Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Bubbles Vol. 3

..Swear on everything I'm in lust with this chick..

..I will pay her rent..

..I take in a shit in my DMP XI's and put my own foot in it and crip walk for 8 hrs straight, just to smash her..


My View On Their 25 Years of Xmas.

..Some father ass nigga, taped his kids coming down the steps for 25 years in a row (LIES)..

..Here's Deftronic's Take out this Debacle:..

..The fuck they got these kids wearing yo?..

..You see this lil fuckboys hairline?..

..That nigga got a lil sugar in his tank, I think he bruno..

..(Jay-Z in D.O.A.) HOLD UP!(/JAY-Z in D.O.A)..

..WTF happened to 99 and 00?..

..Cause All of sudden shorty got tits (No Chris Hanson)..

..Did this bitch really rock the same shirt and pants 2 years in a row?..

..Look like shorty got a man in 2007 and her brother is still a virgin..

..I knew that nigga was a faggot..

..Damn shorty in 09 toned up a bit..

..Fuck Y'all..

P.S. Shouts to The N

WTF KIM!?!?!?!?!?!?


Def Is Out His Mind For Charity (Air Jordan IIIs + Supreme SBs + Pee Wee SBs + Clothes)

So I just gave away 3 pairs of kicks, about 8 pairs of jeans, a leather jacket, and a 10 Deep Hoodie to USAgain charity for people with needs, USAgain is a green for-profit enterprise that collects used clothes and resells them worldwide to conserve precious natural resources and greenhouse gases. For the clothes you no longer use, they provide an easy, eco-friendly way to remove them from your closet What's more, the clothes are given a second life at affordable prices for people who can't afford brand new clothes.

Happy New Years, may you have a blessed 2011.



JORDAN Brand News

..Air Jordan VII 'Bordeuxs'..

..Drop date 04/16/11..

..Other Notable News..

 JULY-Retro 5  (White/Navy/Red)
 JULY-Retro 11 Low IE - (Blk/Red)

AUGUST-Retro 5  (Black/Silver)

SEPTEMBER-Retro 3-(Stealth Grey/Black)


Catch Up

..Y'all just gon fucking sit there and act like that white nigga in yellow ain't do the dougie in the begginning of the video?!?!?..

Confirmed Foamposite Dates (Royal, Pewter, Electric Green)

Air Foamposite One (Dark Neon Royal/White Black )
Msrp : $200

Air Foamposite Pro (Electric Green/Black-White)
Msrp : $190

Air Foamposite One (Metallic Pewter/Black)
Msrp : $200

P.S. Shouts to NYGallday

Kanye West-Monster (Video)



Usher Biting Homer


P.S. Shouts to SM


..lmfao @ all the dumb shit going on in this clip..

..How you make 8 niggas flip from one knee?!..

..then the music in the back sounds like some Oompa Loompa shit..



Still Icey.

..About 375 Days Old..
(Had em a bit early)

..Worn 10+ times..

..Still Icey..

..Ziplocks and Silica Gel Packs doing their Job..


Eminem Ft Dr.Dre, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Stat Quo & Cashis - Syllables


Court Cuts 1 & 2

(Who the fuck is shorty @ the 11:36 mark?!?!)

..Best of the first half of the 2010-2011 NBA Season..

(Death @ Wade @ The 6:56 mark)

P.S. Shouts to Gremlin

WTF?! @ Asian Porn.


..Seriously WTF is up with this shit?..

..The name of that porn above is..


..Son Wtf?, how is this a turn on?..

..Is "Soap Princess", code word for "A Bad Bitch" in Asia?..

..I just can't fathom anyone reading this title and going, "Oh Shit!!!, I need to see this!"..

..You niggas already lost with that bitch having no chest, I can't even see where her tits start..


..Now this one is called "Excellent Body Carnivorous Syndrome # 6"..


..That shit sounds like some skin eating disease..

..Syndrome should never ever ever never be put in a porno title, I'm sorry..

..Then half the shit in Asia is censored, WTF IS THE POINT?..

..Don't make me go over there and make some porn..

..I'll cause a fucking upheaval over there in that son of mah bitch..


Uncharted 3

..My Favorite PS3 Series of all Times..
..Shit is like a Video Game Movie..



..Great Elijah Muhammed!!..



2010 Blizzard Timelapse



The New Young Money


P.S. Shouts to Father Aftermath

Defotography Vol. 1 (Nike Air Max Posite Bakin' Boot)



Pay Homage to my Mouse, Hoe.

