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..Mixed By Me..

..Head-Nod Beat Music..

..Thank You..

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To those who can hear me, I say, do not despair.
The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed,
the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress.
The hate of men will pass, and dictators die,
and the power they took from the people will return to the people.
And so long as men die, liberty will never perish.
Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men –
machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!
You are not machines, you are not cattle, you are men!
You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful,
to make this life a wonderful adventure
Let us use that power!
Let us all unite!





The Bagel Store

The Bagel Store (The World's Best Bagels)
349 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-7220

..Dopest Fucking Bagels I've Ever Had..

..NYC is known for dope Bagels, but this shit is on steroids..

..Spot is located a few blocks from the Williamsburg Bridge..

..Def recommended if you like Bagels, bring a few people so you can get a few different bagels and split em all..

(French Toast Bagel With Butter)

(The Cragel (Croissant/Bagel Hybrid) With Maple Bacon Cream Cheese)
..All 3 were great but this was the best one..

(The Bacon Egg Cheddar Bagel With Sausage Egg and Cheese)
..It's an egg bagel with Bacon on top of it covered with Melted Cheddar Cheese..


Wait, What?

..What kinda shit?..

 photo wtf_zps9507a093.gif

..They got Mobile Strippers now?..

..Bitches gon pull up in front the ice cream truck and start bustin it open for you..

..Should sneak in the truck while this bitch performing and just speed off doing 92 mph, bank the corner and watch this bitch do the meanest spin around the pole..

..This the dumbest shit I ever seen..

..529 saves..

..Fuck This..


Son's Hairline.


 photo wtffff_zps69aeb2bc.gif

..Nigga got the backpack hairline..

..How your hairline is directly above ur ear?..

..Got that Adebisi Hat hairline..

..Look like Sagat tiger uppercutted his hair..

..Hairline look like he looking up at the sky forever..




P.S. Shouts to Nastynate for the lookout


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Random Rambo . 61

Ain't done one of these in 8 months

You ever go to someone house, they offer you some water and when they bring the glass, there ain't no fucking ice?, That's the most disrespectful shit.

I hate when I pull my pants down and I go to sit on the toilet to shit and I fart on the way down to sitting so where I'm actually sitting the fart air is directly in my face

Not everyone should take selfies, a lot of y'all bitches is busted. Some of yall got short ass arms and be cutting yourself out the pic, which is good cause 9 times outta 10 you only taking a selfie with a friend cause that friend is real pretty and you wanna try to balance out your beat ass face with hers

I hate when people come late to the movies and you and ur chick chilling with 1 open seats each on the sides of you, and here they come talking bout "can you move over 1 so we can sit". No fuck you, take your ass to the "I came late seats" which is directly in the first and second row in front the screen.

You ever buy those 2 double A batteries that's like wrapped in saran wrap or some shit from a street vendor for $1? Them shits last 2.5 seconds, start at MTV by the time you get to BET. The remote is dead

Those $1 McDonald coffees taste like coffee that was ran and filtered through the toes of a homeless person

I muthafucking hate when I gotta go to the store on my day off from work just to get milk for my cereal in the morning

U ever wake up in bed and see ur girl's fat ass just looking plump as a muthafucka ready for annihilation but then u hear her snoring and just get turned off???

You ever be with your kids out in public and wanna crack the living shit out of a nearby kid to prove a point cuz urs is acting up & you'd never hit them

I hate convenience stores that have that electrical ding dong ring sound whenever the door is open, u be trying to remember the list u wrote of shit you need that u left back at the house, but can't remember cuz niggas keep walking in and out the got damn door fucking up your thought process

People keep saying that Nicki Minaj - Anaconda song is trash, so I went to see the video and didn't notice any music.

I wanna tackle an ostrich while it's head is down in the dirt

I hate when muthafuckas order ONE COFFEE at Starbucks and wanna set up shop with a laptop and shit and sit down for 5 hours.

You ever be dating a chick on birth control and you've been rawing her for months, & for some ass fuck reason she go off and wants to utter the word "condom" like bitch what?

Rawing to going back to using condoms is like having a 50 inch vertical leap and the basketball game you just laced your sneakers up for suddenly got a "no slam dunking" rule

Is it me or does everyyyyyyyyyy female got an ass now?

Fiancée got me taking multi vitamins and calcium vitamins shits now, she think she slick, I can smell the "I'm thinking of having kids soon" jig from a mile away

Don't you feel like the biggest piece of shit loser scumbag bastard when you're forced to use a payphone?

