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..She is Oh So Dope..
..M-Bui's Flickr..


Def Wanted.

wood shock

But not for $260, anybody selling for less or want a pair of my kicks that I don't care for, for it. Hit me up in the comment box below.



Nike Dunk High Pro SB 'Brut'


Self Made E-Fashion Police Faggots.

I've been noticing ppl like to come online, see ppl wearing shit and judge it, in probably the most stupid or gayest ways.

On my youtube this happens all the time, ppl saying "ur cuffs are too big", "ur cuffs are too small", "ur jeans are not the right color for the shoe ur wearing", "the size of ur dick buldge is too big for me".

Then the dumbest fucking comment is:

"You're wearing those shoes wrong"

Where in what fucking continent of holy comments does this come from?

You stupid gay, doo doo dungeon intruding shithead ass mahfucka, the only way to rock a shoe wrong is if you put the right shoe on your left foot and vice versa...thats it.

I hate when ppl tell someone "WTF, you tied ur straps on your Air Force Ones?, thats wrong". No, you mundane brained ass hoe, that in fact is the correct and proper way to wear that shoe, the strap was made for ankle support when one was playing basketball in them.

Just because YOU don't do it or it's not cool to do it or cause they aren't playing basketball in them at the moment, doesn't mean it's wrong.

Sure, you can clown it, but to say it's wrong, is highly ignorant and mega bruno.


Damn @ Kat.

Starting feel sorry for this chick now.

Lol @ The old school run around the car back and forth chase


Ice-T Won, Again.




Reebok Pump Fury 2010 Superlite

Kinda Diggin These, I need some new Slip-On/Off Kicks for when I fly.


This Nigga Goin Off!

I'm gonna do this shit sober at the next party I go to and see what happens.


Oh Yeah John Legend?

So John Legends Hairline was getting clowned on twitter.

I mean it should be, look at it, looks like it was uppercutted by a 1988 version of Mike Tyson

But this bitchface nigga had this to say on his own twitter page

Ur better looking? Ur smarter? WTF? nigga are u in the 3rd grade?! How the fuck do u know if ur smarter than someone who's clowning you on twitter, you stupid mahfucka.

Getting all butthurt over ppl talking bout you, Should throw a fucking wild ox at ur fucking face, ya fruit faced, tapioca chinned ass nigga


Some Things Straight, Again.

I don't use facebook...shit is gay, fuck ur wall.

I have twitter but it's for business purposes, not so u can follow me and see if I'm taking a shit or some nonsense.

What I say on my site, is allowed, because guess what shitface? It's my site, I can say whatever I want. My word is not law, stop acting like it is, like I'm the holy truth that can solve the matrix. I'm 85% clowning and 15% not.

Yes, Deftronica is my actual girlfriend, yes she's wearing her own sneakers and I'm willing to bet a stack her kick game shits on you and your bitches kick game combined.

I'm not white and I'm not Jesper Kyd.

I'm not an MMA fighter, but 9 times out of 10 I can kick ur ass, not trying to be an E-thug or anything, but I can literally kick ur ass. Especially if I know ur not a hoe ass bitch and will call the cops once I'm done kicking ur ass.

No, I won't promote your site just cause you ask to, I'll do it when I feel it's necessary to do and you deserve it.

I noticed ppl have been biting my blogging style, doing the same shit, which is cool, but give me props for it.

Yes, I'm an asshole at times, but my asshole-ness kicks in from the immense amount of stupidity I have to deal with or witness.

I want a dog and I'm gonna name it Deffer if its a boy or Deffy if it's a girl and I'll train it to attack on 3 simple words "Get that bitch"

Thank You for reading.


Drake, Can we say doing it big?

Nig's advertising on plane's now and shit, got damn.



Foamposite Heaven (Royal, Pewter, Electric Green)

Nike Air Foamposite One LE
Style: 314996-500
Color: Dark Neon Royal/White-Black
Price: $200.00

Nike Air Foamposite One
Style: 314996-004
Color: Metallic Pewter/Black
price: $200.00


Nike Air Foamposite Pro LE
Style: 624041-300
Color: Electric Green/Black-White
Price: $200.00

All Scheduled to drop in Spring 2011.

Fuck My Pockets.


Sydni Yoshie.

06/13/90 - 06/28/08


..I miss you..




Nike Dunk High 'Sole Collector Vegas Cowboys' #173 of 400

Felt like letting my #1 grails get some shine today. =]


Rosa Acosta - Cock?

