Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Defotography Vol. 6 (Air Jordan X-Ice)


Preview of the Infra-Red VI Foamposite Customs

 ..Soon as I'm fully done...I'll upload the Youtube of how I did it..
P.S. To be clear, I am not the first to do a sole swap...shouts to OPTIMUSP517 from Niketalk for the initial inspiration on a Space Jam sole swap.

You just gon sell dirty shit right?

..So I was browsing for some T's on ebay and came across this horrible fuckery..

..How you gonna sell a worn shirt with dirt neck marks and fucking hair on it??!?!?..

..Have you no morals, you stank butt ass mahfuckas..

..This shit is downright horrid..

..It's like the nigga who rocked it, didnt bathe and got a haircut in the fucking shirt..

..Got the nerve to sell it for $35.00..

..Nigga Please..

..If any of you dirty necked mahfuckas wanna cop this shirt you can peep the auction at..

Thoughts of Def Vol. 1: (Why would you wanna be me?)

Ahem, I'd just like to address a few things on my mind lately, as you may or may not know I have biters, there's always some lacklustre fuckface who can't be original or just think I'm so fucking cool, they wanna emulate what I do, this in no ways is me being conceited I am just speaking upon the subject (even though I am a deity like adonis with extreme intelligence, the strength of Arnold Swarzenegger around 1982, the quickness of Allen Iverson in 2001 and so forth) but you ppl need to hop off and be original, you will never dress like me, blog like me, fuck bitches like Kim Kardashian, Rosa Acosta, Bubbles, That one chick in Manhattan that I forgot her name like me, have a mother like me, kill bears with a backhand like me, none of that shit, ya figgadeal me. You're a fucking lame, your mother more than likely doesn't acknowledge you, which sucks, because my mother loves the shit outta me, then again your mother loves me to...everytime we smash she makes me a sandwich as I get dressed and when she brings it on a tray, I slap the shit out her hand, say "fuck out my way ya trash hoe" and shoulder bump her on the way out and she still lets me fuck when I want. Your girlfriend (if that bitch is still yours) adores my dick, whenever I unwrap it from around my leg, she marvels at that mahfucka, she always tells me "I'll fuck you till love me, nigga" and I say "yeah aight you filthy cunt whore, I am Def, I don't love shit cept my mother, my money and kicks, get that through ya thick skull hoe bitch, before I punch ur neck so hard, a clock tower bell will ring, doves will fly outta nowhere and Tribe called quest will reunite to make a new album".

Try being yourself, I mean not everyone can punch the shit out of a wild lion so hard it disentegrates into thin air like myself, but seriously why put on this act like you're this fresh as fuck sneakerhead, when you're not, respect the game, honestly how does it feel to get props off of some shit you seen someone else do, when you don't even give the person you bit off of, props to begin with? Everyone can't be creative, I mean if they were we wouldn't have homeless ppl or Paul Pierce wouldn't be alive now. We'd have a constant struggle of fresh innovative niggas going at it with a buncha new new shit.

Changing topics, throughout my time of doing my site, showing kick previews on Youtube and what not, I've gained some "internet popularity" ...I really don't care for that, but I am truly grateful for everyone's support of me and respect. I thank you from the bottom of my totally healthy heart, now I've come to see that some ppl consider me an idol and some going as far as saying "I'm trying to get to ur level" (now that is just not even possible, I mean I don't even have a level, there's no fucking word for the type of shit I'm on, where I'm at Tony Jaa and Donnie Yen would be considered as some bitch ass punk niggas, they wouldn't last 2 milliseconds around where I'm at, Buffie the body would be considered as the chick with the flattest ass where I'm at son, my shit doesn't even have a fucking word that's out yet) anyway, getting back to someone saying they wanna be on my level, I don't want you to be on my level, I want you to aim for higher than me, be more creative than me, do some ultra galactic wall shattering dragon fire breath type shit, aim for greatness.

"With thought what you want is brought to you and with action it is received."

P.S. I have not fucked Kim Kardashian, Rosa Acosta, or Bubbles, yet...but everything else in this passage that I stated does in fact happen and is true. Thanks.

Lmfao @ KG


..That's fucked up but hiliarious at the same time..

..Grown ass 6'11 nigga talking like that to a kid..


Kobe Bryant Is The Black Mamba Pt. 2

..Featuring Kanye West, Bruce Willis, & Danny Trejo..




..Got that man looking like a Anti-man..

..Ole young ass jersey, can see this nigga pulse through his jersey number..

..ole metrosexual ass jersey' Chris Bosh mad he ain't gonna rock one..

P.S. Props to Deegrande

Man Wtf are you doing!?!?



Yeah Bitch!

..jeez at the one freeze frame with the camera light flashing in the back..



