck his ass up..


Just Saying.

..Kobe was simply letting all you young and old niggas know..

.."I'm still that nigga and y'all ain't shit until I retire"..

..37 Points, 14 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 3 Steals..

..4th All-Star Game MVP Title..

P.S. Durant held it down also for the West, Bron Went In Also.

Carbon Fiber XI's?

..Supposedly Spotted During All-Star Weekend In LA..
..Let's hope they are real and actually dropping..


What in all terrible fuck?

..Nigga WHAT?..

..See man shit like this just needs to be capsized..
..Nigga got Lebron cut in the back of his head..

..Got muhfucking glitter and starbursts in his lineup..

..Just feel like kufismacking the shit outta the barber and then double drop kicking the back of this nigga head on some Marty Jennety Strike Force type shit..


..GTFOH with that Coonery..

P.S. Shouts to DJ Maximum


That Orange Black Stripe Khaki Shit

2004 Safari's


ElSi - Nikes, Mikes (Sneakerhead Anthem)

..My homegirl from Chicago, Elsi..

..New Track Inspired by Sneakers..

..Shit is very nice..

..Check more of her out..



What I Wore On Earth Past Couple Days


P.S. Ladies refrain from e-mailing me asking me to teach your boyfriends how to dress.

This Can't Be Life.

..I'd Fuck That Shit Up Like..



1 sole swap done.


Pedo Curry

..Now nigga you look young as fuck..

..But you aint THAT young trying to mack some 12 yr olds my nigga..

..Chris Hanson is on the next thing smoking looking for your ass you pedophile ass nigga..

P.S. Shouts to Gremlin

Amateur Slam Dunk Competition

..They were both equally good..

..I just wish in the actual competition...they woulda hit their dunks on the first try..



Kobe is The Black Mamba


..Peep The Air Yeezy 2's on Kanye's Feet..

..I can see the hypebeasts running down the hill already..


Wall To Based Griffin




Dead Island (Rundown)

It is an open-ended game, centered on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested island. The game uses a first-person perspective. However, the developers are claiming that the game will be far beyond a typical first-person shooter experience, mainly due to a bigger emphasis on melee combat, role-playing elements and a clear focus on story-telling.

- The game features a sandbox style gameplay on a tropical island.
- The zombie style and the story are massively influenced by George A. Romero's movies.
- The game is focused on melee combat, the player can pick up almost anything and use it as a weapon.
- There are multiple playable characters.
- 4 Player drop in/out Co-Op

Geoff's Response to Dead Island Trailer

..Need some gameplay, but the trailer has me hyped..

P.S.Shouts to Kegar



..Y'all know the Bitchass Lakers lost to the Cavs last night right?..

..I'm putting the blame on Ron Artest, nigga got a ring and lost his hunger..


Banksy In Cali

..If you haven't had a chance to see "Exit through The Giftshop" you should do..

..One of my bucket lists is actually seeing a Banksy throwup in person..


REMI is @ it again!. (MARIO KART)

..Pretty sure y'all seen me post ish up from Remi Recently..

..Dude is crazy..

P.S. Shouts to Mr. Chopsticks

I Saw The Devil = INSANE CRACK

..So I been watching this movie for the past 2 days..

..All I Wanna say is this movie is fucking amazing..

..Byung-hun Lee & Min-sik Choi are fucking BEASTS..

..Byung is the dude who played Storm Shadow in Gi Joe..

..Min-Sik is the dude who was in OLDBOY..

..If you haven't seen OLDBOY that's another amazing movie, it's also in my top 10..

..It's now in my top 10 movies of all times..

..Not that that's saying much cause "Breakin" is in my top 10 also..

..But you get the idea..

..Must Watch..


Reddick got trash ankles

..lmfao @ Jameer Nelson clowning..

P.S. Shouts to Evin for the heads up



..I mean seriously, who in the fuck wants to NIKEID Kevin Durants sneaker?..

..I totally forgot Kevin Durant even had a fucking sneaker..

..Nobody in they right fucking mind except maybe ppl living in Texas or Oklahoma, would actually sit at their fucking desk and create their own KD3..

..GTFOH yo, this shit is just stupid..

..How about you NIKEID the Lebron 8v2's?..

..Ever think of that you shitheads..

..These ppl get paid millions to come up with dumb ass ideas..


Noob Saibot In Mortal Kombat

..that black hole shit made me go woooooooo!..

P.S. Shouts to Da Ill One

Rumor : Re-Release Of Cool Grey XI

Air Jordan XI Retro 'Cool Grey 2010'

..Apparently, Jordan Brand is re-releasing the Cool Grey XI sometime this weekend at select retailers..

