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Busy Squared.

Sup Y'all...

For the lack...just been busy as hell, been working alone in the office because my boss took two days off, then my work pc caught the ill virus. So I was without one for a day.

Today, I'm getting out of work early and heading out to visit my Moms, so I prolly wont be blogging until I get back in town.

Heads up:

New Drake single is out called "Find Your Love" (prod by Kanye West), I really wish this song woulda came out like a year ago, I woulda so dedicated it to someone.

New Eminem single is out from his forthcoming album "Recovery", the track is called "I'm not afraid"

Anniversary XI's drop Saturday, May 1st MSRP: $150

Mayweather Vs. Mosley is also on Saturday, May 1st

Wood Shock's have dropped but at a $250 price tag (Ouch!)

Nightmare on Elm Street remake drops tomorrow...

Anybody find out any info on when the Eric Koston High SB's are dropping, please reply to this post.

Pz Y'all




Got Damn, Em.

"It’ll never be my chair that you own
crown so tight that it cuts all circulation to the brain
no oxygen, other words it’s no air/heir to the throne"

Take it easy on them.

"I'm the king of this honkey shit!"


George Kranz is that dude.

You just had to know this mahfucka was gonna do some ill shit when he was the only white man on earth with a afro, besides Bob Ross that soft spoken painter dude who'd come on channel 13 on Sundays

I really never understood why he would make faces like he was in some extreme ass pain, but the nigga was nice on some drums

Plus this mahfucka had more ups than Jordan and Kobe combined, peep the 2:00 mark, nigga jumped over a entire drum set without a running start.

George Kranz, You are that dude.


P.S. There will never be one time that this song will come on and I don't start poppin n lockin, Nig I could be in Church and a nigga will do a floor glide or some ISO.

Dunkin Donuts Bagel Twist


This is shit mega stupid dumb doo doo crack.

Shits good as fuck, Next time you go to Dunkin Donuts ask for a French Toast Bagel Twist, shits $1.50



True Legend Leaked!

Dunno if y'all are up on the scene, but this shit just leaked for download and I'm happy as a faggot with a bag of dicks right now (No Bruno!)


New Pickup!

Nike Dunk High Pro SB Premium "Skunks aka 420's"

Fucking finally, after being stuck in customs, they finally came.
Shoe is pretty limited at only 2,000 pairs produced, DQM only got 19 pairs and Supreme got 25, both spots sold out within 20 mins...whole of NYC was sold out by 12PM. Luckily, I had my shit shipped from Asia, bitches just got stuck in customs, oh well.

Shits are insane, real buttery suede, 3 diff shades of green and purple for that Weed.

stash pocket

Tongue actually has that old school stuffed tongue feel due to the stash pocket inside, which runs pretty deep, you can almost stick a pen inside.

You'll be lucky to get em for less than $225, (Box price is $108)...u'll be lucky if you can even find your size, I seen the shoe go for as high as $331 on ebay already.


Beyonce's Tittay!!!

I see nipple, nigga!!!

Sorry Jay, you my nigga and all, but if I was on that beach my dude, my head woulda popped out the fucking sand and my mouth woulda been open on some Bruce Lee Fist of Fury shit, ready to suck on B's tittie my dude!!


Seriously? 12?


You mean to tell me, you so fucking trash that you need 12 different DJ's to host your fucking mixtape?


Why the fuck is there a big booty bitch in lingerie, posted up on the wall in alley where two detectives are firing shots at Papoose who's just standing still.

This is the dumbest most out of place shit I've seen in a minute.

Fuck Y'all.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Trash.

Ahh yeah, so supposedly this is a molding of how the Turles will look in the new movie.

If that doesn't look like some cheap shit, shit looks horrible.

Yeah, I won't be seeing this in the theatre's.

Download FTW.


Mong Kok Aka Super Shoe Street

(I cannot take props for these pics as they were taken by Hydraulics in China in 2007. Please Click the picture for bigger views.)

Someone replied to one of my blog posts asking me if I knew any spots in China that sell real shoes, sad to say, if you know me, my mind is an encyclopedia for sneakers, so yes there is a place it's in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, basically it's the shoe/clothing district there, if you didn't know in asia they have streets dedicated to certain shit, like you'll find a whole street dedicated to Video Games, One for Music...etc...

Divide the prices you see by 7.8 to get the total in US Dollars.
So a price tag of 899 HK is actually $115 USD


P.S. Much props to Hydraulics for this, I myself would have never known about this district if he had never taken these pics, these pictures are part of my inspiration to visit Asia one day.


Nike 1/2 Cent Cranberry & Eggplant

October 2010
1/2 Cent (Club Purple/Club Purple-Black)


December 2010
1/2 Cent (Varsity Red/Black-Varsity Red)

Now we got the Varsity Red 1/2 Cent's dropping same month as the Cool Grey's...great.