..That ladies and gentlemen is a Microsoft Trackball Optical mouse..
..The muthafucking king of all mouses..

..This is that "Oh you don't know who you fucking with" type mouse..

..You don't even understand how many triple digit kills I've obtained with this mouse..

..You bring a chick in ur house and she see's this mouse, you getting pussy..

..I dare you to go find this mouse brand new in a box for less than $100.00..

..Can't fuck with me or my mouse, hoe..

..Get on our level of pointing at shit..


Random Rambo 22

Last Random Rambo for 2010!

I actually think that picture up there will be the main picture for all my Random Rambo's now.

Woohoo, get buck bitch! I wanna slap a chick with a fat ass, do a reverse uppercut with each hand and scream "do you feel the power!?!?" in her face and walk away.

Alot of ignorant shit was said during the Cool Grey XI release.

Lakers playing ball like some old hurt bitches.

Deftronica is back, I just thought y'all should know. Get mad.

There's currently 15 inches of snow outside my house. I had to climb over my railing drop into the snow and dig the snow that was barricading my door shut open with a garbage can on some Macgyver shit.

Fuck You, I have a shovel it's in the garage that was barricaded by snow also.

I believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance, it's what they make of it, that makes me remember why they deserved a 2nd chance to begin with.

Will I Am is still a coon.

If you are interested in someone, you should do your best to keep them interested in you, not calling, texting, e-mailing them, will make ur stocks drop hardcore.

I wanna smash a chick rocking deadstocks royal foams for so fucking long the soles turn shit yellow

I wanna change President Obama's facial structure with a rising moon kick, because the nigga hasn't changed shit yet.

I told my ex, she was the best I ever had...I actually truly meant it, usually I'll say some shit of that magnitude and it'll be like 92.3% true..but that time it was 100% true.

I must admit I've dated some shitty ass people.

Gamefly some bitches for not sending my damn game yet.

If I hear one more nigga say I dunno what to rock with my Cool Grey's, I will wrap my hand in tape, dip it in glue, run my hands through shards of glass, dorito chips, salt, and knock the living shit out of the right side of their jawline

I actually got an unexpected picture from a friend in underwear only rocking Cool Grey's for Christmas.

You ever see the reaction of a chick after they get nut in their hair?'s actually worse then nutting in their vagina when they aren't on birth control by mistake.

I want an autograph from the Techno Viking.

If there was ever a autobiography movie made about my life I'd want the Ultimate Warrior to play me as a kid, Conan the Barbarian as a teenager, and the Techno Viking as an adult me.

The movie would be called "The growth of being THAT NIGGA"

I know I'm not normal.

When I was a kid, I once cut holes in a paper bag, put it on my head, ran down the hallway in my house, banked the corner, ran straight into my fireplace and knocked myself out, by mistake.

My grandmother was there when it happened and screamed "Well me God, the boy dead!!!"

True Grit the movie was trash, the fuck u make a western about revenge and only have 2 gunfight scenes?

That's like making an Mixed Martial Arts movie starring Perez Hilton and Will.I.Am (coon)

Anybody see that Franalations video of the best SB's of 2010, I swear his bad eye got worse, looks like the nigga is about to sneeze every 2 seconds.

Aya, I'm sorry for telling you what you do too much, I did it out of love.

I will camp a minimum of 1 and 1/2 days for the Air Yeezy's II.

Am I really that much of an Asshole?...I'd like to think so.

Ok I'm done, everybody have a Happy New Year.


Promo :

..So dude hit me up yesterday, asking for tips on how to start a site and what inspires me to do one, so I hit him back and gave him some advice..

..Dude started his joint last night and put in 3 pages of work..

..Now I'm usually skeptical of ppl's shit, but I peeped and check the first post..

..Son that shit haddddd me dying, go over there and peep it out, its the same post in the picture above..

..His site is



Tree Of Life (Trailer)

"Stars Sean Penn as a disillusioned man in the modern world haunted by memories of his brute father (played by Brad Pitt) and raises questions about nature, spirituality and men."

Directed by Terrence Malick


"Def gotta see this"


GTFOH Miss. Williams

Dear Webmaster,

My name is Sherry, and my company Topspot-Promotions represents online sport sites in various domains. We are looking at reputable sites to offer them profitable opportunities to help promote some of my clients sites.

