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We All Lose.


Omfg, we lose, the entire universe loses.

I'm not even gonna get into Justin Bieber, but this Jaden Smith lil riley from the boondocks looking ass fucking nigga in front of the mic, that nigga looks so fucking outta place.

Did this lil fuckboy just try to Pop N' Lock?! Omg I just wanna throw his fucking face in the garbage.

I don't even wanna see that Karate Kid movie anymore, props to that lil asian nig for mushing that niggas grill for me.

I can't take it, I'm calling my service provider and disconnecting my internets, yeah nigga I said internets (plural)


P.S. WTF? at that gay homo erotic jungle gym underleg swinging shit is going on at the 3:34 mark?


Caught this comment on a sneaker site:
"hey guys did yall know there is a 11 pack coming out in 2011? the shoes are the 11 concords and the 11s columbias, u may be asking yo self how do I know this I work at the nike store here in dallas and I get a lot of scope on upcoming release..the pak will cost 310 and no official date"

Son, if this is true, I'm all fucking over this shit, you have no idea.

I'll slap a fucking cop in front of his own precinct, while a live orchestra band plays the theme song for Robocop behind of me for these.


Nawwwwww Son.

You see this shit?!!?!?

Bitches straight rocking niggas faces with they asses.

She'd prolly crack my shit too hard and I might snap and straight uppercut her ass.

I'd only let one chick do this to me and she'd have to fucking pay me a grip and cop me a DS pair of Paris SB's

Fuck outta here.


10 Best Martial Art Movie Actors Of All Times

Edited this up with some of my own ppl's beats.

List is accurate as fuck, Woulda prolly put Gordon Liu aka Master Killer and Leung Kar Yan a bit higher, but Leung wasn't a true martial artist, he didn't know one lick of Kung Fu, he was simply an actor who did it very well.

Gordon Liu is my all-time favorite so that's why I would place him higher, but there's too many ill people out. (Peep the clip @ 3:20 that backwards headbutt was sick.)

and no Jean Claude Van Damme didn't make the list.


P.S. Honorable Mention: Tony Jaa, but he needs more movies under his belt.

Taste Good, Try It.

Mix that Mountain Dew White Out with some Bacardi White...shit is poppin my dude.


Supreme High Test Vid in HD1080p

Actually my 2nd test with uploading HD video to youtube, the Red Dead Redemption duel vid down below is HD 1080p



No, I really fucking hate customs.

Man, fuck this shit.

You mean to tell me my shits been in customs for 3 days, it got cleared yesterday morning @ 3:50 some shit and you can't deliver it yet.

Got dammit man, by the time it gets here I wont even want the hoe no more.




Found this pic in my old cam's SD card (among other pictures I really don't care to talk about at the moment,

Pretty deep considering it's not even up to date with what my stacks look like now.


Ghetto Fabulous?

Since when do laundromats have WI-FI?

My hood is stepping up.




high hairs

What. Def. Wore. Today = High Hair SB's


The Breakin DVD Collection

Bing Bang Bitch!!!!!

There's nothing on earth fucking with this DVD set I copped.

Seriously, come on now!!

Got fucking Breakin', Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Beat Street!!

Nigga these is like ultra magnetic, apocalypse of the war-monkey, epic trilogy, insane gems right here.

No cool person on earth has not seen these 3 movies.


P.S. Peep the OG Terminators (1st pair ever!)

Jury Duty?


I got a questionnaire for Jury Duty.

Yeah okay, Imagine ME in jury duty, I'd so fuck whatever case it is up, you have no idea.

Lawyer: "The accused stabbed the victim 37 times"
Def: "Shit, if that was me I'd a rounded it off to 40, fuck the bullshit, then I'd a dropped a Hulk Hogan like leg drop on that hoe for good measure. Ayo, what kinda pizza we getting?!"


R.I.P. Dennis Hopper


DISCUSS: 3 And Under?

Was looking at my sneakerboxes and I noticed on the Air Max 24-7's there's a sticker depicting that the shoe shouldnt be worn or messed with by anyone 3 and under.


I don't get it, what seperates this shoe from any other fucking shoe that can harm a child?

I mean yeah that can prolly choke on the laces maybe? But isn't that with any other shoe?



Fuck with me if you want.

Punk muhfucka tried to challenge me to a duel in front of everyone, like I was some punk bitch.