U ever be smashing a bitch from the back and u go to slap her ass but you slightly miss and fuck up
The slap, so you try again focused as a muthafucka with ur hand raised for at least 3 seconds like you bout to kill a fast flying bug or some shit

You ever be smashing a bitch from the back so fast you lose slight balance and push ur self back on ur heels and look like you bout to fall off the ledge of a building

Paul Pierce is still the only homosexual human being I hate.

Don't you hate playing NBA2K park with niggas who don't pass? Then you got niggas who wanna run left and right until they open for 3, like nigga I'm right here under the basket wide the fuck open you selfish son of a bitch

Don't you hate when u really need to use ur iPhone but ur fingerprint scanner shit ain't working, so you there constantly pressing the shit, switching fingers and shit dumb fast until you get the "You lost you dirty fingered bastard" keypad entry screen?



Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour - NYC - 08/19/14

..Really Dope Show..

..Actually liked it a lil more than Watch The Throne..

..Both Wayne & Drake were equally energetic and impressive..


#ChillMix DefStep-The Repose Volume 1-2014

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..Mixed By Me..

..Had a few requests for a laid back chill mix, so I made one..

..Head-Nod Beat Music..

..Thank You..

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Nah. I Don't & Don't Wanna Know

..Stop it 5..

 photo DGBGDHGGD_zps7b9c47a6.gif

..Her ass gonna be doing the beatbox version of Aaliyah's One in a million by the morning..

..Nasty ass fuck shit is this..

..A Bitch ever hand me some shit like this, I'm launching at her chin so hard after the hit lands I'll land on the floor with em and carpet rug burn my chest from sliding across that shit..

..and TF kinda Hot Dog is that? why that shit Crayon Red?..

..two other Thot's actually liked that shit too..


Oh Ok.

 photo RobinHoodAmazed.gif


Come On Ma..


 photo Pissed-off.gif

..Who you set you up lady?..

..I know you didn't willfully wanna do this shit..

..Somebody set you up and made you do this..

..Show me who they are, they need to be dealt with..

..If I ever asked my fiancee to do some shit like this, she'd spit in my face and prolly cheat on me..

..I can't..


Wait A Minute...

..Hold Up..

 photo michael-cera-cereal_zpse83e3925.gif

..Did this nigga just get upset at the man his wife cheated on him with for cheating on her while she was cheating on him?!?!?!..

..Fuck kinda no nuts ass nigga is this..

..Why in the fuck is ur bitch still knowing bout what the fuck is going on in that man life anyway?..

..My bitch woulda already lost all motor skills and wouldn't even be able to register the thought process it takes to find out what the current day is, let alone new information about a nigga she got slutted out by..

..Ole low self esteem zero fucks given about myself ass nigga..

..Fuck his life..


B-Boy Tonio X Decap - The Claphammer

..Music = Decap - Energy..


This Nigga's Name

..Say Man What?!?..

 photo 707_zpsd9059ee7.gif

..Fuck the Monopoly part..

..WTF at Jignore?!?..


..Fuck wrong with this man's parents..

..They musta been smoking that premium mid B..

..Monopoly Jignore, sound like a Metal Gear Mini-Boss..

..Somebody come bring this nigga a name change form..


Wait, What????

..Did this nigga just say "MOM"?..

 photo 473_zpsaffa1ce2.gif

..So we just out here posing with our moms like we been fucking em for a minute?..

..So our moms is just out here pushing up on our kids like we at the club and we ready to fuck?..

..Fuck wrong with this family cuz?..

..Nigga my moms wouldn't even do no shit like this as a joke, she'd hit my ass with the Sharkeisha if I even opened my mouth bout to even suggest this fuck shit..

..Fuck This..


I'm Outs

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XI'AN Famous Foods

XI'AN Famous Foods
24 W. 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

..Spot known for its Hand ripped noodles..

..Super Tasty, but can be a bit on the spicy side..

..Spot is super busy at times but you can always check the website out for its traffic tracker to know whether or not it's a decent time to go get some food..

..Also eat it there or eat it ASAP, if you wait too long to eat it, the noodles get bloated and soggy..

(Spicy & Tingly Beef Hand Ripped Noodles)

(Spicy Cumin Lamb Hand Ripped Noodles)



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Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain (Gamescom Demo)

..Holy Shit..

..I Needs this..

P.S. Shouts to Envi


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