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Cleaned & Uncleaned.


The Expendables (Official Trailer)

Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bruce Willis
Jason Statham
Jet Li
Randy Couture
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Dolph Lundgren
Terry Crews
Mickey Rourke
Gary Daniels
Eric Roberts
Danny Trejo

Insane Crack.

Still mad Jean Claude Van-Damme And Steven Seagal turned down roles in this movie...pussies said their characters lacked substance, you two imbecile fucks, you name any of your own starring role movies where the characters you played had substance, y'all prolly two of the shittiest actors in movie history and gon talk some shit.


Tboogey, Does it again

I'm not one to keep posting about the same shit, unless it's kicks of

But I'm truly amazed at the skills of my homeboy Tboogey, dude has some really ill skills on the Mpc.

Any of yall rap or whatever and in serious needs of beats and willing to dish out some loot for some exclusive beats.

Contact him @


This Bitch.

If you don't know the story, this bitch Kat, 2 days ago said she slept with the entire Young Money crew and she got $1,200 to fuck.

(There's like 7 nigs in Young Money I think, You got paid $1,200, so what is that like $175 a nigga?...yeah, prostitute)

So yesterday, somebody hacked her twitter page.

Now she made this video and gave out mad rapper numbers.

This bitch is annoying as fuck, I just wanna hit her ass with a flying headbutt yo. Bitch looks like a robot sitting there and shit.

Why the fuck are her shoulders so gat damn broad?!?!?? Ole football pad shoulder having bitch, imagine catching a clothesline from this hoe??

"I'm a real bitch, no chaser in my muthafucka, straight up hoe"

Smh, bitch if you dont stfu, I'll get on the next thing smoking and beat ur ass to death with a flat screen TV

Wtf @ her laugh?

This coonery has to stop


Ole fake ass 50 Cent

The fuck is this?!?

Ole asian 50 Cent ass nigga, this nigga is trying a bit too hard, wassup with the chicks yo?...Ain't got no type of ass.

Fuck outta here, Curtis Chan.



Random Rambo 5

Let's See...

I miss my mom, like I miss her alot, I'm gonna visit her in May.

My back is acting like a hoe, shits been fucking with me off and on for the past few days.

My friend Courtney wants to die, she's very sick and in so much pain, she actually told me she wants to die.

Like seriously, who the fuck didn't know Ricky Martin was gay, in other ground breaking news, Deftronic is a sneakerhead.

This will be blog post 93 for this month, the most I've ever blogged in one month.

Jay-Z & Dr.Dre are dropping a single this week, can't wait.

Drake album drops May 25th

Nicki Minaj's single 'Massive Attack' is possibly the shittiest track I've heard so far in 2010 and I listen to alot of music.

I got sick hunting for some AJKO's on Friday, wasn't dressed properly and was out in the cold for a few hours, I knew I should ordered them shits off PYS, when I was going to.

U.S.A - United.Soles.of.America© coming 2011.

I need tickets for George Lopez in June @ Radio City Music Hall.

Sinbad's-Where you been? comedy stand up is a fucking classic, dude had me rolling, I haven't laughed that much since Kevin Hart's-I'm a grown little man

I wanna slap a girl's ass without her being surprised.

Val Kilmer has a huge fucking head in person.

My blog almost has 30,000 hits...on 05/13/09 I got my 10,000th hit.

I have 121 subcribers on youtube, my 1st subcriber, subscribed on 01/16/10

I get out of work early on Friday...I'm gonna go see Clash of the Titans friday night.

My job owes me 2,000 Euros, I have yet to get it yet.

My homegirl's, homeboy asked me to do him a favor, the favor is hit up his GF, flirt with her and see if she'll be open to letting me fuck. (No, he doesn't want me to fuck her, he just wants to see how grimy she is)

My CD's @ the bank have run their course...I'm tempted to go shopping, but I need that money for my boutique.

Decisions, Decisions.


Maliah Michel


& Cubana Lust?!

Shit is uncalled for, had me @ my desk looking like:


New Pickup!

Air Jordan Retro I HI KO aka AJKO's aka Air Jordan Knockout's

I'm pretty sure y'all know what it is, retro'd version of the very very limited release of the Air Jordan Knockouts, that never really came out to the public.

I cleaned my pair off and freaked em with black laces.

