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Thank Me, Later.

Just renewed my domain.

1 more year of me.

Let's get it.


Happy Def? = More Blogs?

So check this out...

This month I'll have blogged 84 times in the month of January

Last time I posted that much was in July

August, September, October, November you can see my blog posts considerably dropped to low numbers.

So I was thinking why is that?

Well in July, I was happy as shit cause my mom just beat cancer, among other things.
The months after I was going through alot of stressful bullshit.

With November being really shitty, Now look at December, jumped up to the 70's, with even more this Month.

I guess me being happy and stress-free, makes me blog more.

So Yeah, you fucks need to keep me happy, so you can stay entertained.


NBA 2K10 Playoff Highlights Part 2 (The Finale)

The Finale.

Won the championships, went 16-0 in the playoffs.





If you actually have to get this close and cop a seat ontop ur bathroom sink to put on makeup.

You gotta be the ugliest bitch known to man.

Ice-T FTL.


Goes Hard.

Pfft, I remember when me and my team would say "That shit goes hard".

Ppl would look at us like "Wtf? thats sounds gay" . I even had other ppl saying it.

Now Rihanna drops the song with Jeezy saying "We go hard"

Now, all of sudden its cool to say it.

Man Fuck Y'all. lol



Fucking Amazing.

Shouts to Mental Therapy for making us aware of the future.


P.S. Do you see that Fat Tongue?!



Yes, yup...Vakay!

I'm on it...Holla @ ya boy.

I will be fresh automatically, drunk sporadically and fucking consistently.

Scream at me.

Oh yeah, I will be posting, so don't worry.

Last night was fucking jokes to me, I was rolling. I'll let y'all know about it soon enough.

Time for some R&R



Son, I'm Crying.

Me and my nigga was clowning a few mins ago and he said "I'll slap ur girl ass so violently, it'll sound like i'm playing babaloo on that shit!"

So I looked up this clip and found this shit!!!!


I'm fucking crying and choking from laughing so harddddd


Words Of Wisdom

This is dedicated to an ex-friend of mine, (you know who you are).

There comes a time and place, when you have to realize some things are never going to change, no matter how many times you give something another chance, and keep that thing around. It's ok to give it a 2nd chance, but a 5th?, 6th?, 7th?, no.

That thing is going to be a cancer in your life, as long as you keep it around. It will upset you, try to break you, and defy you at every chance it gets.

But this will only happen if you let it...

One cannot be bothered by what doesn't matter, unless they bother to stay around that matter.

Take Care,

Nice Kicks Retail Shop.2.27.10

Austin, Texas


Random Rambo 3

Hi Fuckas,

So a few of you are complaining that you can't view my blog AT WORK, because of the massive hulk bench pressing some titties banner I have up, well guess what?! You should be doing ur fucking job instead of looking at my blog at work, hoe. Naw, just kidding...I'll change it soon

Got an e-mail from Youtube today, basically saying I have a popular clip on there and they'd like to add ad's on it, so I can get paid for views. They basically saying "hey, you're getting alot of views and we'd like to get paid for it, so we'll give u a little cut."...kiss my ass.

My vacation starts Saturday, I cannot wait.

It's snowing right now, totally unexpected


Concord XI's - Dec
Cool Grey XI's - Nov
Low Navy Snake XI's - Oct
Jordan Slam Dunk Champ Pack (White Cement III's and II's) - Summer

My Grandmoms actually called me on my birthday this year, she usually hits me up 1-2 days later to wish me it, good shit Abuelita, you on your job!

My back has been killing me, lately...fuckload of back spasms lately.

Anybody got a copy of Rosetta Stone: Japanese? I need to learn some Japanese.

I saw a DVD set of the Aeon Flux, cartoon series on sale for $8.99 yesterday, I'm kinda regretting that I didn't buy it, WTF Def?

Yes, I want an Ipad, shit looks promising, I think I'll just get the 16GB, because I'm still gonna use my Ipod Touch for music and shit, I'm really attracted to the Ipad's E-Book, Video Playing, and Word Processing aspects...I really dislike that there's no camera. Imagine video conferencing?...There's a plug in camera, but that's just gayballs.

No word on whether or not if the Iphone is coming to Verizon, but I'm pretty sure it will.

Lakers Vs. Boston - This Sunday

Andddd, I'm going to Vegas, sometime in May...Rampage Jackson is gonna finally fight Rashad Evans. I'm not missing that for nothing.



Birthday Lunch, Bitch

So my homeboy Q, treated me to lunch.

