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Megan Good's Chest

..Did that nigga say "Love The Boots"?!!?..

..If you was any kinda G ass nigga U'd a said "Love the boobs"..

..cause that's all I was watching..

..& Lil Kim you mean to tell me this ur grand opening for ur salon and you couldn't afford a real fucking sign for that shit?..

..shit look like you printed it out at home and had some kids scotch tape that shit to the wall, u fucking up..


Eminem Ft. Lil Wayne - No Love (Official Video)


New Pickup!

wintspizJordan Winterized Spizikes 'Chilling Reds'


Yung Berg is a Bitch. (Chain Stolen AGAIN)

"Last night at Cameo Young Berg was there. From what I could see the girls he was with got into it with some girls from another crew when they were leaving the club. Somebody yanked the batman charm right off his chain and they jumped in a cab and dipped. Young Berg was left there with a chain and no charm. The bad part about it is that Young Berg had security."


..This is like ur 5th chain stolen?!..

..& to top it off a bitch stole ur shit..

..nigga if you aren't the most pathetic ass nigga on earth..

..Should beat ur ass to death with a sock filled with batteries and wrenches..


Skyline. (Movie Trailer)

..Shit looks crack..

..Drops November 12th..


Random Rambo 16

14 years ago to the date I met my first GF ever, Jasmine.

Am I really that much of an Asshole?

I respect women, not girls.

I personally got an invite via E-mail to Sneakercon, that's all good and dandy, but is a nigga getting some V.I.P. treatment? Shit am I at least getting in for free?

When you're single like myself, I notice I save money, not because I don't have to pay for shit on dates, but I also don't have to buy as much aspirin for the headaches.

I'm mad an intern at my job quit on her 3rd day, bitch wasn't built for this shit.

@ItsDeftronic, twitter, follow me.

If you're trying to get with someone, why make them feel unimportant? Yeah, buddy, you're going back to the bench, naw fuck that you on injured reserve.

5 more days until NBA2K 11

Kanye West is really back to making GOOD Music

Dear God, can I just have one bad latin bitch with an fresh off the boat accent, size 42 inch ass, D cups, chinky eyes, beauty mark above the lip, who's into sneakers, can give me a challenge at NBA 2K games, cook, clean, ride a dick like Alexis Breeze and can recite every lyric from A Tribe Called Quests Midnight Mauraders LP, Am I really asking for too much here? Come on son, hook ya boy Def up.

My goodness Laure really makes her presence known on twitter. Go follow her @iSPEAKLAURESiAN

I literally started to stack sneaker boxes on the floor now, I need a new rack asap

Was I lying when I said my ex was pretty, I'm mad I forgot how pretty she was to begin with.

I'm mad I got 2 text's asking me why didn't I post their picture for my ex wifey day post.

My wrists stay icey in the trap.

Was it wrong to not care if I made it to work on time today or not?

So just cause you call to basically say "you wanna fuck" in lament terms, I'm supposed to stop listening to George Michael's-Freedom, get dressed and come do you?... Stop it 5

I ran out of contacts today.

Why do ppl get in an empty elevator with me and tell me to press a floor? See if it stops on ur floor mahfucka.

I hate when you smashing a chick from the back and u got ur motion going, then she decide she wanna pitch in and start pushing back and just fuck the whole rhythm nation up, like bitch just no, just be lazy, all I ask is u smush ur face into the matress and try and aim ur ass towards the ceiling fan.

It's raining like a bitch outside today.

Shouts to Lisa, I hope you feel better, yuckmouth, but eat a dick for winning all that got damn money off them scratch off cards.

Aya is so smashable, but she needs to be catchable, lower ur wall, niggas is trying to smash.

I'm ill.

I believe my nigga Fly'Est 83 had a traumatic experience with someone rocking woodland camo, he went off about that shit yesterday, lol.

I benched 285 last night, go arms.

I sewed a random strangers mini skirt back together this morning, all I'm a say is she had a fat ass, fishnet stockings and neon pink underwears on, No Bullshit. (I don't believe I have to say No homo after that)


New Supreme X Nike SB collaboration shoe (Dropping NOV)

..Dropping November 2010..



Nintendo Wii Vibrator?

Designed as a means for people to "stay in touch" over long distances, the Mojowijo is an add-on accessory for the Wiimote that allows for stimulation of either a male or female user. The concept is called teledildonics – yes, that is a (awesomely) real word – and is geared toward taking internet chat and phone sex to another level by allowing accessory-induced stimulation to be controlled remotely via computer.

How does the Mojowijo work with the Wii? Well, it doesn't. It works with specialized software installed on a computer and connects with a Wiimote via Bluetooth. The Mojowijo is not compatible with the Wii itself. The add-ons use the company's patent pending Motion2Vibration technology, which allows users to enable a variety of motion and vibration effects to either a remotely connected accessory or another user in the same room.