We would like to know if you are interested in working with us on this. For further details please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sherry Williams
Advertising Consultant
Business Development Department


Dear Miss Williams,

         You must not know me very well, maybe if you actually took the time to venture through my website that you so want to partner with, you would realize I don't care for advertising, making revenue, becoming more popular or easier to find, none of that bullshit. I started my site as a ventilation instrument for my mind because of all the stupid shit I would see in the world, I always say to myself "this is stupid or that is dumb as fuck", I would then post it here and share it with my close friends, over the years it became popular through word of mouth and various other sources that I used on my own by myself. My site will always be ad-free and I will never ask for paypal donations or nothing in return for my posting. This site is my gift to my viewers who enjoy a good laugh, who enjoy seeing sneakers, who enjoy finding out something interesting. Now you may think to yourself why did I make this e-mail into a post? Well simply, because I don't fuck around and I find you e-mailing me with your "business proposal" to be "dumb as fuck". I am Deftronic and I could give a 1.5 millimeter fuck about what your company can do for me.

                                                                                                      Not Giving a Fuck,


King T

..Never saw this pic before..
..but it's two of my childhood favorites..



Cell Phone Talk




Free still got it.

..I'm sorry for dissing you before..

P.S. Shouts to @

Let's take it back to Vietnam.

..Summer of 2010..


Show you how to do this son...


Dizaster Vs Swave Sevah

..Dizaster Going the fuck off AGAIN..

..Swear nobody is really fucking with this dude..



..Tell me that shit don't look good...


Deftronic's Survival Guide To Camping For Kicks

What I bring you is "Deftronics survival guide to camping for kicks"

Now as we all know 2011 has alot of big releases (like Concords, Air Yeezy II's ECT...) you may just have to get off your lazy ass and go outside get some air and camp for a pair of sneakers, So I'm gonna give you my tips on camping for kicks, pay attention:

Alot of ppl like to bring lawn chairs/foldup chairs, I like to bring a CRATE, reason being is because it's easier to slide over when the line starts moving and because whatever shit you bring you can put it under the crate and sit on it while u chill or sleep. I mean nobody will steal or get ur shit if it's under a crate...bring a nice seat pad or a pillow put it on top of the crate you good to go.

I always bring a big ass LAUNDRY BAG, you know the nice sturdy ass bags with the draw strings, reason being is so you can put ur kicks in it and be out, instead of having a big ass Niketown bag and niggas know what you got. Shit, I gaurantee you walk with a big ass laundry bag niggas wont fuck with you cause:

A: Either they think you just doing laundry


B: You just got kicked out ur crib.

Bring 2 PONCHOS/RAIN for you to stay dry in case it rains and one for your legs and feet when u sit, cause if it's rains you don't want your kicks and socks wet, naw mean?..I know for each release of the Air Yeezy's it fucking poured and ppl got drenched.

Make sure you got the CLOSEST CAB STAND NUMBER to the camp out area in your phone, you never know when shit might pop off or the goons is plotting to rob you for shit when u step out the store, at least you can hit up the cab on your jack, see the cab outside, tell the cabbie pop the door open and you can make a b line dash out the store and jump in the backseat and be out.

Bring a BOOKBAG, this can hold ur laundry bag, ponchos and shit, plus you wanna bring an extra cell phone battery in case, a book or two, waters (I bring ones with the big mouth opening bottles in case you know a nigga gotta pee you know?, notice I said BIG MOUTH OPENING, yeah nigga) redbulls, granola bars shit like that

Maybe you wanna get the closest pizza delivery shop number to the camp area for some eats and shit, When I used to camp with my ppls, we'd order domino's cop like 8 pizzas, eat what we want and pass the rest out, it's a good look and the niggas behind/in front of you will look out for you.

If it's winter or fall, you might wanna bring extra shirt/layers of clothing or whatever in case it gets OD cold u got some warmth you know

Now a nice lil tip I always do is I ROCK SHORTS WITH POCKETS UNDER MY PANTS, I put my money and valuables in the shorts pocket under my pants, that way if a nigga come run down the line trying to rob niggas you can pull out your rabbit ears and be like

"I'm just here camping for a friend who's at work, I don't have no money on me"

that shit works, I remember one time, these dudes robbed the first 8 ppl on a line waiting for a CDP pack, straight ran they pockets and took they shit...try that shit with me you ain't gon find nothing nigga

Also, having a nice ice grill that you can apply for over an hour at times works also...nobody really wants to fuck with a dude looking like this :

So that's my Survival guide to camping for kicks, hope you all get what you need in 2011, Happy camping!


The Cereal King Cometh!

..Breakdown of being 'Deftronic The Cereal King'..