UPDATE: "If you were shopping for kix last year in Dallas during All-Star weekend, you might have been lucky enough to come up on the Space Jam re-release that hit select Air Jordan accounts in the Dallas area including the House of Hoops in Dallas. If you are in L.A. this year for All-Star weekend, keep your eyes peeled for a Cool Grey Air Jordan Retro XI re-release at select accounts in the L.A. area. Pairs will be very limited. Good luck."


Shouts to the Kool School

..So one of my viewers has a blog, they just put me onto it today..

..Only right I return the favor and give them some promo!..

..Thank You Sirs..


Random Rambo 25

Ay Nigga I'm Ill

A Nigga ain't do shit for Valentines Day ya dig?, can't be giving these hoes the wrong impression.

Like my nigga Nastynate said, fucking herbs going all out and spending a grip to get some ass, nigga I'll do that next weekend get that ass on discount nigga!

I go in.

These chicks got me twisted gonna come out the woodworks txting a nigga, cause it's close to Valentines Day, Bitch ye'en know them Blue Foams Was Dropping!?!?!?

Son I miss my Moms, I need to go see her or cop her a ticket to come see me, I need my refill of unfuckwithablity from her.

Some chick asked me if I wanted to see Justin Bieber's movie, in all honesty I don't even know what the fuck I said to her, all I know is it was outlandish and she ain't talking to me now.

I think the only person on earth who could ask me to see Justin Bieber's movie with her is "K" or my moms and I wouldn't even think twice to say No.

Not that "K" isn't thugged out but my mom is too thugged to wanna see a Bieber movie though, I mean come on the first movie she ever MADE me watch was "Enter The Dragon" and I was 8yrs old

I have this inner demon, that boils inside of me that just makes me wanna kick the living shit out of anyone in a Mascot Outfit or anyone dressed in a costume.

Yes, I know there's a human being in there trying to make a living.

and Not a total fuck is given because as God is my witness I have slapped the shit out of a 1 or 2 ppl dressed in mascot outfits or costumes.

True Story, I was in Hershey park and someone dressed as a hershey bar with a smiley face on the chocolate bar head walked passed me and I straight mushed the shit out of it.

I also remember throwing fruit punch on this girls big ass white bear she won at the park also.

This wasn't recently you assumption having judgemental ass niggas, this was like when I was 14 or some shit.

And Once again, not a total fuck was given.

This sole swap shit is annoying, I'm half way done.

I heard a rumor that a special quickstrike Air Jordan XI is dropping around 02/17/11 / All-Star Weekend...nobody knows about it or nothing

I got an Iphone 4 yesterday, I can't even count how many ppl told me "Welcome to the Darkside"

Does having an Iphone mean I'm part of some Cell Cult or some shit?

So I'm adding contacts into my new phone and I was so fucking ashamed that I have the phone numbers of ppl listed as "SHAWANNA" "WHITE COURTNEY" "SPANISH COURTNEY" "GAY COURTNEY", "Monieliscious Essome" and "Glennyla"

Seriously, who the fuck names their daughter "GLENNYLA", I remember I was at her crib for the first and last time, and shorty had LEAVES in her room.

How in the muthafuck is it possible to have LEAVES in your room, not at the front door of your crib, but in your room? And it's on the 2nd floor?

Carmella Bing let herself go, you should see what she looks like now.

Pusha T's - My God, makes me wanna deal drugs, kick a elephant, downward elbow swipe Barack Obama's right cheekbone, and some other top-secret un-ethical shit

I know y'all seen that Maliah clip I posted right? Tell me the song playing in that shit, didn't set the mood right.

I'm mad niggas told me they masturbated to it...too much information, you wild bruno son.

Yes, I own 5 pairs of royal foams, 4 2011's and 1 pair of 1997 OG's Deadstock.

I wanna see The Adjustment Bureau, I am Number 4 and Suckerpunch really bad.

The Rock is Back, nigga!!

The grammy's fucking sucked ass, how in the fuck did Mick Jagger go in on all them young ass performing ass mahfuckas, nigga is 67 yrs old and had more energy then the puppets during Cee-Lo's big sugar bear sweating ass performance.

Not a sweat was broken by Mick Jagger either.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on deck.

Chuck Palahniuk is that dude.

All I'm say is if a nigga you used to talk to on the regular is now ignoring your calls since December and you still call/txt him everyday, something is wrong with you, hoe.