Ok, Not on no pervert shit, but I swear she pointed at me and said "Cock"


Fedor Loses To Werdum (Video)

Lmfao! No wonder he ain't wanna come to UFC.




Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Hi 'Workboot'

Well not today, but yesterday, sue me.


Too Hot!

shorted up

Had to break out the shorts, fuck this hot ass weather shit man.



"Did so much dirt, ain't no room in that hamper"

CNN - Capone N Noreaga is back! War Report 2 Drops July 13th


All I Need.

All I need in the morning to start my day off right, besides my girl's morning moans Of course. =]


HOH In Manhattan

Coming soon to 34th street.




Deftronic-Def Fitness.mp3
^Click That^
Deftronic-Def Fitness

Just found this in some random folder in my pc.

No, I'm not some myspace rapper, it's just something I can do.



Loser of the Decade.

This muthafucka made a gun out of lego's. Hold up...let me soak this shit in my dude.
Did this fuckhead really make a gun out of lego's?!

Dude must have no fucking life whatsoever, If this nigga knows what a girl looks like, I'd be surprised.

Do y'all see the fucking insane amount of coonery in this shit?!

This nigga has never left his house, look how pale he is...smfh at setting up lil targets in his hallway.

WAHAHHAHAHA @ the 2nd to last shot he took, his lego bullet went flying down the steps!!!! The other went flying behind some shit.

Fuck this shit, I wanna run up in his room and just break his gun over my knee, raise my hands in the air walk out and slap the top of his door frame when I exit his room.


P.S. This shithead made a fucking chainsaw...omg peep the end.
This nigga moved it around (left and right) to make it seem like it was really cutting shit! dghdfjkfa

Hold Up

So I'm in the paper room for my job and I'm looking like "Hold Up"

You mean to tell me staples can get INFRARED right, but hoe ass Jordan Brand can't?

Fuck This.



9 Mins Of Mortal Kombat 9

LMFAO @ The scream in the beginning for no reason at all!


Air Max Lebron VIII

The new Air Max Lebron VIII

but in a Black, Red, and White colorway????

I'm thinking Bulls.

BTW, I think this shoe is ugly as fuck.


P.S. Shouts to Nastynate for the pic.

Ice-T Won.



Camping Out.

Bitches camping out for the new Twilight movie.

Wtf is this world coming to?!

I swear I wanna go and bumrush that shit, bring a bucket of baseballs and just Greg Maddux beam a ball at each every one of their tents.


Air Max Lebron VII "Dunkman Low"

Just peeped that these are indeed gonna be released in limited quantities, very soon.



Tribe Day.

If you wanna vibe along click this:

Deftronic's Tribe Playlist

So as you may or may not know I'm a huge Tribe called Quest fan.

So here in my office at work everyone will be listening to Tribe today.

This is a youtube playlist of Tribe's illest music.

When the window opens, on the upper right side, click off "autoplay" and it'll play 20+ continous tracks of tribe music.

Thank me later.


Our 1st Piece of Artwork


Time to get it framed.



And The Winner Is Vol. 6

^For the worst fucking hairstyle ever goes to that shithead^

Son, Really?

What would make you stand in front of a mirror and construct that birdnest on top of ur fucking dome, yo?

Shit looks like somebody put some twigs and leaves on ur head, got some flint and tried to start a fucking camp fire on ur shit.

Ole medusa head ass hoe.


Raz B, Nigga GTFO

Son, Wtf?

Fuck is wrong with this nigga, Nigga you can not sing.

Did this nigga just jump and make his hat fly off his head to catch it?!

Yo just look at the gayness spill out this nigga at the 0:44 mark.

Nigga sound like a generic Akon.

LMFAO @ that back pedal move at the 1:37 mark!!

This is wild trash...I knew the rest of them B2K niggas had no talent except O



Medal Of Honor Beta Code?

This works for getting medal of honor beta codes for the PC and the PS3

Go to: then in the box,
type in: and hit enter
theres a little search box to the right of the 'logo', type in medal of honor and choose the 3rd option
hit the blue box that says boka at the top left in a yellow box,
hit: Gå till kassan then scroll down and hit Gå till kassan again
choose: Privatperson choose: Betala i butik choose:Hämta i butik
choose: Ekelundsgatan 4, Göteborg
then enter in names, and a REAL email.
For the telephone put: 073523567
hit vidare at bottom click Jag har läst och godkänner
then click that blue box below Jag har läst och godkänner
now, you will get 2 emails. disregard the first email.
The second email is what you want.

