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Sneak Tip: Get That Jean Dye Off.


1. Ur shits are fucked right from them dark colored jeans you rocked?, No problem hoe.


2. Get some Footlocker Instant Cleaner (I go through 2 cans a month, I swear by this shit), spray it on a plain white piece of paper towel (I fold my piece twice into a square), (U dont want them fag fuck ass paper towel with designs on it, because the cleaner will suck out the dye from the PT and it may rub onto ur sneaker) and dab it onto the dye/stained area and let it sit, as you can see the dye is already dissapearing into the cleaner solution without me even rubbing it yet.


3. Bam Nigga!!, your shit is back to its freshness and you're now back to being sole brother #2, because I'm sole brother #1 mahfucka.

Footlocker Instant Cleaner looks like this (in case you blind fucks, can't find it):


Thank Me Later.


Got Em Coach! (Puppy Throwing Girl Edition)

Name: Katja Puschnik
Age: 19
Adress: Münchener Straße.16b, 85653 Aying, Germany
Email adress:
Telephone number (parents): +49 8095 1782
School: Gymnasium Ottobrunn
Location of puppy throwing: Mangfall


..Hey you know you done fucked up right?..

..A whole drone of niggas is coming for you..

P.S. If you live under a rock, it started here:



..My lovely homie Vee is M.I.A..

..Anybody know this girl..

..Give her my site addy and tell her to comment on this please..

..Thanks in advance..


NBA 2K11 - Create Your Own Jordans.

If you're gonna Become The Greatest, you gotta have your own signature shoe. Dominate in this year's version of My Player mode and you'll see your customized kicks on the feet of other guys in the league. What's your signature shoe gonna be called?


..This shit is getting outta control..
..I'd pay $99.99 for this game..


Lupe Fiasco, Won.



Air Jordan XI Space Jams


New XBox 360 Controller

..Does anybody actually use the D pad for anything except for maybe like 2-3 seconds during gameplay?..

..I think I use that shit like once to call Isolation at the end of a quarter when I need to score..


This Bitch.

..You deserve to fucking die b..

..Dead ass I'd call my all my street niggas to straight run up on you and body ur clown ass..

..I'd a fuck the nigga up who was recording your ass too, hoe..

..Shit is sad man..

EDIT: 4Chan is currently hunting down the girl and her brother who recorded this trash
EDIT2 @ 3:49pm: Lmfao, they already found her ass, reporting her to the authorities.

Come On Son.


..I'd feel like the only faggot if I got tackled by this nigga on the field..

..I think the only other person on earth with hair like this is my homegirl AYA..


Bitch, Don't Ask Me For Shit.

..This is dedicated to you..



..Son Gtfoh..

..Before you even hit play just look at the freeze screen, look at how fucking absurd that shit looks man..

..Bitch in the back got on Dwayne Wayne glasses and is throwing a sign..

..Other nigga in the back got on a skull cap and it's summer time..

..I just wanna rock this niggas jaw so nice, someone will ask ME if I'm ok..

..This shit is so fucking corny man..



NBA 2K11 - My Player Mode (Conference)

"In this year's My Player mode, the game doesn’t end after the final buzzer...You gotta take the podium for your own post-game press conferences. But watch what you say, your answers can earn you admiration or get you run out of town. Will you claim all the glory or will you praise your coaches?"


..I can't, I'm scared to play this shit now, this shit looks like it's going to be so fucking epic, I might play and go into a World of Warcraft loser mode, a nigga would grow a beard and I'd be allergic to sunlight and shit..


Tumblr = Shameless Self Promotion


..Yeah, yeah I know I said Tumblr sucks, but thats only if you only reblog other ppls shit that they reblogged also..

..My shit is all my own personal stuff..

..So if you like pictures of kicks or just wanna see my heat..

..Peep it @..


..Big shouts to & , for reblogging my shit and getting my ish out there in the tumblr universe..



Nike Dunk High Pro SB 'Jason Voorhees


Iggy Got Got.

..Got Em Coach!..


Air Foamposite One 'Pewter'


..My God..
..March 2011..

P.S. I already got those jeans too...IM READY!

Custom Kratos God of War Dunks By Stig

..Chain Laces are Dope..



..Wwahahahgsdjhsdgsjdsd @ the 2:07 mark where Zydrunas falls for no reason and gets the call!!..


These Niggas Really Eat Cats & Dogs

""The customers want fresh 'live' meat," said Huang Lu Sheng, one of the stallholders. "When the dog dies slowly there is much more flavour in the meat. Some customers want the dog half-dead. Then the taste is very strong and they can prove to their customers that the meat is really fresh. I do not care about the dog suffering. It is only to eat and the customer is the one that chooses how it should die. But most customers actually want the dog beaten to death and put in a plastic bag. It's easier to carry like that."


Hip-Hop Is Dead Again.

..Justin Bieber Ft. Raekwon and Kanye West - Runaway Love (Remix)..


Illest Shopping Bag Ever.

..Shit even has Salvage inside..


I Failed.

..I'm pretty sure the liquid is supposed to go in the cup, not on top..



Enough is Enough

..It was cool at first..