P.S. Shouts to Mr.Chicity


The Nike SB Dunk Pro Book

The Nike Dunk began in 1985 and since then, its travels and trials have taken it to places never before conceived. With roots in basketball and now the top-selling skate-shoe for Nike Skateboarding, the Nike Dunk has its fair shares of stories to tell. This all-new Nike SB Dunk Pro 1985-2011 book should cover all of the tall tales of the Dunk from cover to cover, and we mean literally; on the front cover is the soon-to-debut new sole of Nike SB Dunk which features a modified traction and improved skate-specific materials, and on the back cover is the original Nike Dunk sole. Availability and release information has yet to be unveiled but take another look after the jump and let us know what you think.



Techno Viking Is God.

..0:44 mark to witness the greatest man alive..

..This Nigga Here..

..This is one of my idols..

..You ever think to yourself, WTF is this dude Def smoking?..

..Well this is me in spiritual form..

..I bring to you, the omnipotent, unfuckwithable..

..Techno Viking..


All Grey Everything


..Cool Grey XI X Cool Grey Levi 501XX's X Cool Grey Laces..

..Team M.E.M...


Black Ops Lego




..Stop taking things in your life for granted..

..Appreciate that you are breathing..

..Appreciate that a higher being allowed you to wake up this morning..

..Appreciate those in your life that are there for you..

..Appreciate those in your life that depend on you..

..This life you have, was given for a reason..

..It's up to you to figure out what that reason is and make the best of it..


I'll show you SNEAKER HEAVEN

Sneaker Heaven. Part I

..if that's Sneaker Heaven send my Black and Puerto Rican ass to Hell..

..Cause this shit sucks mega ass..
I'll show you SNEAKER HEAVEN, mahfucka
..Inside the sneakerbox y'all some garbage..



..First time I ever and will EVER say I wanna be a Bike Seat..


Besides The Obvious.


Where Fail Happens.

..Still mad this nigga Paul Pierce paid him no mind..



..Genoshka LetterMan Varsity X Levi's Rigid 501XX's X Pewter Foamposites..


This Fucker.

..So this nigga sees me get some cash out the ATM..

..1 minute later he comes up and asks me..

.."Excuse me, I'm trying to get some money for some food"..

..I'm like "Nigga..You got on $160 patent leather spizikes!!"..

..That are still shiny, (cause you know when they ran through, the patent gets dull)..

.."Like Nigga, I should be asking YOU for some money"..

..All he said was "Right, Right"..



More Ways Than One...

..Was looking at this and just got hit that this pic has more meanings than one..

..Hellz Bellz X Mickey Mouse X Hello Kitty..

..Shouts to Rose @ Goliath for the great Looks..

P.S. Deftronica's Back



..They Failed..

..Shouts for the linking to my site though!..


Fuck A Hurdle.

..That nigga blacked the fuck out..

..I just don't give a fuck!!!!..

P.S. Shouts to iketaurus

New Pickup!

Nike Air Max 24-7 "Safety Orange/Blaze"

Msrp : $160
..Co Hosted By Mannee Packeeow..


Flakes On Steroids

..So I'm going to eat some Frosted Flakes, cause you know us real icey in the trap nigs need are flakes to be icey to match our wrists you know?..

..But yeah I'm pouring the shit singing my "Good Foood, Good fooooooohhhhhoooood" shit..

..And out comes these Raiders of the Lost Ark boulder ass flakes out the box..

..Nearly scared the shit outta me, them shits are huge..

..Shoulda known Tony the Tiger's ass was on the Juice..




..Mary Louise Parker..

..You have no ass..

.. Wait, first let me say, ur fucking name sucks..

..You have the type of name that makes my dick softer than a bag of cotton balls..

..Now let's get to ur ass, or lack thereof..

..In all true essence of being a real nigga and needing real ass..

..You are worthless..


..That Is All..


Grail Special - SBTG Dunk Low Pro SB's + Mighty Crown High Dunks

..Did a vid for my "Dunk Grails"..

..I can't sing for shit..


Body Magic (Barbie Dance Club)

(This may literally cause seizures)

..But There is so much funny fucking shit going on in this clip..

..Your head may fucking explode..