Shut Up Ah Yah Face

I don't know wtf I was doing watching this.

I dunno where the fuck that gay accordian nigga came from.

I do know that gay accordian nigga looks like Robert Downey Jr.


Nike SB Dunk Pro Mid Brazil 'Dirty Money'

Oh my.

Brazil Exclusive.


10 Mins of Ip Man 2

Donnie Yen Going Off.

Donnie plays Ip Man AKA Bruce Lee Sensei

Drops in Asia on April 29th,2010


New Dew?!?!?!?!

I need to go and try these shit's asap.

That clear one looks wild refreshing for some strange reason.


Lebron James VII 'Prototypes"

Only 10 Pairs Made...them shits look kinda fresh, especially that red 360 bubble.


Air Jordan VI White/Infrared Sample.

They're Comingggggggggggg.


Red Dead Redemption

Got Damn!! this shit looks like unadulterated piffery!!

Shit is a def RoboCop...I'm actually gonna cop this game.

Need to start a ill posse and start punching horses and merking niggas



IPhone App - My Sneakers

Pretty Ill App...

All you do is do a search and according to where you are the GPS will search for spots around you that has the sneaker you're looking for.

You can grab it here for $3.99 (or free, if you're jailbroken like Def, hoe)

Created by Louis Colon III


All The Way Turnt Over.

Come on nigga!!!

Nigga Cortez's got the ill ass gangsta lean...

Trade them shits in dog, shits a fucking wrap.

Nigga walking like that Paramedic nig from Quarantine with the broken ankle.


Koston High's

I love anything light brown, throw some team red laces in there and it's a go...

Drop April 27th, 2010


P.S. Shouts to XNastyNateX, he hipped me to these first.

Nike Air Foamposite One Black/Fire Red aka Cough Drops

Hmmm, kinda digging it, I never copped the Air Foamposite One Black with the solid red soles. So I'll prolly cop these

I wish they'd make the mini-swoosh white.

Drops June 19th.


Rerra Piece




How the fuck?

Hold up hoe.

How you trying to get all sexy and shit with a giant mountain of clothes behind you?

Clean that shit the fuck looking like a clearance bin.

Sick of you hoes



Chris Brown The Rapper?

SMFH @ this nigga rapping now.

That RnB shit wasn't poppin after he a beat a bitch, so the nigga is a thug now.

Shit sound funny when he says "Nigga"


P.S. Peep the Jordan BRED XI's and Oreo VI's duo he's rocking


Fake, Much?



Seriously? for real, Seriously??


Tiffany High?

I believe I caught word of Tiffany High SB's awhile ago, looks like it may come to surface.


Def From The Street: Skunks Sold Out

Skunks sold out everywhere in NYC. Happy Hunting



WTF, Huh?

^So this bitch Christina Hendricks^

Knocked off Megan Fox from the prettiest woman alive list..

My thoughts:


Why U Jump Though?


R.I.P. Guru

Keith Elam aka Guru from Gangstarr, passed away yesterday morning due to cancer.

I remember my mom telling me how he would come to her health food store, sit down drinking an organic juice and chatting with her for an hour, she said he was extremely nice and brilliant.

Definitely a pioneer in the world of Hip-Hop...sad to see him go, my blessings from me and my moms go out to him and his family. I know Premo and Solar are prolly in a world of hurt right now.

My favorite Gangstarr track entitled "Work"



Key City Vintage

Got a hit from money Sam Gold over at Key City Vintage.

Throwing them a lil promo...they got some Vintage stuff on sale on their site.

Some vintage Polo/Polo Sport and Snapbacks @ a very decent price.

Give em a look @


Wallpaper anyone? Prt. 2

The homey MajieMcfly, was asking if I had anymore wallpapers that were SB related...

If I find some more I'll let you know, fam

As always, click pic, right click and save target as (for you not knowing how to use a pc fuckas)



I'm a big fan of graf, Sickfuckk! my dude over on flickr is a fan of my blog, only right I give him some shine

Thats him throwing up...

Peep his graf pics @!



Wallpaper Anyone?

Click pic for larger view

Right Click and save target as (For you PC unsavvy ass mahfuckas)


Bitch got laser aim!!!

Some chick beamed some panties at Drake.

Just Watch...Fast forward to 6:25.

Lmfao @ what Drake said after it happened.

Yankees need to sign this bitch with the arm she got, deadass


Sneaker Con NYC 2010

Sneaker Con NYC
Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 - 12pm to 7pm

Special Feature: Exclusive Kaws Collection showcase by Toy Tokyo.

151 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012



Kim Kardashian New Boyfriend

This nigga, Christian Ronaldo...

Can't even front my nigga, I'd look like that to, if I was beating Kim!!