Deftronic - The Human Adoption Agency EP/Mixtape-DOWNLOAD

Deftronic-The Human Adoption Agency EP/Mixtape

..I Dedicate this to my brother TONY (R.I.P)..

..10 Mini-Tracks of me in my rapping form..

..I expect you to be shocked, amused, and entertained..

..Today is my birthday, I guess this is my gift to y'all..

..Free For Download..


Deftronic-The_Human_Adoption_Agency-EP-2011 (Download Link 1)

..If transferred to an Ipod each mp3 has it's own artwork..

..Giving you a brief description of each track..


P.S. Taking a little break as this is my birthday weekend, I will still be on twitter if you need me.



I wonder what they looking at...

P.S. Shouts to Illstreet

Oh Aight...

..You just gon sit there and photoshop Kanye's eye shut..

..For your bullshit homemade mixtape, huh?..

..You just gon sit there and do that shit right?..

..Got eyeshadow on the nigga and shit..

..Fuck Yall..


WTF IS THIS!?!???!?!!??!

..You see these niggas!??!!?!?!??!..

..Got damn  nerd ass cardboard shoe club ass niggas..

..I'm mad that nigga got cement pattern on his shit with fat laces..

..Wtf is this world coming to man?!?!..

P.S. Shouts to @SPICtacular21


Black Ops Cat Daddy


..if you don't know what the Cat Daddy is it's a dance from this video..


Can't Stand That Shit


..I cannot muthafucking STAND when a females thighs don't touch..

..It just does some uncontrollable thing to my feelings..

..I just fucking hate it, it reminds me of C3PO from Star Wars..

..It's like WHY???..


Sounds About Right


WTF @ this Brunocity

..Nigga What!?!?!?!?!?!?!?..


Yeah, You Done, Bruh

' the fuck you get ur soul taken from a jab step?..


Deftronic - The Human Adoption Agency EP/Mixtape Snippets

..Preview of my Mixtape/Ep Dropping Thursday The 27th..



PhotobucketLebron 8v2 "Cool Grey"


Child's Play Nike Dunk's By Diversitile

..Ehhhh, these are aight, then they aren't..

..Too much shit going on, trying to hard..

..I would have liked to see one eyeball on one of the shoe's, that woulda put it over the top..

..This is the same dude who made the Iron Man Customs, you can peep his stuff @..


Wackness on 7th Street

..This is quite possibly the shittiest movie I ever seen..

..I was more entertained by Gummo..
(Here's one of Gummo's scenes)

..That scene right there is better than this entire fucking movie..

..It's about some fucking shadows that suck ppl out their clothes when they don't have a light source on them..

..First off it has the nigga from Star Wars as the lead actor, so you know it's gonna be trash..

..Then my nigga Carlos from Sneakgeekz is in it..

..It's not scary, nothing is cool, nothing, it's a just big ass movie of "shit"..

..I guess it's supposed to do with Christianity, death and your will to exist and how the young are the start of the new colony and dumb shit like that..

..but it's utterly fucking trash and lacks substance, Don't watch this shit..


Chris Bosh is a Faggot.

..Mahfucka got on pop lock socks..

..Really my nigga?..

..You just gon get dressed, leave your house and put some shit like that on?..

..Ole 1970 Whats Happening sock ass nigga..


Got Em Coach!

..That's what you get for cheating on Eva Longoria, you scarred lip nig..



Remi Gaillard

..son this shit had me in fucking tears..

..all he does is fuck with random ppl in the street..

..totally not staged..

..Remi's Pacman..

..Foot 2010..

P.S. Shouts to Nastynate for this one


New Pickup!

"Lebron 8v2 "Cool Grey"
Dropping 02/04/11
Msrp $160.00



Jordan III (White Cement) By SoLeReaL™

..NYC Female sneakerhead putting it down..

..she gets ish early to, 1st on youtube with the Pewters, Cool Greys etc..

..I support her and you should to, Go Subscribe..



Glorifying Fakes.

.."Look at that right there...oh gosh"..

..Just wanna run in this nigga room and flying hurricane kick this niggas nosebridge..

..Who the fuck glorifies FAKES?!?!..
..Son, why this mans sneakerbox open from the side? (0:17 mark)..
..Nigga those ain't no Space Jams..
"Tell him young melo sent you..put Oh Gosh in the coupon code box" 
..smh @ the niggas shoe having more creases than the paper in the box..


I just wanna be the chair.


2 + 2 = Vagina

P.S. shouts to my nigga Its Young Holla


..Flex Motion..


Les Twins As The Rug Dealers

..Been peeping these nigs since 2008..

..Ill Style..