The Mojowijo will also be compatible with online chat clients, beginning with Skype. The company plans to add MSN, Yahoo, Google, and Oovoo to their list of supported clients in the future.



..What happened to this being the console targeted it toward the children audience?..


Red Dead Redemption X Zombies = Undead Nightmare Pack

..RDR's next DLC is Zombie filled pack entitled "Undead Nightmare"..
..It has a solo campaign more where John Marston is trying to find a cure for a plague that has turn civilians into zombies..


Custom 1 of 1 Air Foamposite One (Pearl Cough Drops) 4 Sale

..On sale for $450.00, size 9..


C2 x Torres21 “Mucha Lucha” Nike Dunk High

..That Tongue is so fucking crack..


Goodwood X Ease Daman - Wooden Bullet Shades (SMH)

..Wood earrings, Wood Shades, yeah..

..With fake full of shit wood bullets on the side..

..Only dirty niggas would rock this..

..Then again look at his fingernails..


Kanye West - Lost In the world.mp3


..Shit made me put my I smell some stank doo doo face on, when the beat dropped..


NBA 2K11 - Run With Drake.

"Have you ever played with Drake? No. Do you want to play with Drake? Yes. Well, you’ll have to buy NBA 2K11 when it drops on October 5th 2010 because Drake is a hidden character in the video game."


..Fuck that I ain't running ball with that nigga, his knee might give out again..


NBA 2K11 - The Conseco Massacre (Wowzers)

..You cannot be fucking serious..



John Starks New Sneaker MSRP $199.99

Former New York Knicks guard John Starks is ready to launch a new basketball shoe – one he’s claiming is designed to prevent one of the biggest injury bugs suffered by basketball players, the sprained ankle.

Called Ektio – Greek for “to protect and defend,” the sneaker is designed as a bootie within a shoe for form fitting, both laces and straps, along with bumpers on the soles to guard against ankle rolling. The Ektio was designed by Barry Katz, a New York doctor and former college basketball player who’s playing career was hampered by ankle injuries. The shoe goes out on November 1, exclusively on Dicks Sporting Goods website. Shoe will retail for $199.99


..I'm sorry John, you my dude and all, but you done lost your high yellow ass mind doggie..


This Nigga, Brian Pumper In NYC.

..This nigga, diesel as fuck and look like he was scared of everyone who came to give him daps in NYC..

..@ The 0:23 mark when the fucked eye ass nig is dancing why is Pumper looking at his ass?..

..This nigga fitted is so fucking big, shit look like Charlie Brown's baseball cap..



Shaq The Cookie Monster

..Nate Robinson is a got damn fool!..



Nike Mid Pro SB 'Realtree'

..y'all niggas musta lost y'all minds saying these ain't crack..


New Pickup!

Air Force One X Tec Tuff 'Iguanas'

..Drops 10/09/10..

..Scuff, Stain, and Oil Resistant..


R16 Korea - Incredible

..Simply Amazing..


Oh, This is what's poppin? (Wood Earrings)

..Oh this is what's popping now?!?!?..

..Wood fucking earrings..

..It's bad enough you niggas be rocking fugazi crystals in yall ears..

..Shits turning ur ears green and black..

..But now they got fucking WOOD EARRINGS..

..Fuck Life..


Kaws - Passing Through Exhibit in HK

..The KAWS “Passing Through” exhibition will be available for viewing from October 4th to October 24th, 2010 at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong’s Harbour City..

..Damn, I would so go see this shit if I could..


Sneakercon - NYC - October 16th

Sneaker Con
151 Sullivan St.
New York, NY 10012

October 16th, 2010 12pm to 7pm
$10 Admission Fee



Rapidshare Problems?

..Dunno if any of you, use rapidshare for your downloading needs..

..but they recently changed their site and settings..

..If you been having trouble downloading, this what you need to do..

..Login into your rapidshare account, click on the "my rapidshare" tab.. on settings on the left hand side..

..on that 1st option that says "Direct Downloads", change that from off to on and everything should work as normal..

Thank me later.


AJ II x Vashtie Kola House of Hoops NYC Only Exclusive

..The Air Jordan 2 x Vashtie Kola is going to be a House Of Hoops NYC only exclusive and they are dropping on October 2nd..


..All I know is I'm going to that lineup..

..cause there's gonna be a plethora of bad sneakerhead chicks on that mahfucka..

..and I ain't gonna lie, I know niggas is going to bag someone's daughter my nigga..

..It's a celebration, Bitches!!!!..
..I'm a walk up to that line like this..



A Def Fit by Deftronic.


..So I got an e-mail that said..

"Hey Deftronic, What do you wear with your What the Dunks?"


NBA ELITE 11 Is NOT Coming Out.

..EA Sports just reported they have delayed the release of the game until Spring of 2011..