..But this nigga Jeremy Scott needs to be dealt with..



I missed this.

..Lauryn Hill brought out Mary J Blidge, Alicia Keys, John Legend (& his hairline) Chris Rock, Swizz Beats, Beyonce and Jay-Z..

..Wu-Tang Clan - Cream..

..Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhymes - Award Tour...

..I accept my L..


Def Fit: Koston High's X Alador & Smith


.."In Dee Face!!!"..


..I just knew I bought this shirt for a reason 2 years ago..



W.D.D.W.T. (Didn't Wear Today)

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB 'Pushead'

..I forgot when I wore these, but I just found the pic in my pc..

..And it's possibly in my top 5 of my own personal kick pics I've taken..

..Arigato Miss. Millions..



..Wednesday's On Comedy Central..

..Trust me, Just watch it..


Coco, I just wanna say...

..This would be the only time I'd wanna be a fat black woman..


Nike Air Force One Foamposite "Black"


..Now these are nice..


For The Record

..This is simply, the nastiest fucking shit I've ever had in my mouth..

..I drank some of this and I had to look at the expiration date because I thought it was spoiled (It Wasn't)..

..This juice is just so fucking ridiculously nasty tasting..

..I'd give a spy, a big ass cup of this shit, if I was trying to get top secret information out of them..

..This shit tastes like the scrapings off a wet hot basement in a home somewhere in Oregon mixed with the taste you get when a aspirin dissolves in ur mouth..

..I swear on my life, this is the nastiest shit ever..


Random Rambo 12

The txt that woke me up this morning said "I got diarrhea :(" and it was from a female.

Sometimes I'm too generous, ppl owe me money and I don't even ask them back for it.

I wanna visit my Mom, Nerdy, & Simpletee, I miss them all.

I wish I could rewind time sometimes, alot of times I don't.

I've blogged more in the last 6 months than I have in the entire year of 2009

This is the most I've blogged in 1 month.

Finally, broke 20,000 hits in one month.

In the last two sentences I used "1" and "One" when describing the same thing, WTF?

Mafia 2, the video game is no fucking Joke

38 more days until NBA 2K11 drops.

I can't decide if I should stalk Tahiry or Maliah.

I really really really need a another sneaker rack.

I wanna start playing basketball again, I haven't played basketball in 2 years.

I simply cannot become a whore for the life of me, even when Vagina is offered to me.

UFC is tonight, can't wait.

I wanna execute one parkour move before I die.

Briyoni's friend is a dickfuck, who doesn't allow her to make or receive phonecalls when they are having girl-time.

I no longer like my cousin's girlfriend, I wanna throw something at her face and punch her in the stomach at the same time the object hits for simultaneous impact.

If one more person hits me up asking for my distrib contact...I'm a slap the shit outta the person nearest me.

I really want a new cell phone, I'm hearing this HTC VERIZON EVO, is gonna be the shit, front and back camera included with flash.

If you're reading this and regret what you did, I'd regret what you did also.

I'm so mad I didn't know I had a 4 day weekend next week, I thought I only had Monday off, not Friday also, I didn't even plan shit.

Yesterday, was my favorite Interns last day.

I really need to stop buying clothes and shit...I really don't need it.

I currently have 32 pairs of Kicks ,19 T shirts, 1 pair of sunglasses and 5 pairs of jeans I have not worn yet.

I currently have 204 Gigs of Movies I have not watched yet in my PC.

I still believe Ultimate Warrior is the greatest wrestler of all time.


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.


..We woulda had so much fun today..

P.S. =_{ @ Not being able to finally see ATCQ


..M-Bui is that bitch..

..My fucking favorite..

..Peep The Homie's work..


..M-Bui's Photostream..



Nike Dunk High Pro SB Premium 'Mork & Mindy'

..One of my favorites..


Sneaker Stickies

Adam Sofa Talks Sneaker Stickies from Sneaker Stickies on Vimeo.

..hmm, seems promising..


Chuck Norris.

..Fuck Around and Catch One Of These..



T-Mac's Brand New Pistons Jersey.



P.S. Shouts to TigerHoods

Fuck a Jury Duty



Kanye West-Monster Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, & Nicki Minaj

..Holy Shit..

..Nicki Murdered it..

..Don't even like that bitch too much, but she went off..


Props To The Tailor...


..Who made those fucking pants..

..You are now garnered "The lord of sewing"..


Kanye And Jay Album?

..Get Yo Ass Out Now, Vamonos!!!..


Copped: Levi's 514 Raw Salvage GR Premiums


..Wasn't even planning on copping jeans..

..Saw these badboy's and just had to cop..





Camron = That Dude

..Nigga Cam'Ron, copped the rights to Red's - I should tell ya Mama..

..Put the shit on a track..

..But the dude Red dissappeared, so Cam did this track and dropped it..

..He's currently trying to find the dude so he can get paid..

..If you don't know who Red is...he's a homeless guy from Los Angeles, who used to live in a alley..

..This is the studio version of the track..

..This is the original version recorded in the back alley..

..Much props to Cam'ron for this shit..


His Airness 2K11