PLEASE NOTE: On the hour, every hour is when the 2nd email is sent out. SO dont say you didnt get your second email...just wait till the hour is up ie: 10PM

when you get the 2nd email, go to sign up and enter that code you got in the 2nd email.

then choose the platform for the beta and you will then get a beta code


Found that on a forum I attend, don't hold it against me if it doesnt work or whatever the fuck, just passing along info.

I for one am not that fucking nerdy, I can't do all that shit for some fucking game demo.

Now if it was a Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Isis Taylor all wearing Air Jordan Black Cement III's in a 3 Way Lesbo 2 Hour and 32 Minute long sex tape, then I'd be following directions like a mahfucka, but some game demo?

Fuck outta here.


The Rosa Acosta We Know.

Dear Rosa,

Thank you for returning back to your former glory, now my nigga Majie might wanna text you again.

Stay away from the one leg up cheerleading shit ok? Ok.



Nike Dunk High Pro SB 'Mork & Mindy'


Ughh Kat Stacks

Damn she look crummy as fuck

Wassup with her finger shit is missing a nail and its slimy looking.


Watch Out Now!



New Pickup!

Nike Air Max2 CB '94

Shouts to my girl Deftronica for finding these for me in my size and for $119, she owns!

Old School Crack, I always wanted these as a kid, but my homeboy got em' first and I never really liked copping some shit someone else had. I guess that's why my persona now is to always get shit first, even though I'm not really in competition with anyone right now, lol. I had the white leather alternate to these, but never got these, missed out on the first retro's of these. Then when they re-released this fall/winter I was buying so much shit and I went into the "ehhh I'll pass cause alot of ppl will cop" mode, but I kept seeing ppl with these and was like "Fuck, I want them!!!" Couldn't find them in my size and when I did it was at Flight Club for $150 (Fuck outta here).

Once again, shouts to my girl for finding these for me!


Red Dead Co-Op Pack Drops Manana!

Actually tonight around 3:00am ET Time

It's free for download!

Get Er' Doneeeee


Super Mario Bros. (Violin Beast Mode)

Dude is on some other shit.


Least it was a girl this time.

Kat Stacks got her ass mollywhopped by Hot Wings (Real Chance of Love hoe, yeah go figure) last night at a club.

I mean NOW this is funny, her getting flung around by dudes wasn't, but a chick Mike Tysoning her shit is jokes!


Son let em go.


...Nigga Air Max looks like they were shaved with a cheese grater...

...Let em go son...



Again, Rosa?!

rose pose 2

Son, What's really good with this pose?

Like you better with the wig though.


Obama I Don't Agree

Sometimes we don't need change.

She totally fucked up her own shit.


Deftronic's Sneaker Discrepancies Vol.1

(This Is what a fucking INFRARED VI, should look like, bitch!!)

Discrepancy [dɪˈskrɛpənsɪ]
n pl -cies
a conflict or variation, as between facts, figures, or claims
Usage: Discrepancy is sometimes wrongly used where disparity is meant. A discrepancy exists between things which ought to be the same; it can be small but is usually significant. A disparity is a large difference between measurable things such as age, rank, or wages


Bare with me, for I'm about to embark on a tirade of shit I see is wrong with sneaker companies, more or the less the sneaker company entitled Jordan Brand.

Being that I was one of the lucky ones (if you wanna call it that, fuck outta here, lol) to get my hands on the InfraRed Pack in my size wanted, I come home and open the pack to be more or less dissapointed, dissapointed in the shittyness and laziness of the ppl that work for Jordan Brand. Let me tell you why, well we all know the Infrared coloring is definitely not how it should look, how in the fuck of all fucks do you put the almost exactly right Infrared color on the recently released Spizikes, but cannot get it correct for possibly 1 of the biggest Jordan Brand releases of the year...this shoe is a classic and it was totally fucked up in many senses.