P.S. Shouts to Miss. Rain for the Info.

NBA 2K11 - Become Jordan

..You know what!?!?!..

..Fuck everything moving..

..I can't take it anymore..

..The anticipation is driving me insane..

..I'd bitch slap a horse for this game right now..


Shaolin (Trailer)

.. All I had to see was Jacky Wu Jing and Yan Neng..

..I'm fucking sold..


Mega Bruno

..Is this nigga serious?..

..I couldnt even pay attention to this nigga, his fucking eyebrows had me in a daze..

..Why the fuck are they so thick?!, nigga got tom sellecks mustaches above his eyes yo..

..Then this nigga pulls out a high heel shoe, son wtf? you doing with a high heel shoe within arms reach..

..I just can't..


People Annoy Me.

..I hate when it's Model go see at my job. These chicks come in and think we are supposed to cater to them, Bitch you ain't no Doutzen Kroes or no Alessendra Ambrosio, you a local ass model trying to get put on..

..Fuck is you? Gonna ask me if we got anything else besides Water, Coffee, Tea Or OJ, the fuck you want a sex on a beach?! We don't cater to you, you coming to us for a gig and exposure, I got a drink for you it's called "Open Door", dip bitch..

..Another thing that annoys me, is chicks who I know have boyfriends and ask me dumb shit like "You miss me?" and when I say "I aint gon lie I'm 50 Tyson", they wanna catch an attitude and hang up on a nigga, like the fuck you doing asking another nigga if he miss you when you got a boyfriend, ask me that shit in front of him and see if you don't get your jaw rocked..

..Ok I'm done, lmao..


Dick Mouth

..So yeah..

..She got skills..

..For some odd deranged reason I wanted it to pop..


P.Y.O.S Vol. 1 : Ax - 100 to 1

..Put you on shit..

..Ax - 100 to 1..

..Listen to creativeness..


WTF? Monster Tits

..Just WTF?..

..WTF @ Her..

..WTF @ Her Tits..

..WTF @ The Music Selection..


Kim K - Bagooshhhh


P.S. Shouts to Ahmed & Kweezy

50 Tyson - I aint gonna lie (Official Video)

..Oh it's on for you rap niggas..

..Was this nigga crip walking?




Nike Dunk High Pro Premium SB 'Bloody Gums'


NBA 2K11 - OUT NOW For Download (XBox 360)


..Check your friendly Torrents and/or Download Sources..


NBA 2K11 - On Some Mega Bruno Shit

..So supposedly in the game after you do some nice shit with Kobe, he does that..

..I'm guessing they were simulating this?..

..I dunno how I feel about that shit, that shit looks wild mega super dragon gay..


Oh Its Ok To Rape, Because Its Supreme

NYC based brand Supreme teams up with Universal Studios to create a limited edition collection featuring the studios classic horror movie characters. Just in time for Halloween, Cool Trans magazine gives a first look as characters The Creature, The Phantom and The Mummy are featured on tees, sweatshirts and pullovers. Available at the end of September at selected stockists in Japan, t-shirts retail for $149 USD, sweatshirts are $239 USD and pullovers are $261 USD.


..Oh so cause there's a Supreme label on the inner collar you get to rape niggas in they ass for the merchandise, (No Bruno)..

..This shit is just fucking ridiculous, the shit's not even hot nor can anyone tell it's made by fucking Supreme..

..$261 dollars for a fucking cotton/polyester hoodie?!..

..Does it come with Maliah Michel's hand that secretly jerks me off while I wear it?, cause if it does I'll take three..



This shit was good.

..So I'm hanging with the homey Tara today..

..we stop at this pizza shop and she tells me to get one of these..

..I'm like WTF is that, cause the shit looked weird..

..Basically it's a wrap type thing made from pizza dough with sesame seeds on it, inside is cheese, philly cheese steak, onions and pepper..

..Son, this shit was like eating crack, I almost ate the aluminum foil it came in..

..Shit was only $2.00, like what!?!??..


Deftronic On Twitter.

..Ok so yeah I'm on Twitter..

..Apparently when you go to my page it says something Is technically wrong, dunno WTF but if you use a third party app from say ur cell phone or whatever it should work so u can follow me..

..Follow Me, I'm Cool..

..Basically, I'm gonna tweet posts that deserve to be tweeted..

..I'll hit y'all with sneaker info I find out as soon as I find it out..

..You got questions, need help with some shit, twitter me..

..I'm not gonna be tweeting dumb shit like "I'm currently getting a brownout"..
(Brownout is taking a shit on the toilet while getting head)

..Anyway, yeah Chicks you got a nice booty or some titties, don't be shy, tweet a pic, might post it up and give u some promo and me and my viewers can bask in ur bodily glory, lol j/k kinda..

..Go Follow and Retweet my shit..

..Be cool with me..