Electric Blue/Dark Pine Foamposite Pro Release Date

Air Foamposite Pro "Electric Blue"
Msrp : $200
Dropping July 1st 2011

Air Foamposite Pro "Dark Pine"
Msrp : $200
Dropping September 2nd 2011




GTA 4 -,Carmeggedon

..This shit is crazy!!!!..

..Wow at the motorcycle miss..

P.S. Shouts to illswift for this one!

Lol @ Immortal Technique

..When the first dude starts rapping, look at his face..

..Nigga is like man this nigga is some fucking garbage, I'd destroy this nigga..

..LMFAO even the freeze frame his WTF face is on..

Project Nevada

..This shit seriously makes me wanna play..


NBA 2K11- Y'all Musta Forgot.

..Me and the homey Elsi' played a game of 2K11..

..She was bragging how nobody can beat her and she wild nice..

..So I challenged her and this was the outcome..

..She quit at halftime..

..*pops collar*..

..Just in case y'all forgot..

..I Gets Busy..


Well That's Awkward

..First Hayden with a Klitschko brother, now this shit..

..Niggas look weird together..

..You know she with him for the money..


Death @ Chuck

..I was tweeting about this shit last night..

..Lmfao @ Charles Barkley doing the dougie!..

..That kid in the beginning was trying to Jerk -_- ..

Black Man.

..How you so black ur eyes red?..


Akuma Goin In (Marvel Vs Capcom 3)

..Did the nigga even get hit?..



Nike Blazer Mid 'Jet Life' Customs By JBF

..Awesome fucking job kid!!!..

..I usually shit on customizers, but this is such an impeccable job..

..Peep his work @


Difference Between Me & Other Sneaker Reviewers

..Just letting you know how I get down with this sneaker review stuff, It's not about $ or Popularity, Having the hottest shoe first, none of that, I do this for y'all ... Sneakerheads..


Ayo, Fuck wrong with this nigga y'all?

..This nigga need to get his ass handed to him..

..Fuck outta here, bruh..


P.S. Shouts to MrFreak.



..This nigga was serious bout his shit my niggas!..

..Nigga straight rocketed off his feet and caught nigga with a superman punch!..
..Nigga said "Dad, go ahead my nigga"..

P.S. Shouts to larrylegend!

Defotography Vol. 5 (Heaven Or Hell)


..Picture has some meaning behind it, as you can see in both pictures there's a Cross and a Pentagram comprised of sneakerboxes on the T-shirts, symbolizing Heaven and Hell..

..The way I see my life in the sneaker game I feel blessed to own a lot of sneakers, because I know not many ppl can obtain every sneaker they would like to own, but being a sneakerhead has it's downfall, any TRUE sneakerhead will tell you being one is a disease..

..Every sneakerhead has a story in which they've went through "Hell" (pun intended, lol) trying to get a certain sneaker that was hard to obtain, only to feel "Blessed" and even thanking God they finally got that Sneaker..

..Another great note to point out is, The cross being on a red background (color that symbolizes Hell/Devil) and the Pentagram being on a blue background (which can symbolize the sky, in which Heaven is located)..

 ..Sneakers used (upper picture Air Jordan Infrared VI's, lower picture Air Foamposite One "Royals")..

..Look between the soles of the Air Foamposite One "Royals" and you can see Red dripping onto the Pentagram..

..Also if you look at the top of the Infrared VI's the shadow kinda portrays horns..

..I am in no way this overly spiritual person or anything like that, I just felt the idea of capturing this would be much more than your typical sneaker picture..

P.S. No Illuminati! .lol

Always one in the line. (+ Shouts to Elsi)

..Every lineup I've been to there's just always some nigga that just sticks out..

..The infra-red/cough drop line, there was dude in a suit, but he had on matching shorts and dress shoes..

..The Space Jam line there was a lady about 67 years old, waiting with us..

..That dude just looks so outta place, I mean alot of em do..

..Money with the skunks on got on skinny jean shorts..

..Shouts to Elsi' for having her track up on the video edit though..

P.S. You can hear/get more of her music @

I'm Special, Bitch.

..Bing Bong Bing..

..Gracias, Senorita Millions, Te Amo Para Siempre y Un dia..


Ill Mitch, Bitch

..Don't Sleep On Ill Mitch..

.."Ur girl I'll take it, U want RRRap I'll Make it"..


Danny Woodcock.

..Nigga this shit had me crying..

..The Niggas name is Danny Woodhead..


Biting Ass Niggas

..Y'all all some biters..

..this shit came out in 1982..

..and y'all niggas just started rocking y'all jeans like them 2 years ago..

..Propapap the parappa rapper would love this..



Deftronics Very Own Birthday Wishes.


