Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Keri Hilson - Way You Love Me (Video)

..Bing Bing Ding Dingly Ting Do..



Kiks Tyo x Kana Tsugihara..FTW

..Kiks Tyo Does it Again...BANG..

..Good Shit, My Man!..

P.S. FYI: Kiks is the originator of putting models in kicks, so all that other kicks & chicks, jordandepot shit are just biters.

Def Foamage



Burning Bright...WTF?

..The synopsis for this movie is:..

"A thriller centered on a young woman and her autistic little brother who are trapped in a house with a ravenous tiger during a hurricane."


..Hold up, you mean to tell me you couldn't think of something better to do a movie on?..

..How the fuck do you get trapped in a house with a tiger?!!..

..A Tiger nigga???..

..So lemme get this straight, the tiger locked all the doors right and put the chain on to?..

..andddddddd the hurricane also doesn't make them wanna escape so that's how they're trapped inside right?..

..and the hurricane stays there throughout the movie and doesn't taper down until about 4 minutes before the movie is over and it gets sunny right?..



Got Em Coach!

..Straight made that man lose all his bearings..

..Thought that nigga Evans was about to do a windmill or a backspin..


Bron Don't Like His Coach.

..Nigga straight gave him that "after school @ 3 o'clock it's on" shoulder bump..

..Nearly tore the arm off this nigga's jacket..

..Spoelstra's bang and shit even shook a lil..


Sticker-Bombing (Hoe-Box is born)


..Sticker Bombed this tower, as my signature when I'm done building one..

..Didn't even realize it said Hoebox till I was done..



Really? (Raz Sucking B2K OFF?)

..Nigga for real?..

..Shit is wild mega ultra fantastic swinging for an hr bruno..



Super Mario Kinect

..Dude hacked the kinect to play as a controller for super mario bros..

..Pretty dope, but that nigga gon lose when he get to them fire pit boards..


This Nigga Omarion Done Lost His Mind.

..Son WTF?!?..

..Nigga kicks looks dusty as fuck..

..waaaaaaaaaahajhsgasdgjasdga @ the 1:00 mark!..



New Pickup!

Air Foamposite One 'Pewter'

..Drops TBA In 2011..


Lil Kim - Black Friday (Nicki Minaj & Drake Diss) FULL VERSION



Random Rambo 20

Fuck a Black Friday.

Shouts to the ppl in retail who work today, much props.

I hate haters.

I still want a baby tiger and I wanna train it to the point where I can do a pop lock move and it tiger swipes your head off.

Shouts to my cousin Evin who's in NYC, dude went in yesterday copped like 18 pairs of jeans, also got him some kicks for the low low.

I gets busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Y'all gon sit there and act like the Miami Heat don't look some wild mega trash?

Y'all gon sit there and act like Lebron James don't play/look as good as he did with the Cavs?

Y'all gon sit there and act like Nicki Minaj CD aint trash right?

Anyone notice she can't make a full song of her rapping with no features that's decent? Try and find one.

I want a Lumix GF1

Why tell me "you don't want us to end", but later say "my intentions aren't to get back with you?"

I'm a trapstar

Some of you hoes need to fall back and stop claiming a nigga cause we shared some words.

"Oh no it can't be!" ... I just felt like saying that out loud as I typed it, sorry.

Vado's buzz has died tremendously

I'm still trying to understand why they dropped like 10+ pairs of new sneakers on black friday.

As if there isn't a million other things we need to shop for...

Fucking chicks with rods in their backs seems interesting...then again,  I mean if I fuck em from the back that's like having a rod in her back anyway..

Cyber Monday for the win.

I think I should have about 200,000+ hits by the time you read this.

Thank You everyone for continuing to support me.

I need a new graphic card, everytime I watch a movie or play a game, my shit freezes.

Kendra this may hurt your feelings, but I don't find you attractive...stop telling ppl I like you. I'd rather put on a cock ring, get the biggest erection ever and fuck my sink while the garbage disposal is turned on.

NIKE SB, where are you? I haven't copped shit from yall since July 3rd 2010.

How is this a race when I'm everyone else's competition?

I wanna buy a replica of the Conan the Barbarian sword, I asked my mom for one when I was 14 and she said "get the fuck outta here".

I can't wait to tell my child, "get the fuck outta here".

Do This: on a crowded block, something real crowded like Times Square, throw ur hands in the air and shake them at a medium pace and scream as loud as possible "Yo, Fuck that shit son!!!"..the ppl's reaction around you, will be priceless

Why are there no big B-Boy/Breakdancing events in NYC? I need to get in contact with Crosone.

Shouts to all y'all who follow me on here, follow me on twitter, subscribe on youtube, without y'all this site wouldnt be what it is today, I thank You.

I have groupie's ...yeah like female groupies son.

I want some Dallas BBQ's.

Fuck your life.

Aya, is much better on twitter than she was on tumblr...all those stupid nice pictures of nice places she had on her page was rather gay.

Oh and nigga don't think for a second ur girl dont like me.

Oh and nigga don't think for a second I ain't mad they no longer make big boxes of eggo cereal.

