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1.31.2015 R.I.P

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Sup Y'all...

As you have prolly figured due to the lack of posting that my blog is dead,
I ran my blog for over 5 years, at one point I had a lot of fun posting and entertaining my viewers, as of lately, I just haven't had much time to give to the site to post as frequently as I once used to and to be honest I kinda lost the incentive to post and it wasn't fun anymore, for over a year now I was basically posting just to keep the viewers happy and not myself anymore.

I truly appreciate all the support and everyone who contributed in helping my site prosper.

As you may know I am heavily involved on twitter and I just started a new Instagram page

if you feel like following me on either they are


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Thank you, once again for all your support it is and was truly appreciated!!

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