So I got a Dallas BBQ Burger, Yammmmm!

Shits crack, cheddar, baked onions, bacon, and their special BBQ Sauce.

Safe to say I was full as fuck after it.

Today, was kinda bittersweet, because on the flipside today was Q's last day at work, which fucking sucks, cause he's like a brother from another mother to me.

Shouts to the 50 Million ppl that hit me for my birthday, truly appreciate that!

Last year, I think like 5 ppl hit me up, lol.


Slap My Head.

Lmao @ The fans in the crowd after Lebrons steal.



NBA 2K10 Playoff Highlights Part 1

My favorite clip yet.

1st and 2nd round of the playoffs.


Come On Man.

Zippered Spandex FOR THE FUCKING WIN!


The Gates.

Place is crack.

Marble over marble, everywhere.

Mac N Cheese, Lollipops...yes, Lollipops nigga.

Located @:

290 8th Avenue

More Info:


P.S. Not for the meek pocketed.

Models, Bottles and Celebrities Tuesdays
Tuesday, 1.26.10, 11:00pm - Wednesday, 1.27.10, 5:00am


What the flocka?

Nigga, what in all types of fuck is that??!

Jordan, please no whatever you do, no.


Def, The Imperial Cereal King, Bitch Part. 2

I'm still the Imperial Cereal King bitch!



I don't even think you have to ask why I had a big grin and smile on my face while seeing this info-mercial for the "Shake-Weight" last night.

I think I'm a cop my girl this shit, just so I can stare at her while she jerks the weight...uh..I mean shake!...yeah shake.



As you may or may not have known, Nike secretly restocked some stores with the Freshwater Air Griffey Max 1's, this weekend.

That was pretty cool of them, but on the flipside shit disgusts me that a shitload of ppl went and copped all the Griffeys up just for re-sale purposes.

Come on...let the ppl who missed out at least get a pair or cop em for yourself if you missed them, but to just cop all the shit up to go put it up on Flightclub for $100 more on the box price is just disgusting.

You shoulda saw my phone light up with updates from FC showing the Griffeys they restocked, then the sole Griffey that was up had to LOWER it's price just to compete with the new influx of $250 dollar Griffeys just added.




Chris Browns Brother

Apparently, this is Chris Brown's gay brother that he doesn't claim.

Im with ya Chris..I don't think I'd claim that nigga either.



New Pickup! (s)

Nike Dunk High Pro SB 'Oceanic 815s'

Murder, all butter suede, Germain Blue and Send Help Blue ...these are based off the TV Show 'Lost'. This pair specifically is based after the airline logo for the plane that the cast flew on and crashed onto the island in, the airline was Oceanic Airlines and the flight number was 815.


Nike Blazer SB 'Dharma Initiative'

These are also based off the show, these refer to the 'Dharma Initiative', which is a research faction set on the island, the linen-khaki color is the color of their uniform. Entire upper is canvas

The back of the shoe says "Shoe", which refers to how items are labeled on the island by the Dharma Initiatives, for example a bag of sugar is white with the Dharma logo and in plain black font it simply says "Sugar".


P.S. These shoes are the first ever Mystery Quickstrike by Nike SB, no one knew about these shoes, not even shop owners, they just simply arrived in a box and thats how shop owners got them, these weren't even reported on any sneakerblog (until a few shops got them in) and I just had to cop both being Lost is one of my favorite TV shoes of all time. The 6th and final season of Lost premieres on Feb 5th.


Eggplants Re-Release

Now I think it's kinda ok to Re-Release these, for the ppl who never got them.

But, to re-release them exactly a year and a month later (they re-drop in March) after they originally dropped and 1 month after the Copper drop is lame. They aren't even giving the copper's enough time to shine and what the fuck at retro'ing a shoe 1 year later.

Shits kinda wack for the heads who got em already, cause now u gonna see a new influx of ppl rocking em, where as we could rock em and prolly wouldnt see someone with em on for a few weeks-month.

I don't understand the politics behind this, I'm guessing Nike is trying to cash in or something.

Can we get some Metallic Gold foams? like the flightposites...fuck re-releasing these.

Assholes, yes I called Nike reps assholes.



Oh, What A Night!


What the fuckery!!!

This nig was rocking shiny suits way before Diddy and Mase

@ the 0:30 mark...Did them niggas just do Jumping Jacks and then the Young Joc "It's going down" dance?!??!!??!?!



New Pickup!