Nigga, I'm John Marsden...

Act up and get shot in ur ass, literally



Kat Stacks Slapped.

Honestly, this shit is fucked up...I think Kat Stacks is a fucking clown, but c'mon son.

3 dudes on 1 chick, straight worked her face.

Not Cool...coulda got some gutta chicks to do this...THAT woulda been funny


Me Cago En Tu Soda


CAMDEN, N.J. (AP/ 1010 WINS) -- His lawyer calls it a foolish prank, but a judge isn't laughing.

A 17-year-old high school student from Haddon Township admitted in family court Thursday that he defecated in a classmate's soda during an auto-shop class.

Prosecutors dropped an aggravated assault charge in exchange for the boy's guilty plea to a charge of tampering with a food product.

Authorities say the victim sipped the soda, then spit it out as his classmates laughed on March 29.

A judge ordered the boy to serve probation, serve 200 hours of community service, write a letter to the victim to apologize _ and to write a 1,000-word report on why it's unhealthy to ingest fecal matter.


You mean to tell me, some nigga pulled his pants down in the middle of class and squatted over my man's open cup of soda in a auto shop class and took a wild shit in it?


Nigga what you doing being 17 and taking shits in someone's cup of soda in auto-class.

Nigga, prolly ain't even wipe his ass after.

Man, Fuck this.


P.S. Source:
NJ Teen defacates in Classmates Soda

The Gooch Finally Got Him.

R.I.P. Gary Coleman aka Arnold Jackson


Kanye West - Power (FULL TRACK)

Off the forthcoming LP "Good Ass Job"

OMFG, YE is is pure unadulterated piffery.




Just watch it.

Im not gonna talk about dude's teeth looking like he was trying to eat a pair of steel toe boots.

Im not gonna talk about dudes ashy hands looking like he was boxing a 50lb bag of flour.

Just watch it.

If you don't laugh...something is wrong with you.


P.S. This is real, not fake....this clip was taken from a reality show about addiction and how a family has destroyed themselves and their family, this is the end of the show where the family members plead their case to the addicted person trying to get them to change their ways.



Ron Artest is that dude!

How u go from taking the dumbest fucking shot.

To making the best shot of the game.


Lakers up 3-2


P.S. Peep hating ass Doug Collins screaming out "NOOOOO!" when Artest hits the shot, WTF? kinda commentator are're supposed to be unbiased you jackass.


As if you don't already look like a big black bear.



I hate customs.

I hate when my mail goes through customs.

That is all.


The Legend Of Chen Zhen

Donnie Yen reprises the role..

Just heard Donnie is also gonna be starring in The Monkey King.

That nigga going off bay bay!


The Last Exorcism


Drake - Thank Me Later or Now?

The Following is the Track Listing for the Drake's Forthcoming Album "Thank Me Later" dropping 06/15/10

1. "Fireworks" (featuring Alicia Keys)
2. "Karaoke"
3. "The Resistance"
4. "Over"
5. "Show Me a Good Time"
6. "Up All Night" (featuring Nicki Minaj)
7. "Fancy" (featuring T.I. & Swizz Beatz)
8. "Shut It Down" (featuring The-Dream)
9. "Unforgettable" (featuring Young Jeezy)
10. "Light Up" (featuring Jay-Z)
11. "Miss Me" (featuring Lil Wayne)

12. "Cece's Interlude"
13. "Find Your Love"
14. "Thank Me Now"

The tracks underlined have already either been released officially or have been leaked against Drake's wishes.


Thank You, Now.



Random Rambo 7

Let's do the math, 5 two nights ago, 3 last night. 24 hrs in a day...I've slept 8 in the last 42 hrs...No Bueno. Let's just say coffee will be my best friend today.

You ever meet someone so refreshing, so different, so __________, yeah that, that you can't even put it into words, like this person is so perfect in all the ways you've ever wanted a person to be, that you're looking for a flaw, you're just waiting for the shit to blow up in ur face, like seriously? What's the catch?...I'm on that right now. Thank You God.

I got a new camera, the Panasonic DMC FH 22, shit is pretty much the business, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to keep the quality of the HD movies while lowering the KB enough to be uploaded to youtube for my sneaker preview clips.