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BLACK HEART for all y'all support, I broke 300,000 hits on my site, over 1,200 subscribers on Youtube, and shitload of comments giving me props, without y'all I most likely would not be putting much work into this site or my youtube. I appreciate y'all

QUESTION ASKED: "I didn't buy the royal foamposites, even though I had the money to buy it. I know that it's an iconic sneaker because of it being the original colorway of the Air Foamposite One....but I just don't like the color blue. Does this make me a bad sneakerhead?"

MY ANSWER: "No not at all, never buy anything that you don't like or don't see yourself ever wearing...if anything choosing not to get them because you didn't find any appeal in them makes you one of the truest sneakerheads out here, too many ppl are followers, and just because a lot of other ppl praise something, doesn't mean that you have to also or go and get that shoe to feel a part of something, stay true to yourself."



Crooks X Gucci X Capital Brand X Ralph Lauren X Nike SB "Larry Perkins"

P.S. It was actually yesterday, sue me.

Def Joins #TeamiPhone

..So I FINALLY got an iPhone after waiting so long for it to drop on Verizon..

..Copped for $199, I was gonna wait for the iPhone 5, but I'm due for another upgrade on my other line in May, so I figured I'd get this and then cop the 5 later..

..I heard if you copped the 4, Verizon will let you cop a 5 at reduced price anyway..

..Phone is dope, no complaints yet..


Pusha T- My God (Mastered Version) (Produced By Hit-Boy) w/ Lyrics

..Y'all niggas need to pay homage..

..Ain't nobody else writing shit like this..

I can't be bothered with paying homage to forefathers
see the future like the car show floor models
both feet in the snow so that my core follows
we don't mourn for the dead, nigga, we pour bottles
drown sorrows, ocean blue murcielagos
started with similac powder in a baby bottle
the formula is warning ya
crack kills offerings to the coroner
kill my eldest brother? nigga, I'll be damned
gator at my momma's house, welcome to zombie land
a hustler's paradise, a lucky pair of dice
down 40 but a streak will have you square by night
didn't batter, I at it, kept the poker face
cause the better I had it had the coke at base
when you get to heaven's door they won't hold a space
if you numb like the flesh on a smoker's face
there's no feeling like your bitch chin chilling right
you in Italian leather and you full willing right
you know you're up when you count a quarter million right
and if you down you can slang it like a pillow fight
I'm a wizard at it, nigga, here's the magic
make a small town feel like I threw a blizzard at it
get the green from the scale like a lizard had it
bare witness as I unveil this instant classic

yes! my god! my god! my god!
yes! my god! my god! my god!

the second coming is in the second verse
the furs coming still here so I'll need a Hearst
I got a voodoo doll every time I pen a verse
not only do they say the feel it but say it hurts
no pain, no gain, nigga
they say I'm heating up, welcome to the flame, nigga
no matter the success, still the same nigga
I only change when the new body came, nigga
aerodynamic, roof panoramic
my credit score let the dealer take full advantage
paid over sticker price, cash under handed
the 012 a year early, I'm a time bandit
got a time manage when you heaving snow
able to drop it all at 30 and be free to go
only deal with divas on a need to know
and what you need to know is when you need to go
they'll be no waiting, I have no patience
this is the end for all my unrecognized greatness
I'm here now, nigga, pardon my lateness
you can hear in every bar and every cadence
it's the new god flow, ain't it
the last supper for you niggas now repainted
take position on the chess board and rearrange it
face to face with the truth, get reacquainted


J Cole Ft. Drake - In The Morning (Video)

..Decent Vid..

..Why this nigga Drake haircut look like his wheelchair jimmy days though?..


The Rock Is Back Nigguh!

..This nigga going off bay bay!..

..This nigga goin in..

P.S. Theres a hilarious commercial at the end of the 3rd YT for some pukka pie shit!


Brooklyn Project x Nike SB Dunk High – Teaser

..This gotta be the worst teaser pic in history..

..Shit shows nothing, nothing in it excites anyone..

..Shit is just a dumb ass pic..

..Whoever took this shit needs to be dealt with..





..Nigga K-Mart did a floor rock!..

..I swear my game has the illest bugs in it..


Say No To Based Griffin

..J.J. Hickson straight Mutombo'd that man..

..Made him fall and everything..

..How you get blocked by a Cav though?..


Thundercats The Movie?

..Please get the fuck outta here with this shit..


Casino Royal

..How Many Pairs Did You Get Today?..


Josh Smith'D!




New Pickup!

Nike Zoom Huarache TR MID WM "Alpha Pack Collection"

..Shoe dropped Online only at Approximately 7pm during the Super Bowl..


..Insanely detailed shoe, very light, super comfortable..



The North Face X Capital X Oreo VI's