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New Build.

..Core I5-4670L Quad Core 3.4GHZ..
..8GB Vengeance Ram..
..EVGA Super Clocked Geforce GTX 760..
..2 x 1TB HDD + 1 x 120GB SSD drive..

 photo fmrrc.gif


Ultra Supreme Man

..Ole Church table cloth looking ass nigga..

 photo tumblr_lpzvr5Y8x51qax9gv.gif

..Ole "look at me, look at me, I'm outchea" ass nigga

..Ole here I am locking down the 1st 100 spots on a supreme line ass nigga..

..Ole I gets no pussy but I match though ass nigga..

..Ole I had this shirt and pants 5 weeks before the foams came out ass nigga..

..Ole Ketchup, Mayo, and Mustard ass nigga..



..I Don't Get It..

 photo tumblr_mn617pmSrU1r4xp1so2_400_zps72e197d2.gif

..Why in the fuck would you wear this?..

..Notice that nigga is in the walkway for his house..

..Come do that shit Uptown and see how far you get with that shit on..

..Nigga wake up 2 days later with his backpack shattered and missing a sleeve from his shirt..

P.S. Shouts to OmgItsJess

I'm Outs.

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..Shouts to my homie over at for the free T shirt..

..Check him out if you're interested in getting pre-orders done on sneakers..


You Can't Be Serious...


 photo kobe.gif

..We out here selling sneaker tags now?..

..This what we really out here doing My G?..

..Nigga on that ultra elite galactic hustle wave slime..

..So how does this work, someone pays you, you mail it to them and then they glue it onto their shoe?..

..and its not even both it's just 1, nigga huh?..

..Y'all Niggas smoking that finger nail dirt yo..

..Fuck Yall..

P.S. Shouts to @RopeLaceSupply

NextLevel Squad X

..Track is Overground by B'zWax..


Heidi Lee.

..NYC Custom Hat Designer Heidi Lee recipient of the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute's Accessory Design Award, literally stopped my Fiancee to take pictures of her Lunar Fly 306's..

..I had to take a pic of the event..


Nike Wildin

..Say Man WTF Is This???..

 photo Disgust.gif

..Nigga are those Denim Spandex for men?..

..Are those cuffs on stretchy denim?..

..I'm so got damn confused right now..

..Spanish females don't even rock denim spandex anymore B..

..Why this nigga got the cuffs pulled over his blazers?..

..This some Anti-Man fuck right here man..

..Nike taking shit too got damn far B..


Hold Up.


 photo 72507284_wtf_gif.gif

..This nigga went and made imaginary friends for himself..

..Since when was them foams called the "slimes"?..

..Why in the fuck would you call ur imaginary friend "HUEY" of all got damn things?..

..Why didnt you just take the pic with whoever the fuck wasted their got damn taking this pic of you to stand next to you?..

..This shit sucks..

P.S. Shouts to OMGItsJess


What Footlocker Is This???

..TF Footlocker is this?..

 photo tumblr_mtp1jbDCV41spa89so1_r10_500_zps1223e7aa.gif

..Niggas Gotta swim off shore for kicks now?..

..Poseidon out here reselling kicks B?

..We already gotta deal with the bullshit, now we gotta evade sharks and shit?..



April So Far...



..Man What?..

 photo hujduki25_zps9fba250a.gif

..We out here putting kicks on our dogs now?..

..Aight Man, Y'all got it..



..Niggas said her kid look like an EMOJI..

 photo tumblr_mhvq36jRxz1r877b7o1_500_zps9beecb0a.gif


Fuck is the point?

..I don't understand..

 photo defgif22.gif

..WTF does those exploding bottles of soda have to do with anything?..

..Why are you wasting perfectly good soda?..

..Are You Stupid?..




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..Mixed By Me..

..Head-Nod Beat Music..

..Thank You..

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Surveillance Camera Man #6

 photo 846831928_zps56ba3342.gif


Seriously, WTF?

..Say Man, What in the shit is this?..

 photo kevin-hart-tare_zps75fffb8b.gif

..What the fuck would make you think it was cool to do this?..

..Niggas where are y'all fathers?!?..

..Who the fuck took this pic for yall?..

..Man yall need yall asses beat..

..Fuck This..


T's from

..Shouts to the Homey, @EEEEZZEEE over at

..Sent me a care package of some T's..

..He has a lot more stuff for sale on his site, go check him out..

..& use code IAMDEF for 15% off your order..



Man WTF?!?!?!?!?

..The Fuck kinda struggle custom job is this??!..

 photo jordan-gif_zps4301c8f4.gif

..Man Fuck This World..

P.S. Shouts to @TheOnlyLobe

Nom Wah Tea Parlor (Dim Sum)

Nom Wah Tea Parlor
13 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013
(212) 962-6047

..Nom Wah is the first ever dim sum parlor in New York City since 1920..

..Pretty Dope Food..

..One of the sticky rices tasted like how a sneaker smells..

..Everything else was on point..

(Left: Pork & Chive Dumpling / Right: House Special Pan Fried Dumpling)

(Top Left: Rice Roll With Beef / Top Right: Egg Fried Rice)
(Bottom: Lotus Leaf Wrap (Sticky Rice with Chicken & Sausage Filling)

(Lotus Leaf Wrap Opened)

(Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs)

(Back: Sticky Rice With Sausage / Front: The Original Egg Roll)
(That rice in the back is the one that tasted like some new Jordans)

(Pork Shumai)

(Bean Curd Roll Pork Shrimp with Bamboo Filling)

(Fried Sesame Balls WIth Lotus Filling)

P.S. Shouts to