1997 OG Air Foamposite One

Finally!! Got my childhood grails, lemme explain I wanted these as a kid so friggin bad, but my moms was like "$200 for some bright blue shoes?!, hell no, ur crazy" . So I never got em.

I kinda fell off from sneakers when the retros came out in 2007 (on my birthday weekend no less) so I missed the retros

But these are so much more precious to me...

Big Shouts to AbramYoKicksJapan, for blessing me with these, gave me an amazing price of only $250. the 2007 retros go for $525, so imagine what a DS 1997 pair goes for.

Abram is def part of my extended family, touch base when I visit Tokyo.


P.S. All 3 looking lovely!

Left To Right

1997 OG Blue Air Foamposite One
2009 Eggplant Air Foamposite One
2010 Copper Air Foamposite One

Nike Dunk High Pro SB "Lost"

I just fucking went insane at my desk.

Based off the TV Show "Lost"

Hidden Quickstrike!


Gil Scott Heron - Me & The Devil

Back after 15 Years.

New Album entitled "I'm new here" due out February 22nd.



God is Amazing.

Whoever says God doesn't exist, when he/she creates such beautiful things for me and you to look at, shall be stoned, shot, stabbed, kicked, and then thrown in a pit full of zombies for talking such foul rubbish.



P.S. If any of you ladies are shaped like this and your ass makes your back pockets look uneven, please contact me.

Vintage FTW.

Found this BUP in a vintage shop today...copped for $6.25

Ralph Lauren Circa 1998.


The Ordasity.

Stupid Trick, gonna tell me.

"I like your Jordans, cutey"

Bitch?! is you crazy?!

Don't ever disrespect a pair of Supreme Low SB's for Jordans.

Thats blasphemy.

After she said that, I picked her up over my head Ultimate Warrior style and threw her into a oncoming bus.


What's Security?

What is that? Security, What, what is that?


Stairway to Heaven...literally

Catch Up.




Now I'm all for having your kids look fly and shit.

But come on Jordan VI Infra-red Crib shoes?!
Wtf is a crib shoe, why do babies even need shoes in a crib?!?

Do we rock shoes in our fucking bed? Hell naw, my chick would kick my ass.

Shits ridiculous, fucks the point?...and they cost $40.00.

Kids grow like a fuck, so you gonna waste 40 bucks on this shit they'll grow out of in like a month or some shit.

Shits just dumb and it looks dumb, fucking kid got on Jordans and cant even flip itself over in the crib, yet alone walk.


NBA 2K10 Highlights Part 2

Brandon Roy, should retire after the move I put on him.


That's Racist!!!

So that was from last weeks Fox broadcast of football after the Cowboys/Eagles game.

Notice anything?...Fucking KFC right under the two black dudes, Deion Sanders And Michael Irvin.

Ok cool, no problem...

Now look what happens this week...

Why you, muthafuckas!!!!!




Went to Costco's today picked up a "6-Shelf Chrome Storage".

Copped for like 70 bucks. Pretty Sturdy Holds about 80 sneakerboxes.

Shits heavy as fuck, so you're def gonna need a car to pick it up.

I'm mad it didn't fit all my kicks. =\


Kobe on Fire

Lmaooooo @ the puppets feet stomping.


Crack In A Can

That my friends is a can of Throwback Mountain Dew.

Shit is supposed to taste like the mountain dew from the 70's-80's

Swear this shit will have you hyper as fuck.



Proof Of Foams

So I got some hate mail.

Some ppl claimed I didn't have the foams and I stole pics from someone, saying "why don't you put a piece of paper with ur name on it instead of photoshopping, huh?" but that's dumb because if u peep my Flickr page, you can see I took a pic of those foams in the same place I took my Tiffanys and my Trickstar SB's

So there's a proof vid...get off my dick and go fuck a girl for once.

Next person who sends me hate mail, that's about some dumb shit, I'm gonna put ur email on blast. Send me hate mail, like I say "nigga" too much, or I suck or whatever, but mailing about shit you obviously have no knowledge about is corny.


What Fashion Show?

My nigga's over at FckUpENT are hilarious.


Peep more skits at


Soles 4 Souls


There are many ways that all of us can help in this effort.

1) Text “SHOES” to 20222 to make a donation of $5 to Soles4Souls

2) Send any new or gently worn shoes to the address below

Sneakerheads for Haiti
Soles4Souls, Inc.
315 Airport Road
Roanoke, AL 36274


Got some kicks you don't care for anymore, give em away to someone who needs em more than you do.