You honestly think if I worked for Jordan Brand that I'd give the greenlight on this pack once the samples arrived in my office? Fuck no, I'd tell em to re-do this shit, not only is this shoe not true Infrared, it's missing the leather backing from the OG's, it's missing the 3M reflection behind the eye cutouts in some spots...seriously WTF?!..being that you fooled and made most true Jordan Heads go and cop the Varsity Reds, (then release info that a Infrared pack was dropping, I myself had got word of this pack dropping like 2 weeks before the varsity red had officially dropped, but not alot of other heads knew yet) you could at least show customer appreciation and give the ppl what they want, I would have included everything possible to this pack as close as possible to the OG's, I would have made the jumpman on the back heel Infrared and left the AIR in black stitching as my "identity difference", I would toss out that fucking ice sole and replace it with the same so called "anti-yellowing" ice sole that can be found on the new foamposites...I bet a stack that any Jordan Head who read about this or seen this before the Infrared Pack's drop date would fucking go total ape shit insane hype more for these, tell me I'm fucking lying. Just knowing these old things were brought back and new things were added, would have sent the hype level through the roof.

Another thing is, Why the fuck are we getting shit like Piston VI's, Oreo VI's, and Laker VI's? Yeah, those are cool, but why not give us Olympic/USA VI's??

Maroon VI's (instead of Varsity Red's!!!) or September/Sport Blue VI's, give out the shit that we had as a kid or never had a chance to get as a kid.

Like why the fuck do we need another release for the White/Black IX release?...we just had one, why not give us the fucking PE White/Black BIBBY IX's?'s the same shit basically but it's just patent leather, take off the Bibby from the back heel and make it happen.

Same with all these dumb ass Jordan I's, give us the Patent leather I's, the Black patent leather and Gold I's...

And cut all that 6 Ring, 60 Plus, Jordan Strong, bullshit out, save that fucking material and put premium shit on the retro's of OG' me, you release more Quality than Quantity, but just release a greater volume of them on drop date so everyone can get a pair, you'll still make the same amount of money u do now or even more, u stupid fucks.

Seriously, Wake the fuck up.


P.S. Thanks for reading, please reply and discuss if you have any views to share on this subject.
Shouts to Kixclusive for providing all of us with these great Images of Jordans

R.I.P Manute Bol



Worst Pitchwoman

I swear on everything this chick's voice and mouth fucking sucks.

Her voice is annoying as fuck and her upper lip goes like 2 inches above her teeth when she talks.

I seriously wanna find my receipt and return my Koston's after hearing her sales pitch on these.

Ahhhh, much better in mute.


New Pickup!

infra black smaller
Air Jordan VI 'Infrared Pack' Black

Infra white
Air Jordan VI 'Infrared Pack' White

The Infamous Infrared Pack, slightly dissapointed, not as InfraReddy as I had hoped, it's about 4 shades lighter than the Varsity Red and 2 Shades darker than what Infrared should be like to me. The Infrared on the those recently release Spizikes are what Infrared should look like. Packaging is pretty cool, I do like the box flip open tab on top and bottom for easy access, unlike CDP's where u gotta pull out and flip open and slide cardboard off and all this other dumb shit. Bag they came in was cool, aside from the lil strip of adhesive that will not stick after 4 or 5 peel off's. Innner box is all Infrared...thats it.


Hey, Customizers...GTFO

Bananaman Zoom Blazers by Qustom Queen

Uh yeah, kinda creative with the flopping shit looking like banana peels I give you that, BUT WHO THE FUCK IS BANANAMAN?!?!...the nigga doesnt even sound cool, he sounds like a hoe and even looks like one judging by the shitty ass drawing you did on the side. Then she did some shit where u can Scratch n Sniff the fucking peels and u'll smell banana...ok...who the fuck is gonna know this??...who the fuck will wanna smell ur feet and shoe??? I hope the smells annoys a fucking rottweiler and he bites ur fucking foot off.

Eric Koston Low SB Customs by Bufoon

Funny, your name really suits the type of work you do, this is horrible fucking trash. You fucks wanna make a name for urself, trying to customize shit and its fucking trash, nigga used black suede dye to dye the shit black, didnt even bother stuffing the tongue or anything...this shit is garbage and doesn't even go well. Hope you dont get caught in the rain, then again I do, cause if the suede dye bleeds it might make ur shoe look better you got damn BUFOON.

Leave the real customizing to niggas like SBTG, Sharp 020, TripleZed, Methamphibian...etc.


New Pickup!

Air Foamposite One 'Cough Drops'

Sickness, I never copped the original Black And Varsity Red ones, always thought they looked cheap as shit, but these will definitely do. Only difference with these is of course the red translucent like sole. There were only 3,000 pairs of these released today, they will be re-released in December on a much wider scale (Fuck You, Nike).


Cranberry + Eggplant 1/2 Cents

...Looking real good...

...Dropping Q4 of 2010...