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Aww man, Homey

So I just got this message from some 14 yr old kid:

It says:

hey i was wondering do you have any shoes you don't use i want some new shoes but my mom doesn't have enough money and i am still wearing the shoes from last year. So i was just wondering if you have shoes that you don't want like some jordans or nikes. Thank you!
by the way im only 14 years and im getting tired of people making fun of me because i wear the same shoes everyday i would really appreciate if i can have a pair or more since you have been blessed with a collection of shoes.

I messaged the lil homey back, asking him what size he wears...I might send him something, but I swear if this lil nigga tells me he lives in Nigeria or some shit, he ain't getting nothing.


Bitch WTF?

Now I think Lady Gaga is aight, she got a lil fatty, naw mean.

But wtf is this fuckery!?!?

Bitch look like she got the Fauno from Pans Labyrinth's legs on her gat damn head.

Taking shit too gat damn far now, hoe.




Thought this nigga was about to take off and shit.

Fucks up with the swiss miss hat?


Sunny Snow

Thought this was a fresh pic I took...

Sunlight trying to break through, while it's still snowing.


Icepick Jenkins


Dirty, Much?

Everything about this picture screams, filth.

All the bumps on that chicks face.

The dirty as all types of hellacious fucking floor.

Sweaty ass money rubbing on her crotch.

The only shit that looks like it doesn't belong there is the white girl.


P.S. I, by no means am saying the white girl is clean.


See-Through Thighs

Listen Ladies, If you stand up straight and your inner-thighs don't touch, you should die.

Not a horrible, thrown into a pit of minotaurs type death, but a thrown off a cliff like in 300 type death.

I can't fucking stand to see a chick rock some tight/skinny jeans and I can see right through her fucking thighs, that shit is disturbing, looking like a fucking He-Man action figure.

If your thighs don't touch get the fuck outta my face.


P.S. While I'm all for thigh touching, I am not down with hyper-pigmentation, that's where the inner thigh becomes a dark shade of skin from where your thighs rub. You too can die a 300 off the cliff type death, Thank You


Since when is Freddy 5'5?!!?

Ughh, I dunno about this shit and his voice is annoying.

How you gon remake some shit and make the villian less terrifying than the 1st?!



Oh No's.


Shit Brown Ice Soles with Shit Brown Matching Jumpman and Laces..

Nigga GTFO!

Shouts to my nigga Marvin for this one, you can peep him out on his youtube page @



Good Eating!


Pelo De Mi Diosa

Serene =]


Dressing In The Dark = You Lose

Come on seriously?...Like where the fuck did you get dressed this morning? In a fucking cave? I can't fathom someone would actually put on mismatching socks ON PURPOSE. Like I can understand putting on one navy blue sock and one black sock...fine.

But not no shocking teal and some purple fucking striped polka dot shit!!

Fuck your life, seriously.


Kow-beeeeeeee Prt. 4

My nigga Kobe, game winner again...nigga just came back off a 2 week hiatus, 1st game back and he just murders shit.


P.S. I know this will make some ppl mad, but [MANNY PACQUIAO] Ahhhh, I'm just doing my job you know, I like to make ppl happy[/MANNY PACQUIAO]


Oh My.




Gat Damn, Holmes!

You see them shits, the fuck happend to those boots?!...Look like she was hanging on the back of a car doing 82mph and that mahfucka was hitting switches or some shit, while her boots was dragging on the ground.

Fuckin boots are literally refusing to be white anymore, ole riverdancing through barbwire ass boots she got on.


Blasphemy Reloaded.

What is it with me always walking pass perfectly good pieces of sneaker boxes, shoe inserts and shit like that just thrown on the street?!



Better Had Of, Had Of Fixed That Shit.

I don't play! I quit school cause of recess and gym, hoe!



Niggas Going OFF Bay Bay!

These niggas hype as fuck!


Nigga did a double reverse roundhouse kick.

Them niggas jerkin' is off the chain.


You just can't do that!!

Seriously, notice anything missing!?!?!

Yeah, you punk bitch, where the fuck is the sportscenter STATUS up next bar thingy?!??!

There I am in front of my TV, with my cereal and I'm saying to myself, something is missing, wtf?...then I notice the sportscenter status up next bar thingy is missing, I nearly choked on my cereal.

We need this shit, you just can't take it away like that without a perfectly good explanation.

Is the status bar updater dude on vacation like wtf?!

I, no, WE need to see what the fuck is coming up next on sportscenter, We are accustomed to knowing the future of sportscenter.

Does it look like I wanna sit there not knowing I have to watch some shit about Nascar for 5 minutes,then some shit about Tiger, when I'm waiting to see the Lakers Highlights?!?!?!

This is just unfair, You just can't do that!...Fix it now!



I so sucked last night at getting some sleep.

I attempted to go to sleep @ 12:30am or so...I laid there until like 1:35am...dozed off till 2:28am, woke up, pissed, went back to bed...fell asleep then had a fucked up bad dream.

Some dumb shit, about me being chased by a gang, called "The Legends"

I got yahoo from my phone, because I couldnt sleep, fucked around on there for a bit, went back to sleep and woke up at 5:51am. I been up ever since.

I just have a feeling I'm gonna be tired and rude as shit today.

Wish me luck.



Must See TV.

The name of the show is "How to make it in america"

I must say this show is fucking amazing, simply amazing.

It's based in New York City, it's basically about everyday NYC life and the constant hustles, inspirations, and hardships on just trying to make it and being successful.

If there was ever a tv show that truly captured the essense of New York City and the life lived within it, it's this show.