I believe the best way to clean em is to use the Footlocker Instant Sneaker Cleaner, it's alot less work then scrubbing away with a hand towel, soap and water. I used masking tape in order to not get the canvas area wet or risk having them messed up.


Stupid Sneakerhead

Dumb mahfucka, gone say he wore a shoe twice and still call it deadstock.

Dude, asked him how you gonna call it deadstock and you wore em?

His dumbass replied, cause they only released a few pairs.

So I guess according to his fucked up logic, when a shoe sells out its stock is dead, therefore its "Deadstock"

No fuckhead, Deadstock means when the shoe has not been tried on or worn and is still in its original state from the factory.

Stop posing, faggot.


Fruity Feets

Sorry, but them shits look fruity as all types of fuck

Shits are wild mega-man robotron jungle gym one hand swinging bruno.

Fuck outta here, walking around with ur feet looking like them 1984 supermarket stickers.


Tron Legacy.




P.S. Watch out for the Tron Dunks.


Ip Man 2

Holy Fuck.

Donnie Yen, plays Ip man (Bruce Lee's Sensei)

Donnie Yen Vs. Sammo Hung.



Def Loves Stickers =]

I kinda have a secret love for stickers, that's the side of my pc tower.

I didn't even realize how significant a Supreme sticker was until I saw ppl on ebay paying almost $20.00 for some of them. I was bored when I did that

When my girlfriend came over my house, she was like "WTF? I'm mad you got a Supreme sticker on your microwave."

Even my mouse is sticker'd up.


P.S. Don't hate on my mouse, bitch, I dare anyone to find that mouse for less than $125.00, that shit right there is a long lost gem. No, I'm not kidding...go on ebay and look up trackball optical, there's one right now going for $102.50 with a day left to bid.

@ Goliath.

So I hit up Goliath today while I was in the neighborhood, Goliath is located on 175th East 105th Street in Harlem, Take the 6 Train to the 103rd station stop walk up to 105th and Lexington and make a right, walk toward the green laundromat sign. Goliath is right before it.

Very ill boutique, crazy nice selection of tee's, tops, and fitteds. They also have a nice array of kicks, they more or less have a Tier 0/Quickstrike/Urban Nike Account, so don't expect to find any Nike SB's here, but if you're looking for stuff like the Black History Month AF1's or DJ AM's, they carried them. They also had the KG II's crazy early, the last time I was there. They hardly ever charge rape on anything as far as I know, everything is usually straight up box price.

The staff was crazy chill and very helpful, I called them up and asked if they had this crew in stock, dude looked for me, said yeah, asked my name and said he'd hold it for me, when I got there, sure enough they had it behind the counter waiting for me, I unfolded it to see how it looked, but couldn't manage to fold it back properly like they had it and dude came over and said "Don't worry, I got it." and re-folded it for me. They are open Mon-Sat 12pm to 7pm and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.

I got the crew to match with my AJKO's and I also picked up a fitted to go with my Bloody Gums SB's, they charged no tax and they blessed me with a shitload of stickers and a Freeway CD.

Definitely, one of my favorite spots.


Lazy Bitch.

This mahfucka chea...

Nig gets on the train with a big ass fucking bike with a broken basket on the front, nig just blocked mad ppl and shit, train was crowded as fuck and this mahfucka got a bike in the middle of the train car.

At one point, this lady got on and was going to get in a seat, but this idiotic mahfucka was blocking an open seat with his bike.

No wonder that stupid fuck is missing a finger, somebody prolly cut his shit off for doing dumb shit like this.

Thought the purpose of a bike was to avoid not having to use a public transportation, lazy mahfucka you.


III's Go Hard.

Only a true sneakerhead could spot that shit and know exactly what shoe it is.


@ Kixclusive.

So this is Kixclusive, YES, thats the storefront, at first I was like WTF is this?

It's pretty low-key, but if you think about it, shit like this should be low-key, it reminds me of back in the day, when you'd find a secret kick spot that not many knew about and you'd feel all types of ill, that you had a murder spot and you're ppl be like "yo, where'd you get them kicks at?" and you'd just say "My connect or I got the hook up"

Well in this case, I'm sure alot of sneakerheads know this spot, If you don't, now you do. It's located on 288 Mulberry street, it's one block over from Supreme on Lafayette street, if you're @ Supreme walk up like you're heading toward the B,D,V,F or Downtown 6 train by the corner gas station, but make a sharp right to the side alley, on the left side in green graffiti on the wall you'll ironically see "FUCK SUPREME" (lol), come out the alley, cross the street and make a right, on your right hand side you'll see the white gate and the 3 lights.