NBA 2K10 Highlights

So I'm almost done with my 2nd season in the MyPlayer mode of NBA2K10, I signed with the Los Angeles Lakers after winning the championship with the Utah Jazz in my rookie season.

So here are some of my highlights from my 2nd season, pretty sick if you ask me.

I edited the vid myself, might not be the greatest cause it's my first time editing, but yeah, check it out!


Bad Boy 3, Bitch!

Today we were able to confirm from our sources at Sony studios that comedian and actor Martin Lawrence met with actor Will Smith to discuss filming the next installment of the Bad Boys franchise, so far tentatively titled Bad Boys 3. We can say that our sources stated to us that both actors have agreed to be in the film.

We also discovered from our sources that the actors are in very early discussions and they are planning on bringing back Director Michael Bay who directed the first two films, and who has had recent success in directing the Transformers franchise. We even heard there were some discussions on the plot of the film and the setting. No word yet on who will write the film or also star, but as of this writing it’s a good bet that the film is moving forward.

Yeahhhhhhhhhh Bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh!



Lupe says:

"Babygirl, What does it matter where your purse from, your hair done, your nails did, ur ass fat, but you're dumb"

Lmfao, Reminds me of someone and I so fucking agree with you LU.

Taken from the track "I'm Beaming" off the fortcoming album entitled "We Are Lasers"

Hit the nail on the head.


Random Rambo 2

1st Things 1st, Text "YELE" to 501501 to donate $5.00 to charity fund to help out the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Text "Haiti" to 90999 to make a $10.00 Donation. YELE fund has raised more than $400,000 so far, Let get it, keep it up

Also, UPS is shipping anything under 50 pounds to Haiti for free, go donate ur old clothes that's outta style, anything helps.

2nd things 2nd, R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass

3rd things 3rd, Book Of Eli - Tomorrow

Got tickets to see Jay-Z @ Nassau Colliseum and Now got tickets for Jay-Z, (possibly Kanye West), Jeezy, And Trey Songz at MSG. I'm prolly gonna get rid of the Nassau Colli tix now, hit me up.

Anyone with a pair of DS or NDS Blue Foamposites One (No yellowing on the sides), sz 10.5 or 11, Please hit me...If you have 2 pairs I will take both, the homey Jomar needs a pair also.

Anyone who knows where I can get a pair of Grey/Teal Air Griffey's sz 10.5 or 11, please let me know, I know they're out there.

The classic Pepsi Throwback, is fucking crack in a can, the shit is made with real sugar, like how they did it back in the 70's, please brush ur teeth right after u drink one

Go pick up Paul Mooney's book entitled "Black is the new White" ...shit is amazing

Wtf @ them making a Four Brothers sequel, entitled Five Brothers?!...didn't one of em die???

No, I'm not selling my Copper Foamposites, No I didn't get them at Sneaker-Con, if you followed my blog, then u'd know I had them a little before I got my Space Jams. Click over there ----> to follow my blog

No, I'm not white, I'm Black and Puerto Rican, so I can say Nigga as many times as I want to.

I'm going to Costco for the first time in my life ever, this weekend.




Line of the day.

So I was talking to my homey, Marvin.

And he was telling me how he had to slow down on copping kicks cause he needs to put his money into his studio time, cause he has the oppurtunity to work with a grammy winning producer.

So sometimes I have these great moments in my mind where I drop gems.

I told him:

"Sometimes you have to sacrifice now, In order to achieve greatness later".

Now I never heard anyone say that, I'm prolly sure it's been said by someone, but I just told him that and he agreed.

The line in many ways is true.


*WARNING* Danger's Pussy, Looks Dangerous.

Holy Shit.

Her Yum Yum, looks disgusting as all types of fuck.

Hanging hair is not a good look, serious

To see the sexually explicit pics (18 yrs of age and older, please)

Click Here --->

Warning. Shit is very disturbing. I don't know how much nasty shit I can't take after the roboleg stripper and now this shit.


What in the fuckery?

That has got be the most WHAT THE FUCKEST, shit I've ever seen in my entire life.

A Stripper with a prosthetic leg...smh @ the fake leg shaking with the other one.

Ole robocop leg bitch, I wonder if niggas stick dollars in the metal joints.

This bitch ever try spinning round the pole, sparks will fucking fly.

I can't take it...I've had enough.




This years Sneakercon, looked dry as all fuck.

Got damn this shit looked sorry.

Motorsport VI's for 350?!...nigga thats double the box price, glad I didnt go.


Fucking Dickhead!

J.R. Smith is now officially dumber than my ex.