It stars Bryan Greenberg, Kid Cudi, Victor Rasuk.

Two Def-Thumbs Up.

It airs Sunday Nights on HBO @ 10:00pm, Season 1 Episode 2 airs tonight.


P.S. Sneakerheads peep the OG Jordan 1's Bryan Greenberg is rocking on the Train Scene...."It's about respect"

Work of art, completed.

Finish product of the wall painting for the upcoming video game "Red Dead Redemption"

Click Here to see the beginning stage of this project.

Big Ass Baby

Come on man, Seriously!??!!?

This kid is at least 4 and still got a fucking pacifier?!?

What kind of dumb shit am I witnessing here?!!? Ole big ass kid with a fucking BA-BA in her mouth and her moms is letting her still use that shit?!...Ughh, I felt running up on that kids moms and fucking Ong Bak Tony Jaa flying knee her fucking nosebridge.

Stupid Shit.


P.S. This chick e-mailed me and asked if I get the ppl's permission and have them sign a release form to post their pictures up on my blog, nigga what do u think? How about you sign my dick with your tongue and I release some shit in a white form all over your face?!

New Pickup!

HTM2 Run Boot Low TZ, originally uploaded by

Man, I just had to get these, sleek as fuck, statement shoes...Shits are comfortable as fuck, If Batman ever rocked Nike's these would be his signature shoe. Also makes a great traveling shoe, since you can just slip it on and off during Airport security check.

Indepth Info:

Exclusive to NYC And Japan Only.

Sometimes crossing the train platform can be as challenging as hiking Mt. Hood. Drawing on this insight, design super-group Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, Mark Parker and Mark Smith set out to revolutionize the traditional ankle boot for both style and performance. The process led them deep into Nike’s chest of running innovations and onto the track for some serious testing. After a year-and-a-half of rigorous testing, the result is the Nike HTM2 Run Boot.

Addressing the need for stability, flexibility and weatherproofing, the HTM2 incorporates Nike Free natural-motion technology combined with a lightweight, water-repellant, four-way-flexible upper. Details like the elastic gusset and pull straps nod to traditional Chelsea boot styling while notching up the functionality of the HTM2—slip it on, and it stays in place.


Mighty Crown.

One of the greatest nike dunks of all times...IMO

1st Nike shoe with Woodgrain panel


Nike HTM2 Run Boot.

Kinda Diggin These...



Fuck Laundromats

Laundromat was pure fuckery today.

I wash my clothes..

Then I go to dry my shit and there's no dryers open, mind you 5 have stopped but nobody is taking their shit out, then this dumb ass bitch grabs 3 laundry bins puts her clothes in all 3, stands and waits for someone to take their clothes out of the dryer.

You stupid fuckface, how do you expect anyone to take their shit out in a timely manner, when you got ur wet clothes in 3 seperate bins!?!? You dumb piece of shit...

I just took my wet clothes home and hung em up, fuck it.




Shouts to my landlords, but this shit is ridiculous.


Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakers Man...

I just felt all types of homo after watching this...this shit is ridiculous.


New Pickup!

Holy Fuck are these comfortable, shit feels like I just stuck my foot in between Kim Kardashian's asscrack. Jeezzzzzzzz. First off, this is my first pair of Air Max 95's, I owned a pair of Tailwinds but those were whatevers, this is the only colorway I've ever really loved, so I had to cop.

My girlfriend is a Air Max fiend, she has mad pairs, I'm mad I never hopped on the air max train until

They drop on February 27th, 2010




Random Rambo 4

Snow = Sneakerheads Nightmare...we can't wear what we want, when we want, cause of this shit, fucking sucks.

I'm sick of ppl standing real close to me while I'm seated on the train and they fucking stink, shits so annoying.

Why the fuck would you ask me to be your valentine and ask me out to dinner like 1:20pm on Valentine's Day and when I say I already have a Valentine, you wanna cop an attitude? That's just retarded, shit even if you asked me 2 months ago, I'd prolly still say no.

Shouts to my homegirl Glenys, who prolly had the worst Valentine Day ever, her boyfriend had some problems with his kidney stones and was throwing up like a mahfucka, so she basically spent her entire V-Day @ the hospital... =[

Shouts to my cousin Evin, for finally getting his size 14 pair of Copper Foamposites, shit was like a journey to hell and back for him...

Oh yeah, I don't know how to be bitter, I just know how to shit back on you, when you cross the line. Suck it up...I told you, I'm a fucking beast.

If I don't reply to your e-mails it means you're forwarded straight to trash, don't be mad.

If my back keeps acting up, I swear I'm gonna fucking kill someone.

I'm tired of Hot Pockets, I need something new to eat.

I think $220 for the Hellz X Mosley Tribe sunglasses is kinda rape.

Going to Vegas in May, mad my best friend Mike is moving back there for good.

I think my homegirl, Athena is mad at me because I said Kourtney Kardshian is a shitty ass girlfriend, after not saying shit to her man Scott during his drunk tirade on the Keeping up with the Kardashians show last night.

Sneaker Companies are the devil, anyone notice how a shitload of hot anticipated kicks are dropping in Jan,Feb,March....right around the time everyone gets a Tax Return?

I will allow comments soon.


New Money, New View

Finally got a window'd office.

Go Def!



New Way To Give Head?


Kobe FTW!...Again

ROTFLMAOOO @ Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo, checking out Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa.

Kobe wins again.


Lmao @ Fabolous

Lmfao @ Fabolous, saying USHER looked like a "Gay Batman" last night during his performance before the NBA All-Star Game

I can't even disagree, that nigga do look like a gay ass Batman, talking bout he want "More"