They do have alot of heat, it's overpriced by at least $75-100 of what I'd normally say is a decent price. The owners are pretty chill honestly and they will work with you, just give em some time to find the shoes you want in the stock room, you can usually bargain with them on the price, but don't expect to get too much off.

The store times is 1:00pm to 8:00pm everyday, if you roll past @ 1:30pm and you see the windows are covered and the door is locked, there's a 98% chance they will be closed for the day and they sometimes close whenever they want.


One can wish...

Just peeped this van glorious idea done by PremiumPete.

Day N' Night Air Foamposite Ones, those shits look insane!

Nicknamed the 3M Glowposites

The ‘Day and Night’ Air Foamposite One, or the “Glowposite”. His mock-up of the Foams features an all 3M upper with a glow-in-the-dark sole, allowing it to brighten up at night and when its hit with flash.

Another one of his bright ideas include the Foam Jams.

Nike, stop fucking around, there's ppl with ill ideas, that you should use, plus you'd make a shitload of money off them. Win/Win, don't you think?



Lil Update

Super busy, PC has been messing up, got some AJKO's on the way, got sick looking for some AJKO's, back has been killing me, hit up Kixclusive pretty chill owners and spot will do a lil post about em, going to UFC tonight in NJ...

That is all.



Nike Dunk High Pro SB "Skunk" (Detailed Pics)

Some better detailed pictures of the Upcoming Skunk SB's (Drop date is 04/20/10)


Knicks & Their Cheerleaders Suck.

The Fuck????!?!

Bitches straight Power Bombed her ass.

I'm so mad the black chick went to help her up and was like "fuck that" I gotta do my pose.



What Def Rocks.

Supreme Fit., originally uploaded by

So I got an email from VaderinVA:

"Hey, what type of shirts or whatever do you wear with all your sneakers since they are so colorful I usually get all black or all white."

So I took some pics of my fits, some of my favorites.

Copper Fit., originally uploaded by

Dr. Feelgood Fit, originally uploaded by

Resn Fit., originally uploaded by

Supreme Low Fit., originally uploaded by

Oreo VI Fit., originally uploaded by


Worst Fakes Ever

If that isn't the shittiest Jordan IV ever.

And the seller is asking for $199.99

Fucker had the nerve to put "STUNNING" in the title.

To Cop:


P.S. Shouts to my extended New Zealand fam, JustinP173 for the drop

New Balance MT580PU "Fluro-Croc"

I'm kinda digging these...hmm, these might make me break my Nike only copping streak.


SAK x Converse Chuck Taylors

Now why in anyone's right mind would they buy a fucking shoe that's curled the fuck up?

Shit looks like it was worn for 18 years straight.

Picture me rocking these shits, walking out my house looking like the Iron Sheik and shit.

Fuck outta here Converse.


Rejoice, My Niggas

This dumb mahfucka Reggie Bush, done broke up with that above.

Because he couldn't handle all the publicity she gets.

Nigga is you gay??!?!?...Nigga is you stupid?!?!?

Swear on everything my niggas, I'm gunning for Kim now, any chick that tries to holla at me will get treated just like this:



Spandex Vol. 2



Diggy Get Smart.

So the lil nigga Diggy Simmons, Rev Run's son signed with Atlantic Records.

Congrats my dude...but WTF is up with you looking like Agent 99 from Get Smart my nigga??

You couldn't kept that shit, bruh.


P.S. I expect JoJo to kill himself within a few days.

Nike Dunk High Pro SB 'Skunk'

Looks pretty ill, honestly, reminds me of the silver sb box days.

Secret Stash pocket for that sticky icky.

April 2010 Quickstrike. Rumored date is 4/20. (National Weed


Reflection Eternal-Strangers (Video)

Swear this Revolutions Per Minute album is gonna be amazing.

Real Hip-Hop is coming back!

Peep the Supreme Beanie and Space Jams On Bun B!


Kim K, Oh Geez.

Omg Yo...

lucky I wasn't on that boat yo!

I'd pop up in front that bitch like: