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Hatred (Video Game Trailer)


 photo FUCK-YEAH.gif


..Slime just going round merking niggas for no gat damn reason..

..I need this!!!..



Fat Kid Mafia X Halloween T

..Limited T..

..Drops 10/17/14 @ 12pm PT/3pm ET..


..Hit up @BasedLaRock for drop link & Info..




 photo defgif28.gif

..I need these now..

..Why in the muthafuck wasn't I served this shit as kid on Saturday morning to eat while I watch Cartoons got dammit!?!?!?..


TF is this?


 photo defgif31.gif

..Nigga look like a TuanTuan from stars wars..

..Slime feet look big as all fucks..

..Walking garbage bag faced ass nigga..

..Snuggie Deluxe Supreme shit is this..

..Lmao @ the pic of him on his bag with legs crossed..

..I should go camp for some kicks rocking this shit and scare the shit outta people..



Jamal Crawford NO LOOK THREE


 photo Keys-Dramatic-Glasses-Off-Scene-On-Key-Peele-Gif_zpseb4d2021.gif

..Slime shot the ball turned around and stared at the bench while the shit went in..




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..Head-Nod Beat Music..

..Thank You..

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DefStep - The Repose V.2

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That Promotion Though

 photo deal_with_it-Lakers.gif


Them Cuffs

..The Fuck?..

 photo lzsH3_zpse87d3398.gif

..This nigga really wanna show them shoes off or some shit..

..Cuffs stronger than Conan round this bitch..

..Slime Cuffs can hold up a car so you can change the tires..

..How the outside ironed but the cuffs is wrinkled?..

P.S. Shouts to @SoleUniv


#DefStep 2X 10/13/14

The Repose V.2 - 10/13/14 @ 12:00pm ET

Deface - 10/13/14 @ 1:00pm ET


Dope Eating in NYC

Genuine Roadside (Gotham Market)
600 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036
(212) 582-7941

(Buttermilk Battered Chicken Sandwich = Crack)
(Sweet Potato Fries & Reg Fries with Chorizo Chili & Queso Fresco)
(Spicy Smokehouse Burger = Dope)
(Elote Grilled Corn & Soda was from Choza Taquiera located in Gotham Market, right next to Genuine Roadside)

Wilma Jean
345 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 422-0444

(The Double Burger with Bacon & Pimento Cheese ~ Above & Below are the same Burger)
(Best Burger I've ever had in NYC so far)
(Chicken Dinner)
(Was messing around with the Iphone6 camera)


Jaden Smith - Fast

..On some real shit, this nigga all types of fucking weird..

..I don't usually fuck with this fuckboy ass nigga..

..Don't know why this nigga rolling on the ground in garages or WTF he talking bout..

..But that beat and his flow goes hard..


Hell Naw

 photo 1341468126501.gif

..The Fuck?????..

..Muthafucking Orcs from Lord of the Rings is real???..

..What kinda shit you gotta go through to have your feet looking like Freddy Kruegers Face my nigga?..

..Got damn nails look like woodchips..

..Heels looked like they stood in front of mac truck and tried to stop it..

..Foot look like it was banished from hell.. fuck this..




Stupid Bitch.

 photo tumblr_m2n23xHCTF1qdf6w8o3_500.gif



 photo defgif12.gif



..The Fuck?..

 photo george.gif

..Fuck wrong with this nigga cuz?..

..Nigga out here thinking he Jaden Smith??..

..Nigga is that a Yoshi from Mario bracelet?..

..Really hope you at the ATM getting cash to buy some clothes my G..

..I'd robbed this man just off GP..

..Why his shadow on the wall look like Mega Man?..

..Nigga skull big as fuck, prolly couldn't fit the helmet..

..Man Fuck This..


I'm Outs...

 photo dfr7fh.gif

..The fuck you even doing buying VHS tapes in the first place my nigga?..

..I don't know one place on earth still selling VHS tapes..

..Hoarders don't even keep VHS's tapes, B..


When You See It...


Come On Man


 photo facepalm_zps9d464e0e.gif

..You doing way too much..

..Y'all really out here hitting shoes with bats?..

..Trash ass photoshop job..

..who the fuck even pitched that bullshit to you..

..and nigga did they pitch it from third base?..

..Fuck Jackass..

..but 295 idiots liked this, paving the way for him to post more idiotic themed sneaker shit..


Say Man What???


 photo tumblr_md8fjasp7l1qc1jg4o2_500_zpsd5668429.gif

..How do you even open a pizza box upside down?..

..You really think the top of a pizza box is just plain with no pictures and nothing even say PIZZA on the bitch?..

..Especially domino's they got shit all the fuck over they box..

..This nigga really thought the cover artwork was a grease stain..