I believe my pc is finally fixed, 2 days going now and it hasn't froze or anything, Thank You God

I really like that Chris Brown song "Bullshit"

I'm waiting on my Pearl Foams, was supposed to come today, but they haven't yet.

Kinda pissed Lakers lost last night, Odom and Artest need to step up and hit those open shots.

I received 10,636 hits this month so far. THANK YOU ALL.

I've copped 7 pairs of kicks this month and I might reach 8.

Don't ask me why but I wanna see that new Karate Kid movie *Jordan Shrugs*

UFC Rampage Vs. Rashad Evans 05/29/10

Speaking of Rampage, why isn't he wearing any jewelry like Mr. T did in the Tv Show, since he's playing his character in the A-Team movie?

I have a 4 day weekend off this weekend...I don't even have anything planned, well I did, but I'm 99.9% sure I won't be fucking with the person I had plans for anymore.

I wanna go to a firing range and shoot a gun before I die.

I really dislike Vince Carter, I think the only person I dislike more than him is Mark Ruffalo at the moment.

I haven't played Red Dead Redemption in 2 days, WTF?


And The Winner Is Vol. 2

^For looking like a mismatching fruit is that guy^

Seriously, How old are you? Only ppl I know leaving the house rocking a mismatching plaid short set is lil ass kids.

Then you got the nerve to have a fucking purse?!

Should beat ur ass with a sock filled with batteries.



Chris Brown - Bullshit (video)

Ain't even gonna front, song is crack.

Give the lil nigga a chance, let him back in.

He's Trying.


Totally Out Of It.

I think ur supposed to put cereal in the bowl first, not the milk.

Not getting enough sleep will make you do dumb shit.



Nice Try, Venus

But we all know Serena should be wearing that instead...

Thanks, Though.


5'8 > 6'8

C'mon son, how you 6'8 getting bonked on by lil dude?

Kill yourself.



Esther 'Titty' Baxter + Kickball

So Joe Budden had twittered that he would be going to some park to play kickball and that if any of his twitter followers wanted to come through to play they were welcome.

Well he brought along his chick Esther Baxter and her tits were um...yeah

Nigga, if I was on that field I'd a lost my mind and instead of kicking the fucking ball I'd kicked her fucking tits cause them shits about the same size as that kickball my dude!!


New Pickup! (s)

Air Jordan VI Retro 'Bulls'

Drops 06/12/10, It's basically fuck these, if you didn't cop the Black Varsity/Red's, because ur gunning for the upcoming Infra-Red pack, but if you did get the Black ones, then most likely you'll end up gunning for these, but we all know the true sneakerheads will get the Infra-Red pack regardless.

Nike Air Max+ 24/7 'Chile'

Very fucking Major...I'm such a fan of the 24/7's, that look like the Air Max 95 grey gradients, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. You already know what this shoe is about, scroll down to find the post about the Neon 24/7's, I don't even know when these drop.




Sneaker-Based T-Shirt of the year!

Come on seriously? Al Bundy the greatest shoe salesman of all-times, on his favorite chair surrounded by sneakerboxes...What in the world is fucking with that? Not even a David Hasselhoff dap to Gary Coleman in front of Kitt can.


Got some laces to freak, if you know me I can't stand looking like someone else so I got some laces to switch up the Space Jams and the Oreo's.


Main goal: Have someone rocking these while I got on mine and they break their necks looking at mine.



P.S. Shouts to the homey Jomar for putting me on the Al Bundy T!.


Fuck is this nigga?

The look on Jay's face

"The fuck is this nigga, ole bummy version of Taye Diggs ass nigga"



Bieber Chumped By Door

Stupid Mahfucka.


Louis Vuitton IPAD case out now.

Heads Up: The Louis Vuitton IPAD case is for sale out now at the flagship store in NYC @ 1 east 57th street

Going for $370.00
Niggas Wildin...thats almost the price of a IPAD itself...Thats like copping an Ipod Touch case for $200.00

Kiss my ass.


Nike - Write The Future




Anything is Possible.

To go from that

To This, is Amazing

That room alone in net worth is about 18 Billion Dollars.

& ppl always look at me strange when I say Jay-Z is my idol.


P.S. FYI My moms will forever be my number 1 Idol.

Reminder: SneakerCon Saturday



Air Jordan VI Infra-Red Pack Official Pics.



P.S. Got word that these will not be International Only, these will be dropping in the US on June 19th 2010