I wanna fight Manny Paquiao.


Kanye West @ Macy's Parade

..I'm mad they made him lip sync (everybody who performed yesterday lip sync'd)..

..I'm mad the nigga came out looking like some Mad Max in Thunderdome type get up.


Keep Bron Out The All-Star Game??

..Is it really that fucking serious?.. 

..Got damn, get off this man's dick and go do you, let him live his life..
..In case you don't wanna get off his dick and be a hater go here..


Maybe You Should Rise.

..Just a mash up commercial..

..but goes hard nonetheless..

P.S. Shouts to the homey

Keri Growing On Me.

..I know I'm kinda late..
..But I dunno lately she been growing on me..


Blake Griffin Top 10 Dunks of 2010 (So

..Fucking Beast..



New Converse Flagship Store In Soho

..Located on..
560 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212.966.1099

A key feature of the New York City store experience will be Converse’s unique customization capabilities for both apparel and footwear available in-store. Converse customization will allow customers to select exclusive product including shoes, t-shirts and bags, along with graphics and colors, to create their very own masterpiece of personal expression. Customization Maestros will be on hand to provide one-on-one assistance with two state-of-the-art printers that will offer over 200 graphic options that will be updated monthly, with plans of inclusion of limited edition selections from collaborations with well-known artists. Customers will be able to create and leave the store with their creations same day with the final product presented in its own special package, taking customization to new heights touching an individual’s inner artist.

(Back away from the screen to see what this wall looks like)
The SoHo store will offer the largest offering of Converse footwear in the world, showcasing the breadth of the brand’s collections including Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell, Star Chevron, One Star and Converse by John Varvatos, as well as other premium footwear collaborations(Hopefully, UNDFTD & BODEGA like collabs!)

The grand opening of the Converse SOHO store will be on Friday, November 26, 2010, opening at 8 am. The store’s normal operating hours will be Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm, and Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm.




Kanye Speaketh @ The Bowery

..Good Watch..


Grail Special - Air Jordan XI 'DMP's'

..Messing with my camera and lighting, what better shoe to do it on than 1 of my grails?..The Air Jordan XI 'DMP' in all of its Deadstock Icey Gloriousness..

..All YT clips will now be available in 720p & 1080p High Definition..



Cement III X Cement Laces W/ Custom Red Tips


..My Cousin Evin had mentioned he had wondered what it would look like if my cement laces had red tips..

..So I customized them myself..

..Came out pretty ill..

..Gonna make blue ones for the True Blue's..


Gumby Goin In

..I just couldn't keep a straight face while looking at this shit..

..Like WTF @ the Gumby doing the moves better than everyone else..

..and then the Gumby had tits..

.."This is ridiculous"..



Lloyd Banks, Won Again.



Kanye West & Jay-Z - That's My Bitch (Prod By Q-Tip)


..Off the forthcoming "Watch the throne" LP..


Dirty Face.


..Why this nigga DJ Clue face always look like he rubbed shoe polish around his mouth..

..Nigga look like he sprayed that Bald Spot cover up shit all over his face..

..& lmao at the hand outta nowhere motioning to grab that chicks ass..


Reply To YT Clip Comment About Sneaker Reviewers

LaidBackPlayboy said "You reviewed these before SneakGeekz.....Congratulations­. lol, You just need to get a 'Deftronic intro' for the start of your video, a super HD camera, and do your videos with all your sneakers behind you...and then you'll be up there wit him for real. lol."


I just wanted to say that, I'm not in a race with SneakGeekz or anyone who does sneaker reviews, I don't "wanna be up there with him", in all honesty "WTF? is up there?". I've done reviews on certain shoes first before and I could care less if I'm first or not, If I cop a shoe and it doesn't drop for another 2 weeks or more, I'll do the vid preview for it, I don't even do reviews for most of the shoes I have. I do half my previews when I want and on my own time. Some of y'all knew I had the Cool Grey's and Royals about 2 weeks before I even did a preview on em, I had my Griffey's a day before I even upped the vid and same with the Bakin Boots. This is no competition for me, I am my own person and do my own shit. I'm not doing this for fame, money, views or popularity, I started doing this because one of those lame sneaker reviewers doubted me when I had my coppers early, so I did the video as proof, from there, my ppl from online started asking me to do vids since they always knew I got kicks early and they wanted to see the shoes and get a good judgement to see if they wanted to save up or not to cop the shoe when it officially dropped.

This shit ain't about no popularity or who's first. It's about the sneakers and I do it for my fellow sneakerheads who appreciate a good heads up on what to expect from a shoe that's coming out that they are interested in.


GTFOH @ Fake Sneaker Reviewers

..So I found this shit last night while digging the crates on Youtube..

..This mahfucka does sneaker reviews on fakes sneakers..

..He basically glorifies the purchasing of fake shit..


..NIGGA ACCORDING TO WHO?!?!?, did you walk through a fake shoe detector or some shit??..

..In another vid for his fake Am Neon 95's, he says "I can't really tell the difference between the real and fakes of these, so I hardly doubt anyone else can"..

..Did you ever think you can't tell the difference because you're not a real fucking sneakerhead?..