So my birthday is in 11 days,(yeah, I have a birthday bitch, just because I'm like the most ultimate supreme being of all things that's are unfuckwithable, doesn't mean I don't have a birth date, you vile specimen of shit crumbs) Anyways like I was saying it's in 11 days, so since I do so much for so many ppl in my life, I feel it's only right I fucking get some appreciation shown for my efforts of unselfishness and all around greatness, so here goes...

If you're a broke muthafucka, only thing you can possibly do that I deem worthy is wish me "Happy Birthday"

If you're a broke muthafucka that's a female with a fatty and a nice face, you can offer your Vagina.(not that I would smash you because I already got some ill vagina on deck from my girl, but the offer is worthy you know?)

Okay now if you wanna buy me shit (which is totally fucking welcome, believe me I'll snatch it out ur hand with the quickness, mahfucka) Please feel free to cop me the following.

1) 6 shelf chrome storage rack

2) Pair of size 10.5 or 11 Air Jordan VI Carmines (extremely icey)

3) Pair of size 10.5 Nike Dunk High Fragments (Purple & Black)

4) Church Socks (yeah I said church socks, bitch)

5) Canon T2i Camera or anything along that line.

6) The Assassination of Paul Pierce or Mark Ruffalo (either is fine, if you can kill both with one bullet, would be the best Birthday Gift ever)

7) A 3-some (with myself of course) with Bubbles and My girl. (I dunno if she'd be down for that, but I assume since I'm her papi and she'd wanna make me happy, she'd be down)

8) Motorola Droid Bionic

9) A Baby Tiger (yes, a fucking tiger, I want Tony Jaa and Donnie yen to train it, I will name it "Ask About Me")

10) A written statement from Michael Jordan saying Jordan Brand is fucking up quality wise and that Randy Brown was the best player he ever played with (Black Ink, please)

11) A 1995ish version of Jennifer Tilly that I can motorboat.

12) Hire Maliah Michel to stand over my face butt ass naked and do the "Drake hop back and forth while I shake my hand dance" to a continuous loop of Luke's-I wanna rock (Doo Doo Brown) until I'm done masturbating

13) Force Nike @ Gunpoint to make 3 pairs of the Nike Air Unlimiteds in the White/Black/Teal colorway only for me.

14) The hanging of Will.I.Am

I think that's it, I'm not asking for too much...Am I?


I see you Nike SB

..Oh I see you Nike SB..

..You saw me say I ain't cop an SB since July 3rd..

..& you wanna gain my trust and love back, huh..

..Dually Noted..


Captain America?

..Ehh, not sure how I feel about this yet..

..I do know that Avengers movie is gonna be off the chain..


Gang Green On That Ass.

..LMFAO @ Brady's face at the 0:11 mark..


Damn, Showtime..

.Niggas feet are all mashed the fuck up..

..How you got toes on top of toes nigga?..

..Wearing them pointy toe'd ass shoes prolly..

..If a chick ever took her shoes off and her feet looked like this..

..Id hit that bitch with a overhand right so nice, Id get a high five from Chuck Liddel..

Props to Javon

Your Moms Hates Dead Space II, Nucka

P.S. Shouts to Mystt


 Air Zoom Huarache TR Mid "Green Hornets"

..Going To See Green Hornet Tonight...Only Right, Right?..

P.S. Shouts to all my viewers, sorry about the excessive watermarking, I know y'all appreciate a nice clean pic, but due to biters it's only right I protect my own images.

They really aren't



Fucking Biters.

..It was brought to my attention by one of my viewers..

..that some faggot ass kid on tumblr cropped my fucking name out my dmp pic..

..and posted it on his tumblr..

..dumb fuck said they were concords..

..dude even bites my posting style with chicks and gifs..

..Fucking punk is such a shark biter..
..1 thing I cannot stand is someone sucking off someone's style without giving credit..

..So when he sees this, I want you to know you been added to my list..

.."The I'm rocking your jaw upon sight" list..

..Shouts to whoever it was that brought it to my attention..

..Guess I'm going back to my old watermarking ways..


Defotography Vol. 4 (Focused Foams.)


Mandeep & Sharvarish

..I know you New York Heads ain't up on this..

..But these two niggas are hilarious..

..Some of my favorite commercials ever..



Wendy Williams

..Was this necessary..

..Bitch look a human whale coming out the water..

..act like you didn't think the Jaws theme wasn't gonna play..

..Ehh she kinda stacked, but she still nasty..


Well he answered one of my prayers.


What The Fuck?


More Araab Muzik

...This nigga is a beast yo..

..gotta learn his technique so I can just tap niggas foreheads to death..

P.S. Shouts to Nastynate


..Looks promising..


Big Ass Feet

..Man wtf?..

..Am I tripping or this bitch feet dumb big?!..

..Them shits look like some size 12's..