0:14 : That lil white nigga WENT THE FUCK IN, (Note) Michael Jackson pants, socks, and kicks

0:24 : Shorty in pink and yellow doing pelvic thrusts

0:34 : Italian nig with a jerry curl mullet and Bruce Lee shoes, doing the Kid N Play

0:42 : OJ Simpson as a kid looking ass nigga in the ultra mega robo jungle gym swinging shorts

0:52 : Oh, You gon act like these niggas ain't practice for weeks?! they go hard in the paint. (Oh, shorty in the skirt could get it)

1:22 : Shorty with the chen zhen IP man, side swipe kick

1:26 : The flying saucer haircut nigga, that nigga went the fuck off, can't tell him nothing (Note) Michael Jackson pants, socks, and kicks

1:54 : Conan O Brien looking nig with a hologram tie rocking Yeezy's

P.S You may now go back to ur day after saying WTF? at least 5 times.


Just Retire.

..There's no reason for you to be in the league anymore..


Anthony Pettis Cage Wall Kick

..just watch the entire thing..



09-Deftronic - Release.mp3

..Track 9 off my Human Adoption Agency EP..

..Very personal, but needs to be released..

..Sometimes you have to finalize things with your thoughts outloud..

..I've wiped my hands with these feelings and this person for good..

..So this track is a gift to myself..

..TY for listening..



Life Files : Pusha T

'From 0 to 4:45'

"the.LIFE Files present the first part of their Year End Wrap Up for 2010. This video pieces follows one half of the Clipse, Pusha T, during a car ride from Times Square NYC. Amongst other things, he speaks about his signing with Kanye’s Good Music label, his relationship with Pharrell and being on “So Appalled” with Jay-Z – his dream collaboration."


..Great Watch if ur a Push Fan..



..wahahah @ NATE falling over PIERCE's back and Pierce not even paying him no mind to begin with!!..

Cookie Pimpin


..Shorties makin a nigga Baked Goods..

..Does the Dougie with a cookie in my mouth..

Emilio Rojas Ft. Jaiden The Cure - Life To The Fullest (Video)

..Niggas a Beast..


Thats Ur Nigga?!


..So That's Rosa Acosta's Man..




Bitch on Fire




..lmfao @ his reaction to hearing he might be traded to the nets..




Welcome to the ShoeZeum

..Got Heat..

..But Faggoty taste in displaying it..


Be Water By Bruce Lee

..I can't even tell you how many times I listen to this a week..

..It's in my ipod and on my computer..

..In my opinion, it's one of the greatest philosophic passages, I have ever witnessed..



50 Greatest Sneakerhead Moments In Popular Culture

"We understand the world of the sneakerhead, and we love everything about it—but we're also the first to acknowledge that it can get weird. Weird like waiting in line overnight for a pair of shoes. Weird like skipping rent to buy a pair of Jordans. Weird like talking to dudes at parties about sneakers instead of going after models and bottles. But there are times when sneaker culture hits society at large, too, when normal people get a glimpse into our crazy world. Like when mom asks you if you're going to get "the Tiffany shoes."


50 Greatest Sneakerhead Moments In Popular Culture


..Some of these shits are downright stupid..

..Mine have to be, simply watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Different see what Will or either Dwayne Wayne was rocking..

..I remember my moms watching Fresh Prince with me and saying "Will has on ur sneakers!"..

..The worst fucking moment I've ever seen was Perez Hilton rocking some fucking Black/Pink Yeezy's..


..Fucking Disgrace..


Diddy/Dirty Money - Ass On the Floor (Video)

..My fav track off the "Last Train to Paris" Lp..
..It's actually a great album, if u got some extra $, go cop..


The J In J.Cole Stands For Joker

..Them Niggas Got The Same Jawline..


P.S. Shouts to Doran33

Jay-Z Won.

..I thought Beyonce had no ass?..


Mickey acting a fool.

..Just go to the 6:00 mark..
..You see this niggas shoes?!?!!..


..Did this nigga say "hes running like a trackstar now?!!?!?"..

..I'm mad this nigga started Jerkin @ 6:41 mark..

Every Zombie Kill In "The Walking Dead"

..I dunno why this shit had me laughing..

..when shorty fell with one bunny slipper on!..


Go Home Nigga!

..Straight bonked it on that nigga..

Oh You Mad Cause Im Stylin On You?

..Got Em Coach!..



..So what we got is a Aqua Colored Foamposite Pro with a blue tinted sole..

..On the right of that is a Dark Army Foamposite one with a regular ice sole..
(This Dark Army Green seems to match the Foamposite we seen earlier on the Supreme '94's)

..In the back right side, you can see someone holding a shoe which seems to have foamposite technology..
..It also has a Foamposite sole, looks like some sort of new Foam/Air Go LWP Hybrid..

..All's I know is them Aqua and them Dark Army's are mega ultra robocops for me..