..This shit disgusts me man and on top of it the nigga sounds like a fucking robot..


Fucking Trees.


This past Saturday I attended the press conference for The Fighter, Wahlberg's newest film that will likely be a heavy contender (no pun intended) come Oscar season. But when asked about what it was like to work with co-star Amy Adams, the actor mentioned that he had actually met with her before for "a bad movie that [he] did" that she eventually decided not to do. At first he was hesitant to say what the title of the movie was, but then quickly blurted out "The Happening with M. Night Shyamalan." As the room erupted - seriously erupted - in laughter, Wahlberg continued, saying "f**king trees, man, the plants. f**k it. You can't blame me for wanting to try to play a science teacher, you know? I wasn't playing a cop or a crook."


..Awww man I was rolling when I read that shit..

..Nigga said "FUCKING TREES, MAN"..



T-Pain - Rap Song (Video)

..I ain't even a big fan of this sugar bear looking ass nigga..

..But this shit goes mega hard on a nice system..


Yeah, You Done, Bruh


..So from now on, when you see me say..

"I'll rock your fucking jaw"

..Refer back to this gif..



Drakes Revenge...

..Lmfao, shit is jokes..

"Naked right now, chillin...stripper"


Spartacus : Gods Of The Arena (Trailer)



MJ Goin In.

..Closest things to little boys right?..

..Fucks up with the ashy foot? or was Mike snorting coke off its foot?..

..Other one got some fucking debo muscular knees yo!..

..Lemme Stop, R.I.P. MJ..


Ppl Camping For Nicki Minaj New CD





..Y'all see this shit!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?..

..What in all fucking walks on life would make you get this haircut!?!?!..

..Omg...the shit don't even look like Drake..

..I'm done..



..Got Damn!!!..

..That shit is just uncivilized..



New Pickup!

Nike Air Max Posite Bakin' Boot (Black)

..Msrp : $215.00..
..Drops : 12/31/10 ..


..Ok well now there's sneaker pics and then there's SNEAKER PICS..

..My Nigga Fly'Est83 takes SNEAKER PICS..

(Hi D!)



Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday Mom
 You are still here with me and I thank God every day that you are
You are the most beautiful, intelligent, strongest, funniest, coolest person I know
I am the man I am today because of you
I strive to be perfect and even if I do reach that goal, I still wouldn't be half of you
I am a Sneakerhead because of you
I try to be the best son I can be because of you
I am forever blessed to have you as a Mother and a Friend
I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
I love you.


Turiaf Got Monta'd




Response to Comment (Reselling shoes for profit)

Moonpoot817 asked "Son, if you get them cheap and early and what not then you should offer to ship them off and earn a profit."

I replied "Because I don't believe in re-selling, especially not for a profit just cause a shoe is hot (meaning out early before release date). The way I see it, is if I'm just gonna take a shoe to sell it for monetary gain, that's just 1 less shoe taken away from a fellow sneakerhead who'd actually love and cherish that shoe, You got young teenagers busting their ass for good grades on a report card to get some expensive kicks from their parents or doing chores to save up for kicks, to wait on line and then to have a reseller cop the kick before them is type foul (in my eyes)."


Will Smith the Puppet.


..Tell me he don't look like a fucking puppet in that pic..



Sub Zero GOIN IN!!!!!!!!!

..I Screamed "woooooooooo!", like 3 times during this shit!..


New Pickup!

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 "Sport Red"

Drop Date : TBA in 2011
MSRP : $139.99


Arnold Swarzenegger Screaming.


..this shit is jokes!..



So Ahead...


P.S. Shouts to my cousin EVIN for sparking the movement.

Drake Taking Off & Wayne's Gay Skip.


..Why this nigga Drake always look like he about to take off like a rocket?..


..& WTF @ that gay skip hop shit wayne doing?..

..Nigga, you can't be doing that type of shit when you fresh off a bid my nigga..


New Pickup!

cemIII white
Air Jordan III Retro 'White Cement 2011'

..Drops 01/22/11..
..MSRP: $150..

According to a comment on my YT page made by "Dustylaces":
"The $160 price is only for the 13s because their original price was already $150 back in 98 and 05 so with JB being the money hungry bastards they are, they had to raise these up as well. Every retro has had a price jump, so they couldn't leave these out. Everything other than 1s, 2s, and 11s with a special box(space jam, cool grey) is still $150. All the 3s, 5s, and 7s that retro next year will be $150. The $160 price will only be for 13s."

P.S. Please don't bug me about when I'm a post my vids, I do it on my own time, I don't run home with ish to do a vid and scream "first". Thanks

Damn Free, fuck happened to you?


..Damn homey, When I was in High School, you was badddd homey..



..Fuck happened to you?!..



You Wanna Chill????!

..Did this birdchest, geek face ass nigga say "he wants to chill??!?!?"..

..Nigga according to stats this season you down 9.5 points per game..

..I'd pretty much say, you BEEN CHILLING, this entire time, ya pie neck ass nigga..

..Chill...nigga scores 35 pts FINALLY, and say "he wanna chill"..

..I should shank you and not pass the blade off just off GP..