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Hatred (Video Game Trailer)


 photo FUCK-YEAH.gif


..Slime just going round merking niggas for no gat damn reason..

..I need this!!!..



Fat Kid Mafia X Halloween T

..Limited T..

..Drops 10/17/14 @ 12pm PT/3pm ET..


..Hit up @BasedLaRock for drop link & Info..




 photo defgif28.gif

..I need these now..

..Why in the muthafuck wasn't I served this shit as kid on Saturday morning to eat while I watch Cartoons got dammit!?!?!?..


TF is this?


 photo defgif31.gif

..Nigga look like a TuanTuan from stars wars..

..Slime feet look big as all fucks..

..Walking garbage bag faced ass nigga..

..Snuggie Deluxe Supreme shit is this..

..Lmao @ the pic of him on his bag with legs crossed..

..I should go camp for some kicks rocking this shit and scare the shit outta people..