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What Footlocker Is This???

..TF Footlocker is this?..

 photo tumblr_mtp1jbDCV41spa89so1_r10_500_zps1223e7aa.gif

..Niggas Gotta swim off shore for kicks now?..

..Poseidon out here reselling kicks B?

..We already gotta deal with the bullshit, now we gotta evade sharks and shit?..



April So Far...



..Man What?..

 photo hujduki25_zps9fba250a.gif

..We out here putting kicks on our dogs now?..

..Aight Man, Y'all got it..



..Niggas said her kid look like an EMOJI..

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Fuck is the point?

..I don't understand..

 photo defgif22.gif

..WTF does those exploding bottles of soda have to do with anything?..

..Why are you wasting perfectly good soda?..

..Are You Stupid?..




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..Mixed By Me..

..Head-Nod Beat Music..

..Thank You..

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Surveillance Camera Man #6

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Seriously, WTF?

..Say Man, What in the shit is this?..

 photo kevin-hart-tare_zps75fffb8b.gif

..What the fuck would make you think it was cool to do this?..

..Niggas where are y'all fathers?!?..

..Who the fuck took this pic for yall?..

..Man yall need yall asses beat..

..Fuck This..


T's from

..Shouts to the Homey, @EEEEZZEEE over at

..Sent me a care package of some T's..

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Man WTF?!?!?!?!?

..The Fuck kinda struggle custom job is this??!..

 photo jordan-gif_zps4301c8f4.gif

..Man Fuck This World..

P.S. Shouts to @TheOnlyLobe

Nom Wah Tea Parlor (Dim Sum)

Nom Wah Tea Parlor
13 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013
(212) 962-6047

..Nom Wah is the first ever dim sum parlor in New York City since 1920..

..Pretty Dope Food..

..One of the sticky rices tasted like how a sneaker smells..

..Everything else was on point..

(Left: Pork & Chive Dumpling / Right: House Special Pan Fried Dumpling)

(Top Left: Rice Roll With Beef / Top Right: Egg Fried Rice)
(Bottom: Lotus Leaf Wrap (Sticky Rice with Chicken & Sausage Filling)

(Lotus Leaf Wrap Opened)

(Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs)

(Back: Sticky Rice With Sausage / Front: The Original Egg Roll)
(That rice in the back is the one that tasted like some new Jordans)

(Pork Shumai)

(Bean Curd Roll Pork Shrimp with Bamboo Filling)

(Fried Sesame Balls WIth Lotus Filling)

P.S. Shouts to

Sole-Sauce by

Sole Sauce by

..Helps turn your yellowed Ice-Sole, Icey Again..

..Hit up and use code "MARCHMADNESS" for 25% off..


Build Your Own 12 Pack!!!!

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What fucking trial?

..Nigga thats ALL ERROR..

 photo 4087rhrhf_zps13fdbcdc.gif

..Nigga had the nerve to ask "How y'all fell about them?"..




Captain America: The Winter Soldier NYC Advanced Press Screening.

..Crack Movie..

..Much Better Than Part 1..

..Prolly In the Top 3 Marvel Sequel Movies So Far, Imo..

..Lots of Action..

..Very Dope Mid Credit Scene..

..And Another One After The Credits are Done..

..Movie opens 04/04/14 in the US..



 photo hujduki18_zpsbcf29a49.gif


Naw B

..Homo as Fuck..

 photo 15xn6ep_zps1d1657b4.gif

..Thats two right feet also, so that means one of yall had they ass in front of the others penis..

..Shit Wild Flame..

..Not even bout to talk about that fuckass caption either..

..I'm Outs..