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That Comment

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Oh Aight.

..Ok I get not wanting to wear your foams when it rains, cause rainwater can turn ice soles yellow really fast..

..My thing is, what in the fuck are you doing wearing foams without socks?..

..Yuck foot ass nigga, foams prolly smell like stairwell piss


Fuck wrong with Miguel Cotto?

..This nigga gay..

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..Grown ass WBC Middleweight Champion of the got damn world, out here rocking hot fuschia crocs..

..I'd be ashamed if I lost to this nigga in a fight..

..Nigga really got a button down to match his crocs..

..Them shits even got lil designs on em and shit..


Don't Trust These Hoes Vol .4

..What I Been Tellin Y'all..

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..Stop trusting these hoes with these trckery ass faces..

..Bitch went from looking like a navy seal on a night mission with war paint on her face to a bitch you wouldn't mind eating pizza with..

..Need to start walking with wet wipes on you, just wipe that bitch face when she aint looking to reveal the fuckness..

..They even changed her fucking neck..


Say Man, What?

..What in all shit?..

 photo iAVAnzdJjaY9a_zpsa70cea4f.gif

..This nigga bought both shoes, but cant afford them, so he's selling one of each..

..Nigga What?..

..So you just trying to force someone to look like a fuckboy by wearing two different shoes..

..You gon fake stunt by wearing two different shoes and act like u got the other pairs at home huh?..

..Dumb Shit..




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